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Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 12:30:27

Level 55
Hi guys

The inkscape process is almost done.


Now I need ideas for fancy territory and bonus names. I also consider a new name for the map. As you can see there are four coat of arms. they shall represent different noble families, who control the city. there will also be super bonuses for each of those families. Pls let me know if you have suggestions to improve the map.

I also made another video, which I uploaded on sendvid. Be aware that there might be inappropriate advertising on the site.


Zaphod Beeblebrox
M. Poireau
Commander Vimes

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Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 14:07:49

Level 53
So is house stark one of the ruling noble families?
Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 14:58:43

Bactrian Emperor
Level 13
This seems interesting.

1. Perhaps each house should have a large keep/estate, which would be difficult to take. Maybe bonuses for controlling a house's estate and a major building (a port, a market, the armory) would make it competitive.
2. Make a theme for the houses. If one is a boar, name a few territories off of the sigil (Swineherd's Square for example)

Now for naming bonuses and territories. Feel free to use them wherever.
Landsknecht's Tower
Riverside Farms
Candlewick Market
Miner's Village
Rossman's Tannery
Pyre Peak
Ulned's Fishery
Naval Academy of Oldport
The Oarmakers
The Bronze Cliffs
Drumpf Estates
Waveflower Gardens
Saban's Charm Store
Sir Baraben's Statue
The Battle Ford

House names. Choose as you wish.
House of Augzolleren
The House of Ashkernam
The House of Krunz
The House of Seamont
The House of Marr-Fen
Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 14:58:44

Level 57
Looks very good, i'll probably use it in a few games
Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 17:09:48

Bactrian Emperor
Level 13
Here are some more names:

The Cattle Fields
Sacred Oak Forest
Cleric's Quarter
Terraced Farms
Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 19:30:30

Level 55
Landsknecht, thanks a lot for your suggestions. I will definitely include some of them.
Imperator; I dont want to make a GoT map. even though House Stark has a nice tone... =)

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Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 21:11:35

Level 60
Maybe this link could help you:

Old Town map - almost done: 8/19/2016 22:10:26

Level 57
Pagans Quarter
Little Street
Old-Town Prison
Black Alley
Merchants Square
Statue of Kain
Wizards of the Sonic
Main Cementary
Western Sewers Complex
Wooden Shacks
Tainted Love Meadow
Distorted Dreams Alley
Unknow Passages
Backstreet Rats
Flooded Marked
Proving Grounds

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Old Town map - almost done: 8/20/2016 01:36:19

Dublin Warrior
Level 50
I got a warlight error after i opened the preview map. :-\

It is a wonderful looking map though. :)

Edited 8/20/2016 01:38:01
Old Town map - almost done: 8/20/2016 04:08:19

Level 55
I got some ideas:

Shoddy Shacks

Blotfield's Bluff

Innermann's Workshop

Huddersfield (bonus) (could be placed in the town surrounded by farms)

Harborview Plaza

Red Brick Bakery

Poister Corner Delicacies
Old Town map - almost done: 8/20/2016 15:43:24

Bactrian Emperor
Level 13
Chaplain's Stage
Apothecary Hall
Storehouses of OldPort
Mae's Tavern
The SilverRock
Gate of Chains
Weeper's Way
Lanod's Palisade
Privy Point
Tourney Grounds
Grand Observatory
Old Town map - almost done: 8/20/2016 23:08:51

Level 55
thanks a lot guys. this is really helping me out. =)
Old Town map - almost done: 8/20/2016 23:26:15

Level 57
not good at finding names, but i'll test

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Old Town map - almost done: 8/21/2016 21:02:57

Level 55
alright, I'll count you in. but this will still take a while.
Old Town map - almost done: 8/22/2016 00:05:24

Level 48
Make a street or province for my Harambe, who was taken way too soon from us.
Old Town map - almost done: 8/23/2016 06:09:24

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 37
Sign me up for testing please!
Keep up the good work!
Territory names:
Road to Old Town
Big Fido's Sleeping Place (In Direwolf Clan)
Gaspode's Corner (In Direwolf Clan)
Dibbler's stall (In Market)
House Fizzer could be a ruling house maybe?
Old Town map - almost done: 8/23/2016 14:35:14

Bactrian Emperor
Level 13
Here's even more Ranek. I played a game on Oldtown, and it was great.

Charity House
High King's Hall
Dueler's Stage
Montoya's Armory
Pyromancer's Workshop
Prophet's Path
Ruby Field
Secundus' cistern
The Barber's Square
Ross the Ropemaker
Donkey Stables
Piney Hills
The Archangel (ship name)
Basil's Herb Gardens
Goldsail Ferries
Incense Stores
Financier's Quarters
Avenue of Tyrants
Radish Emporium
Kravitz's Keep
Moneychanger's Stores
Grand Library of Fort Harbor
Ruins of the Old Wall
Horseman's Hill
Old Town map - almost done: 8/23/2016 18:39:47

M. Poireau
Level 55
Looks fantastic, as always, Ranek!

I'd love to be a tester for this one, too.

It will be right up my alley so long as it doesn't have too many chokepoints.
Old Town map - almost done: 8/23/2016 20:44:13

gilead k'nights
Level 41
nate's landing
Old Town map - almost done: 8/27/2016 01:13:08

Level 55
thanks for the names so far. I will set them up as soon as I have the bonuses done. some names have already been used for the bonus names, like House Fizzer or Tainted Love Meadow.
Old Town map - almost done: 8/27/2016 17:30:28

Level 55
I like the idea of a keep for each house and a divided bonus.

One of the ships is sailing between two diffrent houses. Maybe you could name it... "smuggler's route" or "traitors path" or sth like that.
Yellow jack could be one of the other ships then ;)

PS: count me in for testing too :)

PPS: and yes... a direwolf region and a stag for the royal region reminds me of GoT too. (Tully's symbol is there too ^^)

Edited 8/27/2016 17:50:06
Old Town map - almost done: 8/28/2016 21:36:25

Level 55
Thanks again. I started with the territory names. some of your suggestions are already included. More will follow. Dont hesitate to come up with more fancy names. Especially names for taverns, keeps or residential areas will be gladly appreciated. =) suggestions for an entire district are of course the best way to bring a personal mark to the map.

Edit: If you guys want to have more innuendos for GoT on this map, just make some appropriate name suggestions..^^

Edited 8/28/2016 21:40:32
Old Town map - almost done: 8/28/2016 21:54:40

Darth Grover
Level 50
Oh my goodness, Ranek! You've done it again! It's beautiful!

I've been super busy in real life so I probably won't be able to help test this one, but I'll think of some good names and post them.
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