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Clan: Nationalist Assembly of Warlight

Number of members: 7
Tagline: Strength through unity, unity through strength.
Created: 12/15/2017

Bio: The Nationalist Assembly of Warlight (NAW) advocates using nationalist elements in your diplomacy games. For example, you should be patriotic, deport minorities, and unite your people in a national cause.

The NAW is right wing. We are against breaking game rules and rigged games (see forums). The NAW is not affiliated and in some cases opposes the other nationalist clans. We are against breaking rules set up by game hosts, but breaking warlight rules is acceptable (you can cuss and or harass people in the clan forum if you so wish).

The NAW uses the clan forum to discuss nationalism in Warlight and in real life. Please follow our guidelines. Any OPPOSITION in the forums or rule breaking will be reviewed by the Chairmen.

This clan is for all nationalists, patriots, and third position groups. It is for people who reject Marxism, progressives, and International Finance Capitalism. It also open to people who are only interested in the topic. It is primarily a non-exclusive role play diplomacy clan.

If you are invited you will be assigned a seat in the assembly, congratulations, and welcome.

(listed in order of Authority)

Chairman of the Assembly: Head Chairman of the Nationalist Assembly of Warzone and Chairman of the S.A

Chairman of Clan Communications: Vice Chairman and Head of Public Outreach for recruitment and forum management

Committee Chair: has invite and removal powers over players

Senior Representative: no more power that the lower two, but a fancier title.

Security Administrator: helps the Chairman of Clan Comms run the forum. (Help wanted)

Representative of N.A.W: Representative of the N.A.W. A seat to the assembly.

Clan Member Title
Wulfhere Committee Chair
[Soviet Union]the red army Assembly Chairman
Edward The Great Security Admin
Sexy Garfield Rep. of N.A.W
Erwin Rommel Rep. of N.A.W
Karl Marx Rep. of N.A.W
SiegHeil Rep. of N.A.W