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A few small suggestions.: 9/2/2020 21:23:12

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I have some update suggestions in order of preference:
1. Could there be an option to create a team after a game has started to better act as a team, like moving troops through each other territory and seeing each other's troop placements?
2. In the private chat in games, could there be an option to create a group chat with several players?
3. When creating games, could there be an option to type how many AI and empty seats you want in?
4. Could there be an option to the host of a game to add in players to slots that have been vacated due to boot or surrender?
This last one may be too much trouble, and it's not too important and may not be appreciated, but it would be fun to have:
5. Could there be an option to add in custom or real flags somehow?
If possible, I and some people I have played with would like these elements featured somewhere in the next few updates. I think it would add some more realistic element to the game and make it more convenient and fun. If these come with membership or are mods, I apologize for taking up space and time.
A few small suggestions.: 9/2/2020 21:24:48

Level 61
I think there is a mod for the group chat feature, however for people without memberships and mods it would be very useful to have groupchats in ffa's. They would be especially useful in diplos.
A few small suggestions.: 9/3/2020 02:53:49

Level 62
1. Diplo mod v4 is the closest we have right now. Safe to say there will not be anything added into the core game to address this, and it's up to someone to code this as a mod.

2. TBest is working on a mod for this. Though this should be be core game functionality, don't see see it being added, so we need to rely on mods.

3. You can do this already ... what's the gap that's stopping you from doing this now? Maybe don't understand what you're saying? You can add AIs to the game already with core game functionality already.

4. You mean you want to swap in new players to take over whatever state booted or surrendered players leave their player slot at? Think this would be a mistake to add in. Booted players need to be out of the game (or made into AI depending on game settings) else the game "boot" doesn't really mean anything.

5. What do you mean by "real flags"? These already exist on people's profiles, no? Your flag is USA, mine is Canada, etc?
A few small suggestions.: 9/3/2020 02:57:00

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
4. I mean to add a different player after they were booted. A boot ruins games very easily early on.
5. I mean have flags in the game you're playing, not the country you reside in.
A few small suggestions.: 9/3/2020 03:01:56

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
I also forgot two:
6. Have the host be able to change the name of a player for a game. For example, there are 3 players in a game playing as USA, Mexico, and Canada. The names are Trenton, Bill, and Tanya. The host changes their names to match what country they play as to decrease confusion.
7. Could there be an option to link a player's territory to better say where you're talking about?
A few small suggestions.: 9/3/2020 03:40:37

Level 56
1) you can view teammates orders (click on team member then view orders)

3) What’s wrong with clicking the add buttons under the players section?

4) see https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warzone-features/suggestions/1240763-teammate-takes-over-for-booted-surrendered-player

7) that already exists. Use ctrl+click for team/pm chat and shift+click for public. If you’re on mobile, you can use the A button on chat and select a territory/bonus

Edited 9/3/2020 03:42:48
A few small suggestions.: 9/3/2020 12:39:10

Level 63
My two cents:
1- Interesting thought, but would only work in Diplo games. Odds of backstab would be high, so players would rarely use it.
2- This is a great idea that should be implemented.
3- Already been answered.
4- No. Too easy to exploit. If you don’t want games to be as affected when surrender/boot occurs, use “replace with AI.”
5- Custom flags would be interesting, but could be cumbersome to make a new flag each game. Again, would be most useful in long running Diplo games.
6- No. Again, easy to abuse. Get on bad terms with the host and become “Buttface.” If the players could do it for themselves, then maybe. I don’t see it adding much though. I usually color code players by changing their colors.
7- Already exists. See above.
A few small suggestions.: 9/4/2020 17:31:01

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prinz von Preußen
Level 56
All of my suggestions apply to Diplo games the most.
6. The names would have to be changed before the game begins. You wouldn't be able to change the name during the game.
7. I meant link ALL of the player's territory. Like linking a Germany bonus, but instead of a country, it would be a player's full territory.
A few small suggestions.: 9/4/2020 17:38:13

Level 63
6. I dont see the need to change names, and if you really wanted to, you could create a userscript for that

7. you dont need to link all of a player territories, since each player has a different color. Just mention the name of the player, and people can look at the map to see where he/she is
A few small suggestions.: 9/4/2020 18:49:36

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
7. If you press Statistics in any given game, and then press the magnifying glass next to a name, the entire player territory of said player will light up (provided it's not behind fog ofcourse). You can't link it that way, but given that there's at most 40 people in a game, saying a player name and explaining that should do just fine.

6. I don't hate this idea, but as pointed out, you don't want to give a host too much power over you, nor do you really want a player to be able to change his own name into something offensive or aggressive. What you'd want here is that a specific custom scenario automatically links the names of the groups of territories to the players playing it; it's too complicated to properly work automated and it is too much of a risk to do it manual

5. Honestly don't see the point of this. It's essentially the same as point 6, but just less clear, as not everyone knows all the flags, it'd again be insanely hard to implement, manually doing it people will make lots of mistakes, it's just a worse idea with the same purpose.

4. Not the worst plan on this list either, but in diplo's especially this'll ruin a game rather easily as you may have counted on an ally who suddenly becomes your enemy; depending on the player joining they may help a clanmate win instead in an endgame; boots are annoying and can truly ruin games at the start, but at the end of the game your plan would ruin it instead.

Fairest way to do it is to turn it AI and allow them to come back several times.
Look at it this way, if you're fighting someone with a teammate, 2 v 1, and one on your side boots, you either have a neutral making it 1v1, an AI, making it 1v1v1, or a different player which could turn it 1v2 or keep it 2v1, or make it 1v1. There's too many potential flaws to make it work, too little security.

3. This just straight up exists.

2. Unlike most I actually hate this idea, yes you're often communicating through many DMs, but it's hard to make deals in the most favorable way to you if you have to talk to both people at once. Rather than being able to play them out against each other, you'd be stuck talking in group chat because they'd both ask for that to happen at some point during the game. So yeah, no for me, but ig if you can turn it off you could use it in a diplo of some kind. You'd just also have to be able to turn it off again during, or be able to block it from games entirely.

1. This won't work, as said, diplo mod comes closest as it allows you to gift troups to non teammates, but it's far too difficult to actually create teams halfway through, break them up again and so on. You're not going to get closer.
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