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Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 04:46:31

Beren Erchamion 
Level 64
All promotion spots to Division C have been secured. Congratulations to all the clans that competed and especially to those that managed promotion.

Division C will consist of the following clans:

  • FCC
  • Hydra
  • 7th Heaven
  • Lu Fredd
  • TJC
  • Statisticians

The top two clans in C will earn promotion to Division B in CL10. Best of luck to all of the clans!

We will start Division C on Monday, May 22nd, at which time lineups will be revealed. All clans are able to make changes to their submitted lineup without spending substitutions up until the time lineups have been revealed. As a reminder, no player is allowed to occupy more than 3 slots throughout the entire season.

We are happy to announce that Great Expanse will be our scorekeeper for Division C.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 05:00:08

Great Expanse 
Level 60
Clan League 9:

Welcome! To the official Clan League Season 9 Division C thread! Hosted by the one and only Great Expanse. Graph maker extraordinaire! Manager of the History Channel! And self-described "score-keeper", whatever that is....If you aren't familiar with my work, look up the CL7 Division D1 thread (where everyone got along and was happy, I wish) to the CL8 Division C thread (where knyte might have gone insane and everyone bickered). And why was I allowed to be scorekeeper?


Tournament Winners:

                          Clan                          Player(s)
     Elitist Africa:      TBD
     Greece:              TBD
     Phobia:              TBD
     Final Earth:         TBD
     China:               TBD
     Europe:              TBD

Tournament Starts

5/22 - 3v3 Europe
5/25 - 2v2 TBD
5/28 - 2v2 TBD
5/31 - 1v1 TBD
6/1 - 1v1 TBD
6/2 - 1v1 TBD

Good luck to all the clans!

Edited 5/23/2017 05:24:39
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 05:00:19

Great Expanse 
Level 60

Division C is the home of (in alphabetical order):
  • 7th Heaven
  • Fifth Column Confederation (FCC)
  • Hydra (Hüdra or The History Channel)
  • Lu Fredd
  • Statisticians
  • The Juggernauts Clan (TJC)

All clans have fought their way out of the brutal qualifier format into Division C, which I will be casually referring to as Division Thirsty. Now, a casual search of UrbanDictionary.com will come up with some smutty references to thirsty, so ignore those! We aren't talking about sex right now! But to keep this rated PG-13 for all you tweens out there, we are using thirsty to mean:

A desperate desire to want or need something
Ex. "Micheal is thirsty for steals on the b-ball court, damn bro"

Visual Approximation of Thirsty Clans:

But to get all serious for a second, Clan League is a fun competition, and a few clans might take it a bit too seriously. So let us all start this off on a more stupid note and not let the Thirst overtake us all. And I will be looking at you GE to keep that thirst in check the most.

Edited 5/14/2017 06:01:10
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 05:25:35

Level 59
Can't wait to see lineups, I still have an idea of what I think though
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 05:54:43

Level 58
YES! The amazing graphs of GE's are back, which I always look forward to see! Good luck to everyone as well.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 11:08:49

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
Excited to see you scorekeeping GE =)

Submitted prediction but can't say how accurate it will be until we see the line ups.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 11:10:46

master of desaster 
Level 66
Good luck everyone! This is exciting
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 11:28:22

Level 63
I submitted my prediction as well.

Just some thoughts on it. First of all i think it's going to be really close between 3/4 clans.

1. 7th Heaven
The players only played 1 game in stage 1. So everyone has 2 slots left, which is very important against the high quality players from the other clans.

2. Hydra
Besides Green Turtle everyone can be used at least twice. I think Hydra is pretty deep in their roster, which might be their advantage over the other clans.

3. FCC
Smoove has 2 slots left, but Pardon only 1, so that might be a problem for FCC, since i have my doubts, that they can keep up the pace with 7th Heaven and Hydra. Others like BADA and Aura need to deliver and carry them as well. Depth wise it could be critical, that's why i have them slightly rated below the other 2 clans. Still only small things will make the difference, so everything can happen.

4. TJC
I'm rooting for them because of Rikku. But with Xenophon playing twice in stage 1 and Dr. Love's bad performance in stage 1 i have some doubts, that TJC will be able to compete with the 3 clans above. If Dr. Love finds back into his rhythm than i think TJC has the depth to challenge the other clans.

