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Clan: Legion of Boom

Number of members: 3
Tagline: Leeeerooooooooy Jenkinnns! >:D
Created: 6/1/2020

Bio: If I can give operations like Blizzard a whack of money, I can definitely give an indie like Fizzer some love. :D


*I need to be able to get along with you. I.e. no trolls/toxic people.*
*Any discussion should be respectful.*
*Don't expect a lot of clan activity*

Pretty much anything else is fine. Including:

*Parking inactive alts*
*Low Levels/winrates*
*Filthy Casuals*
*RP/Diplo players*

If you are still interested in joining, pm the owner here: https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=5180985361

Best of luck out there. :)

Clan Member Title
Hog Wild
Punching Bag (^_^;)
I Swear