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banked time after bott: 1/29/2020 11:30:19

Level 55
Given a game with
- banked boot time
- and the possibility to come back after boot

I expect, that the banked boot time should be gone, after a players gets booted (autoboot or manual boot)
But in reality every time a player is coming back from beeing AI, the banked boot is also back.

This leads to the situation, that players can block the game by just coming back and waiting for the next boot with a new amount of banked time.

From my point of understanding, that is not how banking boot time should work. When a player commits just one second before banked boot time is running out, he has only this one second left on bank. If he however gets booted and comes back from beeing AI, he has again the initial banked time amount.

Any thoughts how to prevent this situation?
banked time after bott: 1/29/2020 11:32:16

Level 62
Don't allow players to come back after boot. That setting causes lot's of issues in my opinion.

As for the getting the original boot time when taking back control from an AI, I don't think it is possible.....

Maybe forward this forum to Fizzer himself?

Edited 1/29/2020 11:32:38
banked time after bott: 1/29/2020 11:35:47

Timinator • apex 
Level 66
Can you provide an example-game?

Also file a bug-report to fizzer if you can.
banked time after bott: 1/29/2020 11:39:57

Level 61
This has been known for at least 3 years. Not sure if it's actually intended or not.
banked time after bott: 1/30/2020 21:46:01

Level 61
JK_3 is spot on. Don't play games where you can come back after booting. It's pretty disrespectful to the other players if you can't take your turn in time.

Then again, I typically don't play games that allow anyone to turn into AI or have banked boot times in the first place cause those just slow the game down and don't adequately punish people who can't take their turns in time.

That's the beauty of this game though, isn't it? You can play the games where you like the settings and skip the ones where you don't.
banked time after bott: 1/31/2020 11:17:09

Level 55
I think as well, that is disrespectful to other players, not to commit in time. Therefore I like autoboot, because this is happens fair to veryone, and avoids discussion of who booted whom after how many time.
Therefor I like also a given banked boot time, for those issues as going to restrook, taking a phone call or whatever.
And I see the come back from AI (1 or 2 timees) as a last resort, as in those cases AI takes the turn (which is in most cases not the best). BUT: to have that as a last resort, before breaking team games, a player coming back from AI should not have again banked boot time!

It is sometimes hard, to find a fair balance in team games. In FFA games it is no problem: That player, not taking his turns in time is gone!
But in Team games, i always search for ways, not to punisch the whole team for misbehaviour of one player.
banked time after bott: 1/31/2020 12:47:13

Level 60
yea, but this depends on the team size. if it is 20vs20, one player doesn't matter much. Then, if it is 2v2, one player does matter, but it happens all the time in the ladders. If coming back from AI's was the case, it would ruin a lot of games from people doing that.
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