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Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/28/2020 09:33:22

NoName 2.1
Level 60
Nauzhror wrote me with PM few days ago talking about HAWKS team:
"Your opponents are full of crap by the way :P They're playing much faster against Marcus Aurelius and surdiac than they are against you. I saw the chat in your game and checked out of curiosity.
We left the ladder after our last win because we'd be matched vs a 1718 rated team if we didn't and I don't want to play a team rated that poorly as our final game before we get ranked. I plan to rejoin to play vs you whenever the hawks team surrenders.
EDIT: I suspect the hawks team is beating marcus and surdiac, they have 9 games at the moment, so their next games gets them ranked, if they win that one they probably think they get rank 1, which led to them stallling vs you."

Not true, HAWKS team lost both games and after a little check I realized that they don't stall any games.. only play slowly but is normal all players sometimes can play slowly.. But Nauzhror wanted the trophy and he couldn't wait..

Well after that I saw my new game created and yeahh there are my friend Nauzhror with his mate Summer wow good opportunity to share a good game and lets see who is better..

Nauzhror (the stalling hater) showed at the begin good timing and they committed really fast their firsts turns.. but during the game I saw that they started with stalling... REAL STALLING XD

So after this I decided to write to Nauzhror other time with PM:
"Its funny too see that u don't like stallers and u are the first staller friend"
"The game looks closer still than the game you just surrendered. Were you stalling?"
sorry friend KaitoS is a doctor and Spain now needs help we stay in a really hard situation sorry for delay :) and I don’t know if are right about our game.. seems like we won since few turns but never mind maybe i’m wrong bye

Final story: he left 1v1 ladder, 2v2 ladder and he get booted after 15 turns. I can't write him nothing because he left Warzone after that.. :(
POOR NAUZHROR next time you will be able to get the trophy. Bye legend!!!


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Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/28/2020 11:06:59

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
Its funny how he apparently checks ongoing games of other guys just to compare how fast they move?
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/28/2020 11:39:38

Level 61
He wanted us to force the game with Hawks guys, so they could match vs us. They were waiting unqueued till we finished our match.
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/28/2020 12:06:00

Level 63
I hope he finally gets 1v1 trophy the next time.
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/28/2020 12:26:03

NoName 2.1
Level 60
I waste a 10 games won in a row for him, and he know that maybe. But I didn’t want to force my stall against Apps team so nahhhh i surrendered.. and now I have only 2100 points..
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/28/2020 14:03:49

Rogue NK
Level 59
Nauzhor "I am an asshole. Everybody knows I'm an asshole. What did you expect? Now you need to respect my assholishness or else you are a pussy."
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/30/2020 09:42:14

zażółć gęślą jaźń
Level 57
Nauzhror is just an angry noob.
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/30/2020 10:08:18

Marcus Aurelius 
Level 61
"I suspect the hawks team is beating marcus and surdiac..."

Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/30/2020 14:34:41

Level 56

what a loser and a hypocrite.

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Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/30/2020 16:06:28

Battle Master ⚔
Level 57
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/30/2020 17:32:46

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
Woah Pulsey thread got deleted. I'm going to hold Minneapolis 69 personally responsible.
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/31/2020 02:17:45

Level 62
Not relevant but I wanted to say kudos for improving on the 2v2 ladder, I remember playing against you and you were in the 1700s or something way lower anyways. It's always nice to see players improve to the point of being #1 on the 2v2 ladder. Hopefully, we play a game sometime competitively in the future.
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/31/2020 04:18:51

Level 60
t's always nice to see players improve to the point of being #1 on the 2v2 ladder.

See you there in 2099... ;)
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 3/31/2020 05:34:22

NoName 2.1
Level 60
yes @Yaxwi is not relevant.. I would have like to avoid.. but if in a game that I love you show me bully style I consider to do something like this without problem. Yes it was my first game with KaitoS and I learned a lot of u and other amazing teams who played this ladder before me (I checked many times histories only and try to be clean in my game play). anyway thx see u in the future sure! : )

Edited 3/31/2020 05:39:23
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 4/1/2020 23:25:54

Level 58
I had ignored this thread because you literally didn't even have a point and your opening post was incoherent garbage, but people on Discord apparently couldn't leave me the fuck alone and kept linking me this and asking why I hadn't ripped you a new asshole yet, so here goes.

I literally have no clue what the fuck you're even attempting to say with this thread.

Hire an editor or something to proofread the drivel coming out of your mouth before laying it down on paper, it'll make it easier to read and understand.

I called someone out for selectively playing slow. That's not the same as playing slow. Even if it was though:

You had the fucking audacity to call me out for stalling when you were literally doing so.

This is my game vs you:

You were ahead by 34 armies when I booted, a 34% army lead.

This is your game vs marcus and surdiac that was being played at the same time:

You were behind by 42% armies on turn 12, and then played 6 more turns.

It's very clear which game was closer. Our loss vs you. Yet you were the one to come out with stalling accusations. I threw that back in your face only after you mailed me for some dumbass reason thinking you were being cute and clever calling me out for something I wasn't doing.

Yeah, I was playing slow. Summer's been pretty inactive on discord, and we hadn't communicated much for the last several turns, so I was slow playing to give us a chance to try and communicate before committing. Even then I was playing faster than your teammate. He averaged 2 days and 4 hours that game, I averaged 1 day and 17 hours. Even you averaged 1 day and 16 hours. God forbid I take an hour longer than you on average, that totally merits a forum thread.

Congrats, you won a game, I'm not sure what about that made you think it was worth making a thread and trying to take cheap shots over, but if you insist on trying to have a flamewar I'm fine with giving you your 15 seconds of fame and the character assassination you seem to be so desperately craving.
Nauzhror's bad 2v2 Ladder story: 4/2/2020 00:11:56

NoName 2.1
Level 60
Sure i give u 10 for ur excellent english, Nauz and for ur amazing work to explain.
Maybe next time if u are a good guy in the chat I'll not post nothing about u. Bye friend
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