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Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 17:33:00

Level 48
Hey everyone! I’m looking for a clan to be a part of - mainly for social connectedness and some strategy games.
I am thinking of joining the ladder, not solid decision, and could help with some practise or training for the same.

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Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 18:01:05

Level 26
Hi Chocolate,

Glorious Vipers ( https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=316 ) is currently recruiting and looking at your profile, you look like a tasty addition to GV. GV is planned to be an active-social-friendly and strategic clan-and since we're currently lesser in members, there will be better interaction among us.

You should join the ladder, sooner or later, as it is one of the good places to enjoy the strategic aspect of the game and improve too. Play Quickmatches too, they're fun and you will be invited to the clan. More details for the practice games, are in PM sent to you.
Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 18:27:11

Level 60
I'm gonna take him <3

Gotta have my first chocolate player in clan.

https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=260 ;)
Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 20:29:51

Rogue NK
Level 59
I could try to get you into MH but you have to provide a game where you showed skill and you have to play a test game against one of us.
Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 20:36:27

Level 58
Feel free to apply to check out the M'Hunters clan whether we are what you are looking for. We don't discriminate against low levels. Players not aiming to improve also won't improve much with us however then again we brought quite some aspiring newbies from zero to hero in no time.
Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 20:55:25

Level 58
Make sure you wait long enough for ladder games to expire on your main account before you rejoin the ladder on this alt. (Just a reminder, new ladder rules are pretty strict).
Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 21:21:51

Level 54
Yeah sure ill take yez if you are looking for socialness,
Looking for clan: 5/2/2018 21:24:04

Level 61
Join Felidae :-) Meow!
Looking for clan: 5/3/2018 15:07:00

Level 38
Since May 1st, Glorious Vipers are rebuilding with new leadership, and can use new members to help build and shape the clan.The plan going forward is to create a fun clan filled with active players to regularly play together in internal tournaments, and clan league events. We will have optional training for members who are looking to hone their skills.

We recruit from real time games, and we recruit from ladders. Recruiting from real-time games provide clan with easier to find partners for real-time games. We also plan to have a little bit of something for everyone whether you are a strat player, real time player, ladder player, diplo player, etc.

Requirements to join so far as planned is be polite, have moderate-low to low boot rate, and going one to two full months of literally no activity without prior notice results in removal. Alt accounts are allowed only if they are active and provide good support to clan.

You can easily re-join if you are inactive once you have decided to return, so it is not a big deal. Just message myself or Henry, or Knyte for membership.

Edited 5/3/2018 15:08:35
Looking for clan: 5/3/2018 16:01:46

Level 48
Thanks for all of you for the replies and for now, I am joining Glorious Vipers.

After understand how clans are designed to work and if Glorious Vipers don't suit me, I will look for the other suitable clans for me.

Yes, Quick match I am playing-with 202.5Global and 20 Country rating for BE Henry.

Sorry Platinum, but I can give you treats of Chocolate.

MH or M'Hunters looks good clan, but I joined GV for now. Thanks for the reply Rogue NK-I will send some games showing my skilled play(if i play from now) when interested in joining and Norman, that is good-to improve from zero to hero, but clan seems to big(maybe my view is like that).
Looking for clan: 5/3/2018 16:10:10

Level 48
My main account and this alt account? knyte you are saying that for me or someone else? I could not find the rules in Ladders-where can I see it?

Faction themes I like, but very big clan-so right now, no Thessalos.

Rikku - I saw Felidae, but after seeing Rip this clan I thought they're over for now and not interested in me(ow).

Dyna Blade- I joined.
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