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Food thread #2: 9/29/2019 22:57:42

Level 60
Post anything about food that you want! this thread is totally open for anything!!! if you are wondering why this is #2, well, goodgame had #1
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 01:12:12

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
I love oysters
I remember trying to open one of them when I was younger though
I had a blunt large knife to pry open them oysters
These oysters were pretty slippery, and so the knife slid above the oyster
And I ended up peeling the top of my index finger
My hands were already white and wrinkly from being in the water
So my peeled skin was looked like wet gelatin powder

I just washed my finger in the sink, but it stung
Anyways, we finished opening all the oysters and sat in our table
Me and my father are the only ones that actually enjoy oysters
We put lime on them, I really don't know if the oysters are alive though
I think they die when we disconnect them from their shell with a spoon
We then put salt on them, you can't do any ritual without salt can you?
We then put our favorite hot sauce, Tapatio
I would always look out the window when eating
I would enjoy seeing people walk by
There was usually always a cool light windy weather
Perfect for walking in the park

I do miss talking to this guy in the park
This type of weather is magical I swear
It makes you speak intimately
Like talking about people, future
What you think about certain races, ethnicities
Sexuality, experiences,
There are certain people that we speak to
That makes us think things we wouldn't have
These are the people I have felt I've had character growth
Whether good or bad, who knows, doesn't matter
I feel like I become a more me-version of myself

My father would then always say, why do you always look outside
Maybe I was privileged to sit in my seat, which allowed me look out through the window
Which he didn't understand, because he never got to eat while looking outside
Even when I come back home, I ask if anybody sits in my seat
They say no
It just stays empty, nobody sits there

But when I finally slurp on my oysters, I taste lime, saltiness, and Tapatio
Oyster has a really faint taste, it's very oystery if you ask me
I haven't eaten oysters in years, I can't even number the years, cause I don't remember the last time
At all
I really love oysters
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 02:28:20

Level 57
I can never pick a favorite food.
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 03:47:09

Level 58
I am allergic to shrimp and lactose intolerant

I have pills for lactase so i can eat dairy

I have no epipen for shrimp but i can eat trace amounts like in kimchi
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 10:20:14

Level 49
i like food
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 11:35:31

Level 60
I am also lactose intolerant
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 15:39:39

Level 62
How do you become lactose intolerant? Of course you'll really need the loo after having lactose. Wouldn't call it an intolerance. Lactose (a sugar that is related to laxatives) will give you "the shits".
Food thread #2: 9/30/2019 18:54:43

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Lactose intolerant is a sign of genetic inferiority
We, people who through evolution gained the ability to drink cow milk, are proud of our milk drinking heritage

No but seriously, not being able to process certain foods, or having allergies is a genetic inferiority

Asians seem to get the end of the stick
As most of the world is Lactose intolerant because Most asians are lactose intolerant
Asians also have a harder time processing alcohol

Native americans have issues with alcohol as well, they are way more likely to become alcoholics

Peanut allergies are the worst, because there's studies if children are exposed to them since early on, they won't develop the allergy
Food thread #2: 10/1/2019 08:05:03

Empire of Kilos
Level 36
I do not eat much, one meal a day, dinner, which is usually an Oven baked Chicken Breast seasoned with Shake and Bake, with whatever Bread I have around as a side, usually either a Baugette, Publix Deli Bread, or Garlic Toast. In some instances I will opt for Spaghetti instead of Chicken.

Otherwise I may have a late night snack if I'm up studying or browsing the internet. Which is typically one of the following items. A bowl of Cheerios, a packet of Saltines, a Swissroll with Pretzels, non potato chips(Funyuns, Doritos), a few Slim Jims, various Candies, or a few Cookies, usually Oreo's or Keebler Fudge Striped.

This has been my system for about 10 years, occasionally I'll dabble in a bit of Shrimp or Bacon, but outside of a stop at a fast food joint, or deli food from a Publix. This is almost entirely it.
Food thread #2: 10/1/2019 09:54:57

I Swear
Level 55
maybe those of european descent are genetically "used" to dairy products and drinking alcohol. allergies are an immune system overreaction a lot of the time, iirc, and can mitigated with minute exposures. i get what you are saying, but people may not take kindly to the phrasing. yeah, it does suck, speaking as an asian pizza lover.

also. i like pizza. i eat a lot of pizza. i make my own pizza from scratch when i can, but its a pain. pizza migbt be the thing i miss the most about living in the US. :(
Food thread #2: 10/1/2019 16:55:22

Level 57
I like to have variety. I don't like the same old stuff all the time. Not that I live on the edge or something, I just take the foods I like and make a completely random menu that usually doesn't repeat over the course of two or three days.
Food thread #2: 10/5/2019 10:02:20

Level 62
siu mai
Food thread #2: 10/13/2019 00:25:50

Pyotr Krasnov 
Level 45
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