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Possible multi account rule break?: 9/9/2020 12:35:31

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 59
Could someone with more experience look into the games played by this Italian(s). Something seems fishy...

example game:

Possible multi account rule break?: 9/9/2020 12:45:30

Level 63
Who are the italians we need to look at, and what did they do? Where and when did they do it?
Possible multi account rule break?: 9/9/2020 13:16:46

Level 49
They're italians
Possible multi account rule break?: 9/9/2020 13:49:26

Level 62
It's a 56 turn game on a large map with 20+ players. Ask a more focused question or lower your expectations on responses. Don't expect the people helping you to put in more effort than the person asking the question.

Without more specifics, all I'm willing to say is the winner was OttoilCilotto who has an Italian flag associated with his profile. Who the other Italians are, not going to investigate each player, and then correlate each of their moves throughout the entire game.
Possible multi account rule break?: 9/9/2020 14:38:26

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
The last three players remaining are all three Italians; and the one who won the game wasn't the one with most armies, income or territories; however, in diplo's it's often the case that if you work with someone all game and they're of a lower level you can give them the victory so to say. I've had it happen to me when I played them, and have surrendered games I might still have won, because you're more or less playing as a team.

The only reason I think you may be right is that all three accounts were created in the span of three days in march this year; but that could be a coincidence, and with no other evidence (I don't know any of these accounts nor have I seen them play together in more games than this, and the facebook links on two of their profiles won't open for me) there is not much you can gain from posting this on the forums. You could message Fizzer if you're concerned or if you've seen these accounts work together more than just this once.

EDIT: Previous names actually also indicate that two of them were both Riccardo's from their facebook profiles; it's still not much to go on, but it is plausible to me.

Edited 9/9/2020 14:40:05
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