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Complete Fog Tournment: 2/8/2017 03:51:16

Level 58

I'm trying to make an complete fog template and created a tournament to try and get an better idea how it works and to improve the template as a whole. I fell like complete fog games add a new and intresting component not standard to most war light games.

If anyone is intrested in joining either reply, pm me, or click the link below

The template is a 6 player FFA so I hope that how the rounds in the tournament will go

Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome

Complete Fog Tournment: 2/8/2017 05:35:03

Level 58
How can it be a 6 player FFA if the brackets are set up for 1v1's? You may have to re-make the tournament again
Complete Fog Tournment: 2/8/2017 10:14:12

Level 61
Complete Fog Tournment: 2/8/2017 14:26:36

Level 60
Yeah, you can't have double elimination turnament with FFA settings. (more than 2 players per game, and it is not team game)

Edited 2/8/2017 14:29:23
Complete Fog Tournment: 2/8/2017 16:07:45

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Can you invite me to your tournament? thanks
- downvoted post by GeniusJKlopp
Complete Fog Tournment: 2/9/2017 22:04:15

Level 59
Some suggestions:
First of all make it vacation honored with 3 day boot. Many people will not play just because those settings are not in place.
You need to give players at least some amount of intel from the very beginning. Otherwise the game will be l o t t o. For that reason, I would not recommend full distribution. One reckon per 3 turns is nowhere close to make such game more skill rewarding. Also, you need map with more balanced bonuses than Small Earth to give players more possibilities to elaborate their play. Also, doing this as FFA is feasible for single game for fun, but in the case of tournament which should reward skill, 1v1 is definitely better option.
- downvoted post by Marigold Sunshine
Complete Fog Tournment: 2/10/2017 04:29:42

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Phakh, hes an FCC member.

You say this as if

1. Its normal for FCCers to fail
2. The FCC should be expected to recruit failures and be failures.

The FCC values all of its members and preaches to encourage others to have the best community experience. Any altercation inter- and intra- clan is dealt as swiftly and appropriately as we deem feasible. We try our best to encourage creativity and fair play among members.

Systeim is a player who recently came from the EIC to join FCC as part of the absorption of players due to the EIC hijack. He has contributed well to the clan thus far. Just because he made a mistake on the forums/tournament, or whatever, does not make him a failure.

If you ever had any negative issues with any player, you are more than encouraged to report them to FCC council. We will deal with them promptly, as the FCC holds its players up to a high level of etiquette.

Edited 2/10/2017 04:51:56
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