5. Statisticians
The depth will be the problem for the Statisticians. Math Wolf already played in 2 slots. Only 1 slot is left for him. Jackie Treehorn has 2 slots left. It will be really important for them to see, if Yeon and JuOx can carry other players as well, otherwise it will be very hard for them to compete with the other clans, due to depth issues.

6. LuFredd
I might underestimate LuFredd, but i doubt that they have the quality to compete with the other clans. I don't see the individual strengh to compete with the top players of the other clans. Team games will be very important for them, if they want to have a chance to beat out the others.

Edit: Good luck to all the clans. I hope it's going to be an exciting, intense and interesting fight for the 2 promotion spots.

Edited 5/14/2017 11:30:52
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 14:49:43

Level 61
I will wait with predictions until we know all the line-ups. Right now it can be only discussing whose clan icon is prettier.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/14/2017 15:47:48

Great Expanse 
Level 60
Clan Icon Predictions:

Did someone say rank the clan icons? I have yet to meet a random off hand comment that I can't milk for posts. Time to rank the icons!

7th Heaven:

Fifth Column Confederation:


Lu Fredd:


The Juggernauts Clan:

Fill out the poll fast! We need to rank these icons ASAP! What else are we to do for another week?

Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/15/2017 00:35:35

Level 58
Review of clan items.

6. Hydra: A boring letter. Their previous clan icon was waaaay cooler.

5. Lu Fredd: Two boring letters. They're less boring than the H, though.

4. Statisticians: MATH! I love me some math! But most people find math boring/scary.

3. Fifth Column Confederation: A shield and a couple of lines. Cool.

2. TJC. Some kind of bird, like an emblem. Fancier than FCC's shield.

1. 7th Heaven: Is that a motherfucking comet? Meteor? Meteorite? Asteroid? Does that signify the end of the world? Pack it up, boys! The world has ended, and we're in the 7th cloud.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/15/2017 19:01:21

Level 61
Icon rankings

6 TJC. come on now, i'm approaching 106yo, how am i really meant to distinguish that blu-ish blur from the blackness?

5.FCC. Really not that much better, a slightly more well defined emblem than TJCs but still could be anything with my eyesight.... a toothpick? a belt? Whatever it is, it's not a column so really not relevant

4. 7th heaven. I see it!! It's a light bulb right? Light bulbs help me see, so kudo's for that and were the others not so wonderful would have got a higher ranking.

3. Hydra. It's an H, not a small H but a wonderfully big H which stands for Hydra. Simple, effective and brilliantly positioned. I turned this one upside down to check and it's totally flawless!!

2. Lu Fredd. DD.... Who doesn't like DD's? DD's rule the world, so warlight should be easily vanquished.
Whats more, if you look closely, they are very pert DD's. Not easy to find, especially with the DD's i get to see at my age.
Some might point out that H's are in fact bigger than DD's but H's are never so well shaped as DD's in my opinion

1.Statisticians. Ok, turn this one sideways lads... doesn't that draw your mind away from warlight for a second and make you think of even more pleasant games you could be playing? Hell, it's even got shading to show it's in sunlight! I don't need maths to tell me this is a winner.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/15/2017 20:44:28

Level 58
Statisticians' icon makes me think of the stock market, and it's in decline. BEAR MARKET!!! Other than that, it's got pretty colors. Possibly deserves higher ranking.

Also, I read they are very pert DD's" as "they are very pervpert DD's"
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/15/2017 21:55:35

Level 61
6. Hydra - sorry, History Channel isn't as interesting as the actual HYDRA :x
5. 7th Heaven - I don't know what it actually is... and it's not very interesting
4. The Juggernauts Clan - pretty emblematic, but bad colours
3. Lu Fredd - black background always works, and there's nothing cooler than Comic Sans
2. Statisticians - one look and you already know what it is about, what's not to like?
1. FCC - black and white - classy. V shield and the line that looks like a sword along with it.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/15/2017 22:02:42

Level 55
1. Statisticians (nice graph going there)
2. 7th Heaven (nice comet, my bros!)
3. FCC (woah we're still out in cosmos, this time a satellite woah)
4. Hydra (i rate this badly since the earlier one was so much better, this looks like an overweight H has diabetes has problems eating too much)
5. DD (red letters, I guess it's better than crap)
6. TJC (can't even see)

0. MARIO Clan
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/15/2017 23:28:36

Level 56
Are you all blind?

