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Belgian Misery: 5/19/2020 03:21:24

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Belgian is running towards the Cemetery Hill, his long rain coat waved as he ran away from the Neotardos
Belgian waved his hands and casted a spell to the mob down the hill

Belgian: By the power of the Belgian Minister of Health, I curse thee with gluttony

The mob suddenly started enlarging, they seemed to be gaining weight exponentially, their clothes almost fully ripping

CaptainGoodGame: Hahaha, you thought your magic could have effect on me?

Captain Game extends his right hand palm up and begins hosing Belgian with his signature move, Omega Syrup
Trapped and with no choice, Belgian is forced to summon Cast Iron, thereby exposing himself as the God of Irony, Belgian Gentlemen

Captain Game looks in shock as he soon realizes who he just hit

Belgian Gentlemen: WAFFLE PRESS ATTACK!!!!

A surge of heat begins to spread downwards the hill, eventually hitting Captain Game and throwing him several meters
Belgian Gentlemen knew he couldn't keep this form any longer, as he had been injured and hasn't healed since his battle with Cata Cauda, the feline beast of the Battle Dimension

Belgian reverted to his normal form and dropped his weapon, he finally reached the tombstones, he read each one, and he teared of how fast and unnoticed their deaths happened

Belgian: Fan the Apostle, Paugers, The Con Servative, and Knyte, I hereby call upon as God of Irony, I resurrect you from your doom

All four tombstones started to shake, the ground started to burst up, he then saw four skeletons standing
His heard sank as he realized they were nothing but petrified shells, their spirits had moved on
Belgian involuntarily twitched his lip and started running tears, he realized those times were gone

Belgian: I am sorry skeletons, looks like I have come to this dimension and resurrected you for no reason

Belgian seeing he could no longer sustain his life any longer made a sudden decision that these skeletons would have to do, these skeletons would be granted the powers of the God of Irony

Belgian: I hereby break my spirit into four pieces, Place, Timing, Incongruity, and Sequence

Belgian had now created Fan, God of Place, Paugers, God of Timing, Conservative, God of Incongruity, and Knyte, God of Sequence
Belgian Misery: 5/19/2020 07:23:52

Empire of Kilos
Level 36
Belgian Misery: 5/19/2020 18:35:18

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
*calls 911*
Belgian Misery: 5/19/2020 19:39:27

Level 59
how many warzone references do you want?
Cacao: yes

This is ok, but hard to read. Overcomplicated language, overstructured sentences.
Belgian Misery: 5/19/2020 23:26:30

Level 57
My question is, is this based on or related to something? I see familiar names (like mine and Cata)
Belgian Misery: 5/19/2020 23:37:48

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
Wow almost as good as Paugers homosexual fanfiction
Belgian Misery: 5/20/2020 00:29:22

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
This is based on how I feel the community is now since the past

Some names are the same, and some are now gone, they have moved to a better life away from this purgatory
Belgian Misery: 5/20/2020 10:41:13

Cata Cauda
Level 59
As if any of us has a "life" outside of the Internet.
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