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Number of members: 45
Tagline: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Created: 10/4/2013

Bio: The first FFA oriented clan on the site!

ILLUMINATI overall has had a up and down history with ILLUMINATI being known as not only a mysterious and sometimes infamous clan but also a clan that many great and charismatic players have called home. As their days of fame as top-class strategic clan are long gone, the council of Veterans pondered what can be done to give new life to old mystic order. As one of them (that of reptilian origin) came with idea of transformation to solely FFA clan - something unheard of in the world of Warzone before.

So now, we are open and welcoming to all players who enjoy environment of last man standing games!

As FFA as concept has been defined only vaguely so far, we state that we understand it as a game where
1, There are 4 or more players and one of them wins it all.
2,There are no predefined requirements of in-game behavior for players who border each other.
3, All players start with the same number of spots(spawns) and identical income.

Requirements to join:
-be active at least once every 30 days (or tell us if you can’t)
-be at least level 20
-boot rate 20% maximum
-be fair, upright and sportsmanlike; trolls and assholes are not welcomed
-alternative accounts are allowed

List of tested FFA templates to choose from.
Regular clan-wide games with possibility to achieve higher tiers.
Hints and tips for creating balanced and fun FFA templates
Tips for strategic gameplay in our old clan forum threads.
... aaaaand more to come - ideas from our community are welcomed!

Discord: https://discord.gg/APdpkJX

Grand Master

If You Wish To Join The Clan Message psykkoman: https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=5056337626

Clan Member Title
Mathieu Fortin Taillon Journeyman
Charles Scott Journeyman
xpn Master
psykkoman Grand Master
zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] Craftsman Mapmaker
GandhiSkywalker Journeyman
The Golden Company Disciple
TacTic Disciple
Machiavelli Disciple
Feltdaddy24 Disciple
desc Master
Ticino Journeyman
BlazinCake Journeyman
Hundano Falce Disciple
Really Gud Prayer Honorary member
_ Disciple
Saint Novice
Savania Disciple
Macavity Disciple
greeghost Disciple
The BOinker Novice
Regis Novice
pituna Novice
supergrooVinnie Novice
deraltefritze Disciple
dotblue Novice
G dude Novice
StereoTunic9039 Novice
LeoLusa Novice
first Novice
Otto von Bismarck Novice
RicDeser Novice
art Novice
Aqua twister Novice
TryingBuglar Journeyman
Saethor, El Insular Novice
woah92 Novice
daster771 Novice
R3APER Novice
Kevohl Novice
Irrelevant ramen Novice
Grate Expants Honorary member
ForzaBlåvitt Novice
CringeMonster9000 Novice