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Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/11/2019 13:14:59

Level 59
To me it seems no one deals with Seasonal Ladder stalling. Fizzer says to speak with Beren. Beren does not seem to respond?

How come is tolerated to take vacation for 20+days and commit just before seasonal ends or end your vacation just a day later, while being online every few days or even more?
I really don´t understand. I remember when I started playing seasonal there were some very strict rules on this? Now its like you may even play 10 accounts, deflate ratings, stall - no one moderates it?

Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/11/2019 13:26:07

Level 63
Stalling wasn’t really added as an official rule, because there wasn’t a solid definition of what stalling is when stalling was proposed as a ladder rule.
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/11/2019 13:33:27

Level 61

So what do you want to do about it?

Because for me it seems logical that all potential punishments, forced forfeits etc should be made AFTER the season is over.

DanWL, that's not really true. There were anti-stalling rules put in place when it comes to the seasonal ladder.

If you know anyone breaking the rules, especially multi-accounting, report them. They will be dealt with.

Milly made 5 moves in the last 3 days. This isn't stalling. He clearly tries to finish this game.

Edited 1/11/2019 13:52:14
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/11/2019 18:52:20

Level 60
As Rento said, the rules are in place : https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Seasonal_Ladder

A player may only play on the Seasonal Ladder with one account per season. Violations will be punished with a suspension on all implicated accounts.

Manipulation of the force-finish in the Seasonal Ladder is not allowed, and the use of vacations towards the end of a season leading to force-finish will be considered especially suspicious. Violations will be punished with a suspension. In egregious cases results may be modified, possibly resulting in the loss of games and/or trophies.

(Also, correct me if I am wrong, but the ladder was increased to 75 and not 60 (like the wiki says) right?
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/11/2019 18:57:19

Beren Erchamion 
Level 64
You sent me a WL pm yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't respond immediately, but unfortunately I am not able to drop everything else going on in my life to investigative potential stalling the moment it is brought to my attention.

Also, as Rento said, after the season is over it is much clearer as to whether any games were stalled or not, and a fair judgement could then be assessed. Taking vacations is not against the rules. Using them as a means of winning a game is. If he takes a vacation and loses due to force finish or takes a vacation and then attempts to finish the game in the limited time remaining, there is no violation of the rules.
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/11/2019 22:35:51

ACL Tears 
Level 67
I'm about to have a game force finished, with force finish rules that don't even make much sense this season with Army Cap, against a player who hasn't played in 21 and a half days.
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/12/2019 01:23:31

Level 65
Now that the games are over, we can see that there was no stalled win this season... problem solved.
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/12/2019 01:51:00

Level 57
Stalling is always going to be a very convoluted subject.
Stalling is part of the game from now on?: 1/13/2019 09:27:40

Level 59
Sorry for that, should have waited longer. Wanted to make forum thread anyway.

Its not about just stalling wins. It is as well about generally delaying, stalling ladder. I am not trying to reverse any game results, especially mine. This is not my first Seasonal and for now I have pretty clear picture how games are added and how long they may take depending on template. Now, Milly came back 2-3 days just at the end of season. Now, I, for that matter, did not had any time to play for next 4-5 days. Now, if I had taken vacation just before my time was up I - which was before turn 4 - I would have won the game by force-finish (more income, more armies)? Question is what would that have meant for me? I did not do it, because surely I would have been accused of stalling etc?

I lost, cause I dont get the template and in that sense the result is fair enough. What I can´t understand how can someone take +20-day vacation, be online time to time and do not find time to commit and system expects the other player to find all the time to finish a game in 2-3 days?

This is not discussed here first time. I remember around 2 years ago it was same problem with people taking consecutive vacations. On ladders it should not be allowed. At least from my part I think carefully every time if I can take the 2-3 months and play the 20 games or not. And as ACL Tears pointed out, its Army cap/Multi-attack - there could be cases where it obviously does not determine a player who is in advantageous position.
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