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Automatic local deployments?: 6/3/2019 20:44:17

Level 43
I like local deployment games but pretty quickly the deployment becomes very time consuming. Would be nice if it was possible to have local deployments go automatically for bonuses of only one territory and maybe even have the possibility do identify the territory where you always want local deployments to deploy. Would save a lot of uninteresting time!
Automatic local deployments?: 6/3/2019 20:56:33

Level 56
Good idea.
Automatic local deployments?: 6/3/2019 23:06:15

Level 62
There’s a mod for it that’s under development. Mods are member-only.
Automatic local deployments?: 6/26/2019 21:50:00

Level 57
I am a fan of LD, and like the idea of a consistent deployment space. However, I find that far less tedious than having to manually move troops up every turn. There could be a wayfinding algorithm for automatic movement, similar to the ancient multi-player game, "Empire, Wargame of the Century" (Granted it is SO last century, heheh!). https://youtu.be/oHD6X6enyTo

Adding commerce to LD games generally reduces the need to do the tedium dance, especially once a few bonuses or cities are in your inventory. But it definitely adds spice to the early part of the game.
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