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Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 04:39:50

Level 59
Clan League 12 is under way. Division C has 7 team fighting to obtain 2 promotion slots to Division B, and avoid 2 demotion slots to Division D.

I will be tracking Div. C's progress below for your amusement.

Essential links

Clan League 12 Official Thread: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/387260-clan-league-12-official-thread

Clan League 12 Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gLYmzkBke_t1Xvwr9gyZiw8FUMdikeV5DxJOGj16fzM/edit#gid=1014622740

Discord: https://discord.gg/mA2BnFp

CLOT: https://wztourney.herokuapp.com/leagues/51/
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 04:40:25

Level 59
Summary goes here
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 04:40:42

Level 59
Tournaments go here
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 04:43:34

Level 59
Clan/Player stats go here
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 05:38:32

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

Game Allocation Schedule
Type	Template		RD 1	RD 2	RD 3	RD 4	RD 5	RD 6	RD 7
3v3	Biomes of America	5/1	15/1	30/1	9/2	24/2	5/3	18/3
3v3	Deadman's RoR		9/1	19/1	3/2	13/2	28/2	9/3	24/3
2v2	Strategic MME		12/1	22/1	6/2	16/2	2/3	12/3	27/3
2v2	Szeurope		16/1	26/1	10/2	20/2	5/3	15/3	30/3
2v2	Volcano Island		19/1	29/1	13/2	23/2	8/3	18/3	2/4
1v1	Battle Islands V	15/1	25/1	4/2	14/2	24/2	5/3	15/3
1v1	Biomes of America	22/1	1/2	11/2	21/2	2/3	12/3	22/3
1v1	French Brawl		29/1	8/2	18/2	28/2	9/3	19/3	29/3
1v1	Landria			5/2	15/2	25/2	6/3	16/3	26/3	5/4
1v1	Strategic Greece	12/2	22/2	3/3	13/3	23/3	2/4	12/4
1v1	Strategic MME		19/2	29/2	10/3	20/3	30/3	9/4	19/4

Mid-Season Registration Window Opens - March 1st

Mid-Season Registration Window Closes - March 10th


Subs Left		Template		Player In		Player Out		Date	

12			---------		---------		---------		---------		

12			---------		---------		---------		---------		

12			---------		---------		---------		---------		

12			---------		---------		---------		---------		

Varangian Guard
12			---------		---------		---------		---------		
11			Volcano Island		roan			New Federal Republic	23/12/2019	

12			---------		---------		---------		---------		

12			---------		---------		---------		---------		

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Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 05:38:36

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

Edited 1/16/2020 05:51:16
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/15/2020 15:15:46

Level 61
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:17:29

Level 61

Welcome everyone to Division C, arguably the best division of Clan League. (Don't argue about it though, it's not true and I know that)

As the division has started and the first four games have been completed, allow me to lay it all out for you. Since this is the first update, I'll give my very professional insights on the clans and the division.
We start off with Varangian Guard. I don't know this clan, but I have suggested they change their name to Farahngian Guard. They have ignored this request. I hope they relegate.
Then comes Brothers In Arms. A very old clan that has participated many times (I think). I also don't know this clan.
After that, we have Hydra. There was some merger some long time ago, involving AWF. They are led by Benjamin628 (I think). I also don't know anything about this clan.
Then of course, there's Discovery. This is the first time I heard anything about them. You might call it a Discovery. I'll let myself out.
Not last and not least, is REGL. The oldest official clan in Warlight. All I know about them is that Min34 came from them and he's part of the Ethics Panel, so they should not be respected.
Celtica follows the list. Another clan I've never actually heard of. Let's see if they can surprise division C.
At last, we arrive at the best clan of all time: Blitz! This beautiful clan is led by dog-loving, beer-drinking, pizza-munching guy named Jeff. He sucks.

