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Level 52
How many people play this game, how many are usually online?
Have been always the same, is growing, was bigger before? Seems very old, like 15 years old so probably players were higher before.

Im playing since 2 weeks and always are 5-6 games open but always same 2-3 mediterranean maps and same players, when I create a new map never start or have to wait veeery long time.

What objectives you have in the game? Im not into achievements coins or anything like that, Im trying to improve my gameplay but probably I will get tired of the game soon if I dont find anything else.

My experience with other players so far is quite bad but probably is same in all online games, some players abuse of teamates making fun of their plays or ordering what to do, opponents insults for no reason, and weird players that say "we are losing" and surrend when we have double income than enemies, opponents getting angry because you dont surrend because they have 10% more income than you etc.

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Level 61
The playerbase is increasing.

Open games take long to fill, especially after the introduction of Quickmatch. If you want a game fast, try joining that.

Everyone has different objectives in the game. Some people want a high level, some want a good roleplaying experience, some want to compete on the ladders and be the best.

The strategic community is usually willing to teach you a thing or two. I suggest joining the Warzone discord and ask some more experienced players for games! https://discord.gg/vaWfhrW
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Level 59
jorge, some people use mind games to make the others quit.
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Pepe the Great
Level 58
Try playing more multi-day games, you'll get different players and a larger variety of maps.
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Leia - Princess of Coinwheels 
Level 60
or try to join a clan with active players and coaches. once you have a group with whom you feel good you learn a lot in other maps. settings of a map are very important. check them before you join. sometimes they have strange restrictions on bonuses and can give penalties. it makes the gameplay a lot more interesting!
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The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
Most players in (top) clans are nice.

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