1 - Statisticians - I'm assuming that's a bell curve and that the red shaded part is representing that whoever is on the Stats is a couple standard devations above the mean. Meaning they're above average players.
2 - 7th Heaven - Space
3 - TJC - It's a nice bird. I'm assuming a phoenix.
4 - FCC - It's clean

69 - DD - Get it
70 - Hydra - Cool a uncool letter.

Edited 5/15/2017 23:38:54
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/16/2017 00:17:20

Zack Fair
Level 58
Good Icons
*7th- looks cool and it fits the FFVII theme. Fashion and function.
*Stats- Ugly as shit, BUT is arguably my fav as it keeps with the stats theme and has great symbolism of their players being on the top of the bell-curve
*TJC- Is arguably the freshest icon in C. The green and black do it for me, and there's a cool symbol. No theme though.
*Lu Fredd-As a rule, I don't like letters, but I like how their icon has transitioned what people call them to "DD."

Needs Improvement
*FCC-Icon just doesn't look cool, and the theme consistency isn't strong enough to overcome the lack of fashion.
*Hydra- Not terrible to look at as the "H" pops, but it's a letter. Boring.

I'll do my predictions once the lineups come out.

Edited 5/16/2017 00:25:17
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/16/2017 03:22:50

Level 63
Dr.Love is in Hydra now, hopefully he screws up intentionally his games for TJC so Hydra, his main clan, advances to division B! ;). I hear GE would kick him out of Hydra if he does too good for TJC (just kidding) :P.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/16/2017 03:47:48

Level 63

  • 1. FCC: a clean and crisp look. What does bias mean?

  • 2. Statisticians: the idea is nice but it's just not aesthetically pleasing.

  • 3. 7th Heaven: ??? When I think of 7th Heaven, I think of this wonderful, family television show - https://ibhuluimcom-a.akamaihd.net/ib.huluim.com/show/17959?region=US&size=952x536

    "Eric Camden is a reverend and the father of numerous children who faces the challenges of raising a family during permissive times. Both he and wife Annie deal with the problems of a large family while keeping their romance alive." Sounds binge-worthy to me!

    What is the deal with the comet? It's almost as if they're trying to reference that video game Final Fantasy VII...but what does that have to do with the show 7th Heaven??

  • 4. TJC: reminds me of the mockingbird from The Starving Games, except with this grainy symbol, the revolution would fail and the people would starve. At least the capital's happy.

  • 5. Hydra: https://ih1.redbubble.net/image.158316898.2338/flat,800x800,070,f.jpg

  • 6. Lu Fredd: I'm sorry, it's just ugly. Maybe I shouldn't be the one talking though...

Edited 5/16/2017 03:52:54
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/16/2017 15:31:13

Super Smoove
Level 61
7th Heaven has one of the best icons on WarLight. I tragically learned today just how afflicted our WarLight community is by chronic blindness for suggesting it anywhere but the top spot, and I send all of my love, care, and prayers to those who cannot see this indisputable fact.

Statisticians gets the job done; the suggestion in red that they're ahead of the bell curve is just aces.

FCC; crisp, clean, effective. FCC.

Hydra: The lesser of the single letter logos of WL. Still, it isn't objectively awful and proclaims to the world, "Hey, I'm in a clan that begins with the letter H." That's more than can be said of our last two participants...

Lu Fredd: is it Lu FreDD? What a misleading and ineffective logo. This icon feels slightly fuzzy from its type font unlike other, superior lettered logos.

TJC: What is that color scheme? Disgusting. Does TJC stand for Team Jalapeño Colored? Maybe that's Jesus on the cross with wings; The Jesus-Bird Clan? I'm not sure if I should recoil away for the vomit-on-pitch-black logo or the feeling that maybe I'm being prosthelytized to by some creepy cult. Away, foul beasts!
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/16/2017 18:35:38

Level 63
Ok, so aesthetics is mostly for women so let's talk about real men stuff ;), namely predictions!!!

