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Level 58
Basic -> Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Basic introduced *GOTO*. A few people hate *GOTO* because you can avoid block structures.
GOTO is also associated with spaghetti code.


Lisp -> Artificial Intelligence & Other Stuff

Super popular Language

Fortran -> Made by engineers/scientists in IBM.

Fortran was created *by* bootstrapping. Building a basic assembly language and iterating over it to **make** FORTRAN.

I am not sure if Bell Labs is *independent*. It is currently owned by Nokia.

Bell Laboratories had many partnerships with IBM.

Turbo Pascal was made by Borland. Borland was the major software developper in 1980s & 1990s.

The success of Borland made Bill Gates jealous (jelly).

Quote : "Bill Gates saw the success of Turbo Pascal "in very personal terms, and 'couldn't understand why [Microsoft's] stuff was so slow. He would bring in poor Greg Whitten [programming director of Microsoft languages] and yell at him for half an hour.' He couldn't understand why Kahn had been able to beat an established competitor like Microsoft."[14]


APL doesn't have keywords. It uses special characters like in math. For example, in high mathematics, you use weird symbols as the large summation sign or formal logic with sets (X e R+).

APL doesn't use Syntactic Sugar.

Syntax sugar is used for better reading. Syntactic Salt is an extension of the concept. You must declare everything like in JAVA.


Befungee is an interpreted language. It is the only esoteric language I know. I find some similarities between APL & Befungee.

Esoteric means "likely to be understood by a small amount of people". Esoteric languages are made for fun. Some languages can be efficient like Befungee but have not practical uses because hard to learn.

Computers are automata(s) basically. A 2-D array language automata thing can be interesting.
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Level 58
Interesting note :

Computer -> + 25 000 $

Mini computer -> - 25 000 $

Micro computer -> (1971 to 1976)

You have to assemble your "micro computer" in the same way as IKEA furniture.

It was powerful and worth it.
Every computer was assembled because heavy and large.

Home computers -> 1976

Basically a computer with everything assembled. Easy to install and get it to work.

Wikipedia says (1977-1990)

I guess the newest thing is desktop and laptop computers.
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Level 58
It's not a few people. It's basically the entire mainstream computer science community since around the late '60s, when Djikstra submitted "GOTO Statement Considered Harmful" (http://homepages.cwi.nl/~storm/teaching/reader/Dijkstra68.pdf). GOTO = tougher debugging, way harder to prove correctness, and generally more annoying to figure out what a program's doing => buggy or dysfunctional code.
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Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
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Level 54
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Level 60

I find it odd that a group championing software development is trying to reinvent the wheel.

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Level 59
I never knew that Basic stood for something. I've programmed with Visual Basic for a while but more recently JavaScript. JavaScript syntax seems to be very similar to languages such as C#. I guess VB's syntax is unique in its own way.
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Level 60
That's probably because everyone spells it wrong, you included. It's "BASIC." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BASIC

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Sai Kurogetsu
Level 56
oh god... JS has C-like syntax, not C#-like, whatever it is

seriously, do people even know C these days? it's like the most important language of all time
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Level 57
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Level 57
Languages I code in
Language I have tried
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Level 59
I hear that Assembly is a real pain, and I have no idea how you're supposed to code in binary!
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 00:33:40

Level 58
Assembly and binary is OPcodes.

You need an hex editor first. Many good and free hex editors are available.

Cheat engine works by reading the "hex" raw file.

Binary is often represented in hexadecimal. This way, it is easier to read the Operation Codes.

Every binary editor has an option to read the file in hex.

"Cross-platform" is important.

Microsoft has created .NET Framework in 2002.

Quote :

"Language interoperability. Language compilers that target the .NET Framework emit an intermediate code named Common Intermediate Language (CIL), which, in turn, is compiled at run time by the common language runtime. With this feature, routines written in one language are accessible to other languages, and programmers can focus on creating applications in their preferred language or languages."


As you can see, the program is *compiled* so .NET can use it. The "common language runtime" (CLR) compiles.

CLR uses JIT (Just-in-time compilation) to make assembly code of the machine.

JIT(s) are not very efficient or optimized. Compiling to assembly is a lot better.

Windows and other OS(es) are very complicated when trying to learn how things work.

The Net Framework is often called Windows Services or Windows API.
It can be also called with other names.

I don't know what was before .NET. The function would have been very similar.
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 02:22:13

Sai Kurogetsu
Level 56
Cross-platform my ass, .NET works only on Windows machines and only if you have .NET Framework (aka Microsoft's clone of Java Virtual Machine) installed.
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 02:37:44

Level 58
The OS is a platform for different machines.

There is Linux and Macintosh API.

Linux has the GNU C library on every Linux system. It allows to interpret C programs.

.NET Framework is probably not compatible with every language but it still supports many. The whole .NET package is at least 2 GB.
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 04:43:11

Sai Kurogetsu
Level 56
You talking to me? Are you a bot or something? It's hard to understand what you're trying to say with these weird unrelated to each other single sentences divided by horizontal lines... But I'll try:

1. There is no .NET Framework on Linux or Mac, there is only .NET Core, which is useless in 99% cases. Also there is an open source implementation (mono), but saying that .NET is cross-platform because of mono is like saying that WinAPI is cross-platform because of wine... (in short: it's not) And .NET / Java applications don't integrate into non-Windows systems (actually they don't integrate into Windows either, but on Windows many other programs don't), so they are mostly just useless toys.

2. GNU libc has nothing to do with .NET or "interpreting" C programs. C programs are not interpreted, they are run directly on machine's native code.

3. 2 GB is a ridiculous size on Linux. My entire system has about 8 GB. If a program requires 10 MB, it's already too big. ;p

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[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 05:04:55

Level 58
.Net core released July 05 2016. :P

I guess no major programs made with it yet.

.Net Framework can run on PC & on mobile phones. .Net is also Open source. :)

My point with "interpreted" is that it uses JIT (just-in-time) compilation. It is the same thing as installing an interpreter. You can install a Python interpreter for the machine. No need to compile code, just use source. You can still obfuscate the source by making weird structures for code hard to read.
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 06:33:20

Sai Kurogetsu
Level 56
.Net Framework can run on PC & on mobile phones.

Mobile phones? You mean only Windows mobile phones, which is only 3% of all mobile devices. lol xd
My point with "interpreted" is that it uses JIT (just-in-time) compilation.

But C programs using GNU libc (or any other C programs) are not interpreted and they don't use JIT. During compilation they are literally translated to assembly and then to native machine code. .NET programs use JIT, but you can't code in C with .NET.
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Level 50
I've been programming in Ruby for a while. It's similar to Python, but with greater focus on metaprogramming and elegant syntax.

[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 08:42:55

Su┼étan Kosmitów
Level 64
I recommend trying to program a bit in logic ;)
It is way different in many aspects.
Try out simple programs in Prolog one day...
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 10:02:33

Level 60
TI-BASIC is awesome!
You can use it to program your graphical calculator and if you're really bored in maths and physics and chemistry classes you can even program a tic tac toe with AI in it (own experience).
[Post a Programming Language]: 7/8/2016 11:14:16

Level 58
I'm programming in Boo
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