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Bias in CL panel? Cheaters in CL panel?: 4/11/2020 19:25:43

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This is in continuation of discussion in this thread at this page: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/414513-discussion-come-back-master-cl?Offset=240

@Zev and Rikku : :)

I found out TJC cheating and reported to Deadman and Beren; they said that they will warn and leave because many clans from Div A/B were dropping and even with all point penalties TJC would be in B. I was first angry at them, but
I eventually understood their decision and thought it was enough to warn them considering they won't cheat thereafter. Guess what, I didn't hinder the process or start a riot;

I left the issue, but during some account sharing discussion due to someone from Outlaws goin awol and they're losing points in CL10, I was writing like players might abuse it and among some discussion I wrote something to Rikku
that do you want to share account details and Cowboy was writing like don't falsely accuse bitch(or something similar) which made me think like he is covering up cheating like he did for his ladder schemeing I posted all the screenshots I had
and panel's decision. Guess what, I didn't hinder the organization and didn't start a riot.

Later, after 2-3 weeks, Plat or someone from Outlaws was writing strong comments like Lynx is manipualting seasonal ladder and so they will cheat in CL too. At this point, Rento asked "why turn blind eye to TJC's cheating" posting the
link I shared before and boom, that started the fall. Even at this point players were asking why I didn't make it public and I told them that I was content with panel's decision. So if you're going to shit post, atleast get these
facts right.

For whistler, sure I had nothing to do with him, but all I mention about him(or is it her?) is that he used alt or someone's acc to force confession out of cheaters like you who hid it under the rug for so much; sure, I asked players about it,
including you before the screenshots were published-because I thought that Deadman would never allow such things in his own clan. The ban for Siema and Kayn for half season, for having two CLOT accounts seemed harsh-but I never
thought it was unfair because they enforced the rules. Siema might have booted for Avengers, but Kayn/Dziku could've played for 101st and it was simply unimaginable that such a strict person would actually overlook such an event in
his own clan.

Anyone with rational thinking would've wanted to see the proof because there were many accusations going on and though half of them were like "ladder manipulation" or "stalling by xyz", this was just unbelieavle-so I wanted the proof. Even with proof I was always against harsh punishment for the then panel, because they even invested their personal resources(for CLOT) and in clan leaders chat or to panel members I asked it repeatedly. Till date I feel bad for being one of the reasons of collapsing CL, but had always been trying to help it in any way I can.

If Whistler had mailed that from his/her Lynx/10st account(let's just assume) or instead of new discord acc,
messaged from old discord acc of ZBD/Krunx, till today the cheater clan and the lackeys will be saying ZBD logged into Tacky's acc/krunx stalled that and falsely sling accusations like you do instead of even accepting the truth.
(I took these examples because these were the ones I easily remember xD)

Oh! As per Cowboy's initial message it was you who didn't want me on panel:https://prnt.sc/rxf6wi ; He said multiple memebers at that time,but wrote it like you were the major source of refusal and I can imagine you writing messages
to others like "don't let mayo in or we can't cheat" (jk) and recently he put your name and Ottery. That is exactly why I asked why it was not voted, when Melda was writing like members didn't volunteer and so Cowboy asked 1 on 1 from his clan or few clans.

On a different thread I wrote something on it and sure the cheaters' circle can go downvote it-but why not answer about the bias first? If the panel itself is made with bias and given that (i)a cheater, who not only cheated, but also hid it for long time or in other words "can we trust this guy" player and (ii)a player who got onto panel to cheat(oh, it was not done with bad intentions, but doesn't mean that he didn't break a rule literally) can be on panel and I can't be on the panel, what can I do to handle it?



I asked you on the day I got the information before I took it to Deadman and Beren(who I thought were moderators at that time). You denied it and saying you randomly conveniently forgot it makes no sense; I remember asking it in Wizards server or GV server too and you denying it, with Nauzhror also writing such comments-not sure which server though.

This was few weeks prior to the CLX account sharing discussion and during that account sharing discussion, I was arguing with Rikku (the true Master xD) and you came in middle and wrote something like "don't falsely accuse TJC bitch" (idk exact sentences/phrases because CLX server is not accessible, but it was something like this and I remember the word bitch because this tilted me at that time). What was the point of reporting the ladder scheming, when it was not in violation of rules like old CL panel wrote and
I didn't hold onto it as leverage for arguments. Leaving all this, I ask again-on what basis you write strong comments like sneaking in alts when I made all the information were obtained transparently?

Before you can slander me like you wanted and I don't mind it, but as CL organizer if you're slandering me with no backing. it simply shows the bias and gives me more reasons to actually wanting the cheaters out of panel even if I am not in panel, because having such a panel itself is making the league look bad as players will think like "it is run by cheaters,so we will cheat" or "only if we cheat we can be on CL panel".

p.s: If Whistler is reading this post before it gets downvoted by some cheaters or cheaters' lackeys, do give me tips for how to report such things without getting harassed by the panel.

p.s 1: idk if it is relevant, but why Psykko made statement like " I don't want to have anything in common with this parody of competition anymore."

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Bias in CL panel? Cheaters in CL panel?: 4/11/2020 19:55:46

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Bias in CL panel? Cheaters in CL panel?: 4/11/2020 20:08:02

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Told you, they're just warming up
Bias in CL panel? Cheaters in CL panel?: 4/11/2020 20:08:58

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Wow the CL panel is trying to suppress future elite clans
Bias in CL panel? Cheaters in CL panel?: 4/11/2020 20:16:07

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why ban a clan for an opinion?
Bias in CL panel? Cheaters in CL panel?: 4/11/2020 20:22:43

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Rikku i can't see your picture
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