1v1 Strategic MME

(0-0) Varangian Guard		Cossack Black
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Martel
(0-0) Blitz			Farah♦		
(0-0) Hydra			Stealth90
(0-0) Discovery		Tizzlin
(0-0) REGL			bruce200		
(0-0) Celtica		RecMart

1v1 Strategic Greece

(0-0) Varangian Guard		Koso
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Robert E. Lee
(0-0) Blitz			Banana
(0-0) Hydra			Benjamin628
(0-0) Discovery		Apple
(0-0) REGL			Majekun
(0-0) Celtica		I stabbed the lord and got chat-banned

1v1 Landria

(0-0) Varangian Guard		Diestramenos
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Aces and Eights
(0-0) Blitz			Ares
(0-0) Hydra			Blortis
(0-0) Discovery		Israel
(0-0) REGL			The Mezaster
(0-0) Celtica		I stabbed the lord and got chat-banned

Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:17:38

Level 61
1v1 French Brawl

(0-0) Varangian Guard		dark
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	rlhull6
(0-0) Blitz			Jefferspoon
(0-0) Hydra			Defunked
(0-0) Discovery		Tizzlin
(0-0) REGL			Santa Claus
(0-0) Celtica		RecMart

1v1 Biomes of America

(0-0) Varangian Guard		RAS
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Syed N
(0-0) Blitz			Banana
(0-0) Hydra			TheThedde
(0-0) Discovery		PapaMarsh
(0-0) REGL			Exiltibeter
(0-0) Celtica		RecMart

1v1 Battle Islands V

(1-0) Blitz			Jefferspoon
(1-0) Hydra			Sebus Maximus
(0-0) Varangian Guard		MadShrimp
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	tartan1314
(0-0) REGL			Alex Trevell
(0-1) Discovery		Israel
(0-1) Celtica		I stabbed the lord and got chat-banned

Jefferspoon (Blitz) defeats Israel (Discovery)
Jeff decides that it's time to pick really bad. Lucky for him though, as his opponent decides the same. Jeff ends up with a very isolated bonus and picks near his opponent's triple pick. Jeff doesn't realize the triple though; he goes for his isolated bonus instead. This allows him to catch up on income, while still exerting minimal pressure on Israel. After 9 turns, Jeff manages to break Azathia: his opponent's triple pick ftb. The remaining 22(!) turns of the game are both players dancing around each others' bonuses, trying to pressure each other out. The incomes fluctuate a lot, but Jeff's safe and isolated bonus ultimately ensures he's never going below 10 income. After 31 turns of brawling, Jeff comes out on top and wins the game.

Sebus Maximus (Hydra) defeats I stabbed the lord and got chat-banned
Chat-banned goes for a weird triple pick idea in the south, while Sebus Maximus goes for a combo in the north. Sebus also gets presence next to chat-banned's cluster. When the two of them meet, Sebus is ahead 1 income. They meet on four different borders. A nice predict from Sebus allows him to keep all his bonuses, while breaking two of chat-banned's bonuses. After that the game is basically over, but it takes 6 more turns for chat-banned to realize. He gets outexpanded and outpressured by Sebus' superior income and has to surrender with a 21-income disadvantage.

2v2 Volcano Islands

(0-0) Varangian Guard		tullalah + roan
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Piper + SevenEleven
(0-0) Blitz			MoneyMakingMitch + allusernamesaretaken12
(0-0) Hydra			♥HankyPinky + Rex Paul of Lizardino
(0-0) Discovery		MrTrolldemort + Penguinos
(0-0) REGL			NecessaryEagle + The Mezaster
(0-0) Celtica		Scoober + Padre

2v2 Szeurope

(0-0) Varangian Guard		General Electric + MadShrimp
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Botanator + Chackyjo
(0-0) Blitz			Ares + allusernamesaretaken12
(0-0) Hydra			Stealth90 + Sebus Maximus
(0-0) Discovery		MrTrolldermort + Tizzlin
(0-0) REGL			Exiltibeter + Santa Claus
(0-0) Celtica		Z + Padre

Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:17:44

Level 61
2v2 Strategic MME

(1-0) Brothers In Arms	Botanator + Smokedpears
(0-0) Varangian Guard		roan + Cossack Black
(0-0) Blitz			Pip + Farah♦
(0-0) Hydra			TheThede + Defunked
(0-0) Discovery		Nicforth + Profound Noob
(0-0) Celtica		Padre + Tadashi
(0-1) REGL			bruce200 + Alex Trevell

