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Clan: Imperial Ambitions

Number of members: 17
Tagline: Good Players Make Good Games
Created: 10/30/2019

Bio: [*[Imperial Ambitions]*]
We're a brand new Clan that is well on its way to being one of WarZones best Clans. We have a solid core group of players already and we're growing fast. Most of all we host awesome games and have big ideas moving forward.

We're also going to be setting up a small in Clan PVP League.

Allied Clans: The Roleplayers Guild

As we are a new clan we're looking to recruit veteran players, who enjoy elaborate diplomacy and RP games. If our Clan interests you please contact either [IA] Rezgo or Imperium.

Clan Member Title
Devean Legionary
John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough Legionary
[IA] Rezgo Emperor
KingEridani Legionary
Pokeball Auxilla
THE TungstenTrex Auxilla
Mitchner the Violator Legionary
Spartacus Legionary
WarlordPotatoAaron Legionary
Imperium Primus Pilus
Quality Auxilla
Kasjams Legionary
[IA]Hallsy11 Legionary
KreagerTheViolator Legionary
tywin Legionary