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Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/26/2019 22:21:45

Level 49
A centrist's main point of being a centrist is "forming my own educated opinion instead of subscribing to a club that agrees on the majority of your often-conflicting world view"

It sounds like liberal propaganda to me, idunno why anybody would decide to be a centrist.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 02:10:38

Empire of Kilos
Level 36
I agree, Shinji. However, I find it an almost beautiful thing that all the closet Fascists, Commies, Libertarians, Liberals, and others that make up Centrists are all united by their shared inability to stand up for what they truly believe in.

Admit it Centrist, the hidden Tankie or Nazi that comes out when you see the opposing sides arguments in a meaningless forum, that's the real you.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 02:24:47

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
You guys treat politics like its a nuance art form
It's not
There's only one way to do it, there is only one right answer
People are very easily swayed by the promise of power
Which is why many turn to politics

The true individual is one that doesn't want to participate in politics
As to why, why should I dictate with my vote whether I should allow or disallow people to do something
But the Paradox comes in that they must participate in this system in order to allow freedom to stay

People who do not want to exert power over others are forced to by participating in a system to vote in order to maintain more freedoms

People who want to exert control over others, favor this method, as in a majority vote is more acceptable than only one person making the law
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 02:51:16

I Swear
Level 55
I'm trying to decide if OP is baiting or can't read.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 12:43:28

Level 49
Fake centrists? Pfft. Make up your mind, losers.

laufing @ these centrist

Edited 9/27/2019 12:43:40
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 13:23:21

Level 49
I would never expect caocao to post something actually intelligent. But once again, you miss the point. People like me have political ideals because it effects me and the people I know. If I desired power, I would join a group that shares my ideas.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 13:34:21

master of desaster 
Level 66
So you chose the group and stick to it, vote for whatever they suggest to vote for, even if you'd prefer the line of another group on a specific case?

Sounds sick to me. Correct me if i misunderstood what you said before. That's why americans only have two parties to vote for. Cancer or cholera, trump or hillary. There is no middle way anymore, no options to pick from
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 13:50:07

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Who made you the God of choosing what's "actually intelligent?"

You missed my point completely

Centrism doesn't really exist, as political ideologies are binary
Trying to be a centrist is pointless, because "Centrism" changes its stance depending on political situation
American centrism and French Centrism aren't the same at all

Should sodas be banned?
You can either vote YES or NO

Coming to a compromise of only selling sodas half of the week, isn't a centrist view
It is a compromise between the binary

Just as one loves chocolate, would eat lots of chocolate
That same person fears getting fat, so he won't eat chocolates
What would be a "centrist" position here, there can't be
Reaching the middle would be a compromise between the opposing reasons

One doesn't reach the middle because they want to, it is a compromise of OPPOSING reasons
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 15:03:41

Beren Erchamion 
Level 64
Yes obviously in every situation there are exactly two choices. That's exactly how life works...
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 15:07:01

Level 60
When I get my centrist death squads arranged, half of you are going to die for this
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 19:06:10

Level 49
t. anti-centrists

The reverse ethnostate will purge you all. Including me.

@caocao, I never said that centrism had its own doctrine, I just said it's preferable to everything else.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 19:41:28

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Centrism doesn't exist!!!
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 20:15:20

Level 57
Centrism exists, it's just poorly named. You don't have to pick between all left and all right in your thoughts and actions, and what people call centrism is just taking some aspects of both sides and making a new ideology from it. Like how some parts of the American and Canadian constitutions have freedom, and some have order. They're complete opposites, on specific notes you have to pick one, but in the entire law system you can find both in certain areas. Freedom in you can buy what you want, and sell and give what you want, but order in you can't steal without punishment.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 20:36:15

Level 49
Daily reminder that people that shit on centrism are either trying to get clout, or support extremism, (they jack off to the idea of revolution). Or they are simply stupid. Or maybe just a combination of the three.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 21:33:17

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Where did you get the evidence from?

Extremism is a very loose term, you haven't defined it at all

I simply just believe that in order to be truly free, this voting system should not exist, as it is a tool use to oppress
But I know it is the best system we have

Your whole ideas are unfounded and I'm not surprised, I don't expect more from a descendant of Chunkyland

Whatever centrist belief you have, it is simply a watered down belief from a polar view, you are still polarized
10 chocolates
0 chocolates

How many chocolates would be considered "centrist" here?
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 21:56:09

Level 57
Cacao, Correct me if I'm wrong, but what I'm getting here is according to you, you have to choose between one or one other in all things, like ten chocolates or no chocolates, and you can't pick anything that no one else agrees with or anything that is neither all nor nothing, like say three chocolates or five chocolates or one. That seems to me like total bullshit, considering most people actually don't go all or nothing, like three or five chocolates.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 22:39:21

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
That's exactly what I'm saying

Reaching to the conclusion to 3 chocolates requires a compromise
There is a reason you don't eat more, you will get fat, too sweet, etc
There is a reason you don't eat less, you love the taste, etc

Like what you would call a "centrist" policy is a product of polar views coming to a compromise
One with a "watered down" view are not strong enough reach a compromise

"Centrists" don't realize that "centrist" policies are a compromise between polar views

This is hard to explain with text than it is to speak about it
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/27/2019 23:34:47

Level 49
This is all assuming the political spectrum is binary. You keep bugging me about objectivity when I'm clearly giving a half-assed expression of my views. In that case, what proof is there that the political spectrum is binary? Nazbol and Anarcho-Monarchism exist unironically.
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/28/2019 01:22:47

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Politics are binary you twat

There are two main dynamics in politics
1. Structure and concentration of power: Dictator, Different kinds of Federalism, Monarchy,
2. Economy, Social, etc policies

Subdynamics would be how you elect them to power, which is where democracy, inheritance come along

For this case we are only talking about Economy, Social, etc policies

There is no party trying to change the structure or concentration power, these things tend to only happen when there's a revolution
Which is how you get Dictators, and Kings back then

You can have a dictatorship and a democracy, it is not a contradiction
Nazbol are "radical" nationalism and bolshevism, not a contradiction, these are social and economic policies
Anarcho-monarchism is a contradiction, as you can't have 2 kinds of power structures, you can't have no on in power, and one person in power at the same time

Also Anarcho-monarchism is a meme, it's not real

An example of Economical Policies being "centrist"
Capitalism vs Communism
This can be measured by the percentage of income tax you pay, the closer you get to 100% the more communist
You can't be capitalist and communist at the same time, there is a road in between though
Socialism, Socialism is a form of communism,
Capitalists push towards 0 income tax, less government control over "means of production"
Communists push towards 100 income tax, and more government control
Socialists push towards a certain income tax, and certain government control
A centrist belief might be only taxing the necessary income to maintain military, etc...
But this "centrist" belief isn't centrist, it's still socialist, it's a compromise
It's not full blown communism, and it's not the ideal capitalist dream
Centrism is pretty bullshit: 9/28/2019 16:41:11

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 59
Centrism is the status quo of the one who last won the power struggle. Centrists in the 1970s USSR were highly different fron the ones in the 1930s as were they from the UK centrists of both the two different time periods.
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