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Clan Coalition (Calling other clan leaders): 6/17/2017 20:54:20

Level 57
I am looking to create a coalition between Knights Templar and other clans with a similar direction. A coalition would only benefit all the clans involved by creating alliances / affiliations. No one gets "poached" through a coalition, it is simply a way for clans to have the option to reach out to other clans. To make things easy to understand, I will list some of the benefits of having such a coalition.

1: Combined communication.

I would like to have a merged discord group where Knights Templar and other clans can get together to chat with one another in an active group. The admins of this group would be the leaders of all the clans involved in the coalition.

2: Quicker tournament fills.

With a coalition, you can pretty much invite all members of all the clans involved in the coalition to join tournaments small internal tournaments together, and special events can take place to make the tournaments more interesting such as clan A, B, and C vs clan A, B, and C projects and other group projects could take place such as clan wars, combined PR leagues and so on.

3: Easier real time play.

With a coalition members of a clans involved will be able to more easily play real time games with other members because of benefit number one. This is especially easy to arrange through discord which is an instant messaging service that supports hyperlinking.

Knights Templar's goal is to be a fun and active clan where players can chat and play games in a relaxed environment among each other in a friendly atmosphere. Skill is not a defining necessity, but being reliable (listening to teammates and not getting booted) and having good behavior are. If any clan leaders are interested in this then please respond to this thread or send me a private message, or visit my discord server.


Thank you.
Clan Coalition (Calling other clan leaders): 6/26/2017 17:23:04

Adi MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Level 58
I am not sure about what exactly that means, but you can put Wizards in this. Regarding discord-mail me what do you mean.
Clan Coalition (Calling other clan leaders): 6/26/2017 19:00:06

Level 62
IRGE! NWO is isolated, me in particular,so no coalition!!!

- downvoted post by Genghis
Clan Coalition (Calling other clan leaders): 6/27/2017 07:22:27

Electro Wizard
Level 51
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