1. 7th Heaven. Whatever their line-up is, they have too much talent to not get the first or 2nd place of division C imo with players like Cloud, Zack, Alexander, etc. and alts like Rambo and Belzebu, they are my favorites of division C. Their teamwork is very good and their 1v1s as well, I don't see any flaws from them.

2. This is when the predictions gets harder to do...

I feel Statisticians have good players like Yeon or Jackie that can play a lot still, but Wolf and Gus gus already have played 2 tournaments each so that weaken them a bit. For those reasons, I would think Statisticians won't get the second promotion spot.

DD had a very surprising qualification to C, but I think they don't have enough to get to the top of division C still.

Then we have FCC, which used already 2 times Pardon, which reduces a lot their firepower. I don't think FCC will have enough to get to the top 2 places of C. Their EU team should be very good, lead by Smoove probably, but their 1v1 I think will suffer. I still expect them to do good though, maybe somewhere in 3rd or 4th position.

So then we have TJC and Hydra, which I think the 2nd spot for promotion comes down to. TJC has a lot of very good alts playing for them like Xeno, Pulsey, Rikku, etc., so they will be a big contender for the promotion to B...But on the other end, you have Hydra with very strong players like GE, Python's Koala and me that can play 2 times still, and guys like Hunta, Milly, Green Turtle, ppface, etc. that will complete the roster. I am obviously biaised towards Hydra finishing 2nd, but I don't think there is nothing assured for Hydra promoting to B. I will say Hydra take 2nd place just for the sake of taking someone to take 2nd, but I feel the competition will be extremely thight for 2nd place between TJC, Hydra and FCC.

3. I would say TJC finish there, but like I said before, I see a very close battle between positions 2, 3 and 4.

4. FCC ends up there, very short of 2nd place for promotion to B.

5. Statisticians, give other clans a hard battle but they fall short of getting 2nd place.

6. DD, like Statisticians, they give a good fight but don't promote to B.

1. 7th Heaven
2. Hydra
3. TJC
4. FCC
5. Statisticians
6. LuFredd

Edited 5/18/2017 23:47:23
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/17/2017 18:45:48

finding machine-washed cloth
Level 62
surely fifth column federation should be above the 7th heaven people alphabetically? ;)
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/21/2017 17:54:19

Great Expanse 
Level 60
Just one day to 3v3 EU starting and the clan lineups being revealed! Feel the hype!
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 03:01:38

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Seems the 3v3 games have been allocated by the CLOT. Good Luck All! Let this be a hard fought battle between these six clans.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 03:26:53

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Lineup Reveal:

Edited 5/22/2017 03:29:36
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 03:41:12

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
My (Mildly Biased) Predictions:

After observing the rosters, my predictions are:

1. 7th Heaven.

The strongest roster here. Legends abound, and we should see dominance.

2. FCC

I believe in FCC. Some of you posit that our roster is weak, our depth limited, our tank depleted. However, I think FCC matches up well, and the only true worry here will be how it performs on 2v2 china. Otherwise, I think the roster performs very well. I will be putting in my all for my games, and I hope everyone else in my clan does too.

3. TJC

The alt-filled roster performed strongly in their qualifier, and I suspect they will vie for a top two position. However, I believe that a 3v3 europe loss vs FCC will ultimately send them to their doom.

4. Hydra

I expect some good play from this clan. However, the competition is top notch. They are going to have a hard time competing, and the fall to 4th.

5. Statisticians

Here is yeon, guys! But he is only playing once. I suspect the clan is going to fail down the stretch due to lack of roster depth. But watch out in CL10! There are some improving players here.

6. LuFredd

Is Lucien Muller playing for them? Not sure. Well, what is certain is, while they do have decent players, I think the competition is a bit out of their league. I suspect its going to be rough sledding, but expect some nasty upsets to tip the balance from these guys.

In the end, the clans that finish between 1st and 4th is going to be thisclose. Do not be suprised at all if the difference between these first four clans is less than 20 points. 7th isn't going to run away with this division, there are just too many good players elsewhere to keep their scores down. Its going to be a hard fought battle for all participants involved. Good Luck, my friends!

May the aura forever guide you.

Edited 5/22/2017 03:42:33
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 03:44:21

Great Expanse 
Level 60

Please vote everyone now that lineups are up! We all have a clearer picture of the fight that comes. Good luck to all!


