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A World Trade Mod: 11/23/2019 21:15:06

[IA] Rezgo 
Level 57
Hey, so I have an idea for an in-game mechanic or it could be a card too. But I think it would work better as a mechanic with its own menu.

The idea is to have a mechanic where if both parties agree to trade with each other then they will receive a bonus to their income based on the following equation. [ The trading bonus received by each player would = 5% of players A's income + 5% of player B's income. ]

If there were a limited number of trading partners allowed (adjustable in the settings) This would be interesting for diplomacy. Especially with the above equation as some trading partners would be more valuable than the others.

What do you guys think?

I'm never made a mod before, so I'm looking for an experienced programmer who would be interested in helping me develop this mod.

Any takers? or Thoughts?

Edited 11/23/2019 21:19:16
A World Trade Mod: 11/23/2019 21:49:32

Level 60
1. To make a mod you need to be a member.
2. Mods are all open-source. Given what you are asking for, some of the already existing mods would likely help you out. (Gift gold and diplomacy)

3. The barrier to make a mod in WZ is not that high, so you should give it a try :) It does sound like a good addition to diplomacy games!
A World Trade Mod: 11/23/2019 22:15:50

Level 57
I personally wouldn't have a limit to number of trades.
A World Trade Mod: 12/15/2019 03:35:12

Level 57
I like this idea. The limit to trade partners would be absolutely necessary though.
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