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CL10 Trashtalk - LIVESTREAM!!: 4/4/2018 03:50:01

Level 62
About 4 hours before making this post, the line-ups for the CL10 have been announced! Therefore it's time to make a stream about the event! ;)

A Livestream will be held today at Wednesday - 12:00 US/Central // 18:00 GMT // 19:00 Continental Europe (GMT+1) @ https://www.twitch.tv/cowboysg to talk about the CL10 Line-up announcements, speculate on worthless shit and properly kick off Cowboy's CL10 prediction contest, Where the right predictions of where each clan will finish could earn you a sexy smokey black! (100$ worth of a prize)

Myself and Cowboy will be commentating on all the line-ups and give our personal thoughts on where every clan will finish in each division analysing the players and again.. Speculate on worthless shit..

Would be nice to build a bit of a crowd, a bit of hype and a buzzing chat to discuss CL10.

Share the news of the event and I hope you can be there!
CL10 Trashtalk - LIVESTREAM!!: 4/4/2018 08:41:43

Level 63
CL10 Trashtalk - LIVESTREAM!!: 4/4/2018 17:35:30

Level 62
save A for last, I will be late

edit: for anyone else wondering it already happened at 7 in the morning...

Edited 4/4/2018 18:29:58
CL10 Trashtalk - LIVESTREAM!!: 4/4/2018 22:28:33

Level 59
So... Are we not gonna talk about that part of the stream? I'm really confused why no one's brought it up.
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