Edit: If you are concerned about the email issue, make one up. It isn't something you set up with the poll, it is something that is there regardless of whether you want it or not. And it doesn't even check if its valid seeing as people have already figured that out and I have been enjoying the joke emails already.

Edited 5/23/2017 04:31:12
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 03:50:52

Level 64
Any changes to the line-up will count as an official substitution going forward. Good luck to everyone involved.
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 08:12:09

Level 61
See, that's what I was talking about. Now we can predict things!

For the sake of simplicity, I will not predict any ties in tournament results:

3v3 Europe

(5-0) {TJC} (Carlos+Razor+#1 Cata Cauda Fan)
(4-1) 7th Heaven (Cloud Strife+Bahamut+Cait Sith)
(3-2) FCC (Super Smoove+Supergamerzchannel+Penguin Unity)
(2-3) Hydra (Great Expanse+Python's Koala+The Hysterical Koala)
(1-4) Statisticians (Jackie Treehorn+stjinjozef2+BelSon)
(0-5) Lu Fredd (Nobody+Arigal+ssese)

So this is division C, yet it seems packed with the big names that could be wanted two divisions higher. Tell me more about how div B is so much better it shouldn't be included in QFs like the nubs below.
Little is known about Razor, but rumour is that it's a hidden alt of GiantFrog, which adds to already tough team of Rikku of Outlaws and dunga of apex. 7th Heaven has a #1 3v3 ladder team, so they should have enough experience to destroy their opponents. Hydra surprisingly doesn't have Benoit on Europe, but maybe they would know those will be super hard points anyway and decided to balance it another way. FCC has Super Smoove, Statisticians have Jackie who will carry players completely unknown to me. Lu Fredd team surprised in stage 1, but this time around they don't have likes of Preußen Garde and other nationalists against them, plus it's a much better known template than DRome so they are on a more even playing field.

after this tournament: 25 pts {TJC}, 20 pts 7th Heaven, 15 pts FCC, 10 pts Hydra, 5 pts Statisticians, 0 pts Lu Fredd

2v2 China

(5-0) {TJC} (Innerspeaker+Bliss1)
(4-1) Hydra (LeQuebecois_Benoit+GE)
(3-2) 7th Heaven (Bahamut+Zack Fair)
(2-3) FCC (Supergamerzchannel+sloppyfatginger)
(1-4) Lu Fredd (Lucien Müller+ssese)
(0-5) Statisticians (JuOx+Kamakura)

Yes, I predict amazing tournament for TJC. Hydra and 7H teams will be worthy rivals though, and FCC might surprise. Can't really say much about Statisticians team, maybe I am underrating them.

after this tournament: 45 pts {TJC}, 32 pts 7th Heaven, 26 pts Hydra, 23 pts FCC, 5 pts Statisticians, 4 pts Lu Fredd

2v2 Final Earth

(5-0) Statisticians (Math Wolf+Yeon)
(4-1) {TJC} (Carlos+dry-clean-only)
(3-2) FCC (Aura Guardian+Super Smoove)
(2-3) 7th Heaven (Cait Sith+Jenova)
(1-4) Hydra (Green Turtle+Python's Koala)
(0-5) Lu Fredd (nicat+kalati)

So here are the stars! As true veterans of all kinds of ladders, MW and Yeon are bound for a good result in this tourney. TJC, FCC, 7th Heaven look strong. I never saw GT performing well in CL (sorry), and I put DD last because I hate them.

after this tournament: 61 pts {TJC}, 40 pts 7th Heaven, 35 pts FCC, 30 pts Hydra, 25 pts Statisticians, 4 pts Lu Fredd

1v1 African Cancer

(5-0) {TJC} (dry-clean-only)
(4-1) 7th Heaven (Alexander the Great)
(3-2) Statisticians (Jackie Treehorn)
(2-3) Hydra (Milly)
(1-4) FCC (Supergamerzchannel)
(0-5) Lu Fredd (max)

The Window Cleaner of GG and [20] fame will sweep clean this tournament, meow! I am not too sure about order of players here, I believe most matchups here can go either way. I put DD last because I hate them. [2]

after this tournament: 76 pts {TJC}, 52 pts 7th Heaven, 38 pts FCC, 36 pts Hydra, 34 pts Statisticians, 4 pts Lu Fredd

