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Clan: Imperial Ambitions

Number of members: 18
Tagline: Good Players Make Good Games
Created: 10/30/2019

Bio: [*[Imperial Ambitions]*]

We're a Clan that focuses on Diplomacy and RP games. We have a solid core group of good respectful players and will continue to only allow quality players into our clan. Most of all we host awesome games and have big ideas moving forward.

Additionally, we run an in Clan PVP League.
Current Champion: -<{ ... }>-

Allied Clans: The Roleplayers Guild

We are looking to recruit more veteran WarZone players, who enjoy elaborate diplomacy and RP games. If our Clan interests you please contact either Rezgo or Imperium.


Clan Ranks

Imperator Caesar - Glorious Leader of the Clan

Legatus Imperatoria - A Position of Leadership within the Clan

Primus Pilus - High Ranking Officer
A Veteran Clan member who is significantly contributing to our Clan by taking on Roles such as Arena Master, or Game Master.
Helps to resolve disputes between members and in-game and on Clan forums.

Centurio - Veteran Member
Part of the Clan for around 6 months.
A Contributing Member of our Clan in Games, and Other Areas.

Legionarius - Clan Member
Part of the Clan for at least 1 Month.
Participating in Clan Games.

Auxilla - New Recruit
New Member of our Clan.


Clan Member Title
AJ Auxilla
LeBorgne Legionarius
Fedhman Kassad Auxilla
[IA] Rezgo Imperator Caesar
Pokeball Legionarius
Spartacus Legionarius
Andrju Auxilla
TungstenTrex Legatus Imperatoria
Quality Legionarius
ByZantium Auxilla
Armor Legionarius
WarlordPotatoAaron Legionarius
Kasjams Legionarius
tywin Legionarius
KreagerTheViolator Legionarius
[IA]Hallsy11 Legionarius
BossUser2 Auxilla
HostBot4000 Legionarius