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Map Editor Bug: 10/13/2019 23:40:21

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
I'm trying to create my first map, but I'm having a hard time with the map editor. I feel like I did something wrong, but I can't find out what exactly. I read things about it in the forum and on the Internet before deciding to create a new thread, but I didn't find anything matching my problem.

I created an SVG file with Vectr.com because it's user-friendly (as opposite to Inkscape). I started by making the territory objects and bonus links, but it felt so empty that I added a wood pattern in the background. For now, it's all ok. But, when I uploaded it to the actual Warzone map editor, there was just nothing, not even a single object. When I clicked the "Validate" button, it said "Map must contain at least two territories". I reread the mapmaking-related pages on the wiki, ensured that the territory objects were named correctly, but it just wasn't working. So, I tried with Inkscape because everyone was using it and and it was working for many people, and I saw that the objects' id were still like "rect54785" or something like that. I also realized that Vectr.com was kind of incomplete, for example the object names are not the ids and you can't change the actual id of an object. So, in Inkscape I changed the territory objects' ids for "Territory_#", and saved my changes, but it's still not working and clicking the "Validate" button still says "Map must contain at least two territories". I made a test map with 3 rectangle territories using Inkscape and it worked perfectly fine, so maybe it's because of Vectr.com, but I don't know exactly where's the problem.

Has anyone ever encountered a problem similar to mine?

Map: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=80550

Edited 10/13/2019 23:55:22
Map Editor Bug: 10/13/2019 23:41:40

Battle Master ⚔
Level 57
The background might be too complex.
Map Editor Bug: 10/14/2019 01:35:24

Level 63
Did you definitely re-upload the map after making and saving the changes in Inkscape?

You could follow some Inkscape tutorials. See https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Inkscape_tutorial and YouTube and play around with Inkscape yourself.
Map Editor Bug: 10/22/2019 21:00:27

Level 50
Can you copy the territories into a new (Inkscape-made) map ?
Kindof a workaround but should work.
Map Editor Bug: 10/22/2019 23:00:46

Level 60
AFAIK all Warzone maps so far has been made with inkscape. So this is not really a map editor bug, but rather that the .svg from vectr.com is not really working if you import it directly to wz.

powerpos suggestion should work thru. Make your .svg wherever, then import it to inkscape and add the objectID's. As a bonus, there is an extension for inkscape that can take care of naming id's for you. (Helpful if you are making a big map. But don't bother with this for your smaller (first?) map.) Just make sure to use layers to separate bonus links and territories.

That being said, I would recomend just using inkscape from the begining, as that is where you can get help with any issues.
Map Editor Bug: 10/29/2019 00:47:04

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
It works! (https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=80550)

I redid it from scratch (almost) with Inkscape, with a screenshot of my original SVG in the background. Note that it's not finished, i'll add a background and tweak the bonus links in the future.
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