1v1 Phobia

(5-0) Hydra (LeQuebecois_Benoit)
(4-1) {TJC} (Bugs Bunny)
(3-2) 7th Heaven (Zack Fair)
(2-3) FCC (Aura Guardian)
(1-4) Statisticians (JuOx)
(0-5) Lu Fredd (Nicat)

Ok, so I think Benoit with all his teaching practice will do his thing flawlessly. Once again I don't know about Statisticians. I hope Aura will not bash me for underrating him. I put DD last because I hate them. [3]

after this tournament: 88 pts {TJC}, 61 pts 7th Heaven, 51 pts Hydra, 44 pts FCC, 37 pts Statisticians, 4 pts Lu Fredd

1v1 Ancient Greece

(5-0) FCC (Jyu Viole Grace)
(4-1) {TJC} (#1 Cata Cauda Fan)
(3-2) Hydra (Hunta)
(2-3) 7th Heaven (Alexander the Great)
(1-4) Statisticians (Gus squared)
(0-5) Lu Fredd (kalati)

We will see a most important match of div A here, with MASTER against Outlaws showdown! TJC, Hydra, 7th, Statisticians players I think are able to beat each other. I put DD last because I hate them. [4]

Final results

1. The Juggernauts Clan, 100 points
2. 7th Heaven, 67 points

3. Hydra, 60 points
4. Fifth Column Confederation, 59 points
5. Statisticians, 40 points
6. Lu Fredd, 4 points

So the Juggernauts will dominate, and the next three clans will be scrambling for points. Statisticians lack one great player to fill roster (one Yeon template is not enough), and... I put DD last because I hate them. [5]
Clan League 9: Division C Official Thread: 5/22/2017 23:12:10

Zack Fair
Level 58
@Great Expanse. Take away the name/email requirement and I'm sure you'll get more responses. 1. some people don't want to give their personal email away. 2. some people probably don't want their picks to be known by you. They would like their anonymity.

To me, this is very tough to rank.
1. There are a lot of players that are unknown to me.
2. It seems like there are 5 teams with a legitimate chance to promote

Because of this, I did my rankings based on two categories
1. How these clans performed in the qualifier. This is the most important to me as it helps get around the sense of my unknown.
2. Perceived depth. I'm really going by word of mouth of others at this point, as I don't know everyone in this tourney. But my taking depth into account IMO helps get around the issue of many clans being close in skill. If one player underperforms a little, its more likely another will overperform in another tourney if a team has good depth. I don't like banking on a couple of players to sweep it all up. Anything can happen to anyone.

1. 7th-Cause who the fuck else did you think I was gonna put here? Gotta be a homer. Also, we have some underrated guys...but then again I'm sure every clan feels that way.
2. TJC-Did fantastic in by far the toughest qualifier. I don't know all their players, but they have some heavy hitters, and must also have some depth with how good they did in qualifiers.
3. Hydra- I don't know much about them, but everyone is saying how deep they are. I know ben is one of the best team players in the game. (side note-I'm very shocked he wasn't put on 2 team templates). I'm just trusting the people on this. If I look at how they did in the qualifier, maybe I should put the Statisticians ahead of them, but fuck it.
4. Statisticians-People are saying that they have no depth. I gotta believe the people, which is why they are not higher. However, they did very well in the hardest qualifier, so there is something everyone is missing and makes it so that I can't put them lower.
5. FCC- Did I just rank a clan with 2 monsters (Pardon, Smoove), supposedly decent depth, and who got first in their qualifier 5th??? Yes, I did. Why? Because pardon played in 2 tourneys in the qualifier, thus inflating their results as he swept both tourneys. If Pardon only played 1 tourney in the qualifier, it is very likely FCC might not have even qualified. And now they only get to use Pardon once. Despite their supposed depth and top heavy roster, I just can't ignore their sub-par qualifier showing sans pardon. There is something there people are missing.
6. Lu Fredd. Squeaked in through a dogshit qualifier. The end. They will inevitably have some upsets, but definitely, will not have enough consistency throughout all their tourneys to qualify.

Edited 5/23/2017 02:02:26
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