BIA defeats REGL
The BIA team goes for the ftb in Antarctica for one player and a combo on CA for the other player. They use the rest of their picks to cover Africa, Russia and Asia. While not the greatest picks, they seem to have a strategy. The REGL team picks... Questionable. They have one player covering the ftb with a single pick and picking some other decent things (and North Africa for some reason). However, the other team member (bruce200) decides that a three-turn Greenland is a second pick and Europe is a third pick. This ensures that for the first 5 turns, the REGL team can only get a single bonus. Meanwhile, the BIA team is expanding and pressuring bruce out of Greenland. After Greenland is broken, the game ends with BIA coming out on top.

3v3 Deadman's Rise of Rome

(0-0) Varangian Guard		Cipollino + dark + Roger Sandell
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Bigby + Smokedpears + tartan1314
(0-0) Blitz			Ares + Banana + allusernamesaretaken12
(0-0) Hydra			Doc + Hranolk
(0-0) Discovery		Denriev + Banjo + Profound Noob
(0-0) REGL			majokun + Santa Claus + NecessaryEagle
(0-0) Celtica		Scoober + Tadashi + Z

3v3 Biomes of America

(1-0) Varangian Guard		RAS + koso + Diestramenos
(0-0) Brothers In Arms	Piper + rlhull6 + Chackyjo
(0-0) Blitz			Pip + Farah♦ + MoneyMakingMitch
(0-0) Hydra			Benjamin628 + Blortis + TheThedde
(0-0) Discovery		Nicforth + PapaMarsh + Penguinos
(0-0) REGL			Alex Trevell + Exilitibeter + The Mezaster
(0-1) Celtica		Scoober + Tadashi + Z

Varangian Guard defeats Celtica
Varangian Guard takes most income on picks. Their total team income is 15, compared to Celtica's 7. As it turns out, this gets you in a rather bad position. But, it can always get worse. Tadashi takes a territory in Greenland and Iceland. He does this to ensure he has 0 income next turn, presumably. The next turn, he proceeds to gift both territories to his opponents (who still have a gift card, so they can give it right back but hey). The more annoying thing for him is that his other two territories are bordered by an opponent with 8 income. He has no income. As a logical consequence, he gets eliminated. Celtica is trying to expand in the Southern Americas, but they easily get outexpanded, as they gave up all the key spots and income on the map. The game drags on for an incredibly boring 5 more turns where we see another elimination and 56 to 4 income.

The summary for this week is as follows:

  • Varangian Guard takes an early small lead. They win a 3v3 and lose nothing, netting them 5 points.
  • BIA takes second by winning a 2v2 and losing nothing. They get 4 points.
  • Blitz and Hydra take a split third place by both winning a 1v1 and losing no games. Both clans earn themselves 3 points.
  • Discovery loses a 1v1 and that puts them in fifth place. They earn a net loss of 3 points.
  • REGL loses a 2v2, putting them in sixth place. A net loss of 4 points.
  • Celtica takes the hardest loss. They lose a 1v1 and a 3v3 and have nothing to show for it. They're in last place for now with a net loss of 8 points.
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:22:50

Level 60
wow! amazing job Farah!! so are you just going to keep editing those posts or post more posts?

Edited 1/19/2020 14:49:03
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:23:20

Level 61
I'm just hoping the official scorekeeper comes back before I end up scorekeeping this.
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:25:19

Level 60
yeah, but what if NecessaryEagle doesn't come back? will you end up being scorekeeper ?

oh my goodness! I did it!!! YES!! I posted an image

Edited 1/19/2020 14:58:24
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 14:27:44

Level 61
I hope not.
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 17:13:09

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
That was a very enjoyable read.
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 18:33:23

Level 62
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/19/2020 20:38:15

Level 59
I'm still here to keep score lol. I'm enjoying your game summaries though.
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/20/2020 03:26:28

Level 61
Hahaha I love farah updates. The CL12 banner is bomb, and imo jeff's Biomes game shows us why Div C is unarguably the best division.
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/20/2020 03:49:19

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
It was a Battle Islands game...
Clan League 12 Division C Official Thread: 1/20/2020 06:16:28

Level 61
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