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My good 'chum': 10/30/2017 20:01:03

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A said individual started his adventure by writing stories about (((tanned))) Brazilian policeman fucking men by the road , slobbering over someone balls and having intercourses with dogs.

Starting to associate with Karl GOLDBERG and getting interested in politics. Becoming ebin alt-lite (I'm not a Nazi mom) he starts to discuss the Holocaust resulting in angrly severing contact after a heated discussion with an denier. TWO WEEKS LATER our good 'pal' (*a**e**) has a change of heart and start questioning the validity of the six million Jewish individuals slaughtered between 1941 and 1945. Our admimitly avowed (ngl my nibbas had to look up the spelling for that) K*ke hunting hero embraced PAGANISM. Knowing Christianity wuz keeping the whiteman down and cucking >>us<< he embraced CHAD-paganism. Unfortunately his hoe got upset and left causing our unlikely advenger to be shaken to his core almost losing him!


After fortnight in recluse he returns brandishing the banner of NATIONAL BOLSHEVISM (hence forth NAZBOL).

Like Nationalism? Like Socialism? Don't want to be called a Nazi (I'm not mom okay!) by society? Don't want to be ridiculed as a communist? Then this is the PERFECT ideology for you. :----)

Following down this road for a few weeks our protagonists heart grows heavy. Turning his back on everything he loved for image would no longer satisfy him! Reborn in the fire the ; Monarchist HETROSEXUAL Christian National Socialist White Ethnostate preponent is born. Getting in touch with his spiritual side this crusader seeks to create a new national American EXTREME right front. This secret organisation creeps in the shadows of discord. Did I mention he prayed the gay away by now!!!???

Blaaaaa blaaahh blaaaab blanh

Then he become a communist again? Or something? Idek I can't be arsed to type more , this might of been a bit mean.

But I REALLY excruciated him! Ps his sister is Hot! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[While this lacks perfect time scale it is a 100% accurate portrayal]
My good 'chum': 10/30/2017 20:02:24

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
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Tbqhfamalm I don't even mind him he is quite alright to be around I'd even wish him well on the future. Still I gotta be a cunt tbqh.

I'll begrudgingly take it down if said person asks I guess
My good 'chum': 10/30/2017 20:38:47

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+1 tbqmfhwymfbayfnbafanan
My good 'chum': 10/31/2017 22:57:36

Major General Smedley Butler
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-"Liberty was developed by the white race."
-"Hitler didn't hate"
-"I'm not a fan of Catholism"
-"The destruction of gender concerns me"
-"I'm a national socialist, not a Nazi"
-"They [East Asians] act like ants"
-"Negros need enslavement"
-"Apartheid was amazing"
-"I don't know why He [God] put Jesus in Israel and not Germany. I can only hope to please Him."
-"The concept of a nation is too complex for negros"
-"I'm not a Muslim."
-"[My mum's] behavior is embarrassing to herself and me"
-"I've argued the Holocaust with [my mum's boyfriend]. He was triggered. He's an idiot though so I destroyed him."
-"Are you a member of my Volk King Bradford?"
-"Americans do not exist"
-"Cata is less German than I"
"I don't want to make statements that potentially could be used against me"
My good 'chum': 11/1/2017 08:44:40

Cata Cauda
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Hey, mind stop stealing stuff from MY server?!
My good 'chum': 11/2/2017 19:54:53

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My good 'chum': 11/6/2017 22:45:19

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No signs of intelligent life, captain
My good 'chum': 11/7/2017 22:12:27

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