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Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/16/2016 01:06:42

Level 54

I made this cool little level by using the Single-Player custom levels system. This particular scenario is something I whipped up as a fun little "Rally Your Armies and Fight the Baddy" type deal.

Basically, you play as a facade of what Western Rome used to be. You fight and clash usurper generals, ending their dynasties as they themselves die (through commanders). This is a very historically accurate and fun setting in context, considering how often an entire civilization, army or kingdom can collapse with the mere death of a central figure like the King or General.

After you fight the Usurpers, you will find yourself dealing with the Barbarians. Either eradicate them on the sight, going on a manhunt for their commander, or put up minimum defenses and prepare for the greatest threat of them all : Attila the Hun. You see, Attila starts out as the beefiest of all in this Level. He will tear through Eastern Rome, Parthia and the Visigoths. You do not have time on your side at all. The kill ratios have been changed to 3/9 for attack and 4/9 for defense, forcing you to cobble massive armies for rather small defending armies.

But by the time Attila has eaten through the East, you should have a force that can stand on 2 legs just fine. You should at least.

Something I rather enjoyed about Custom Levels ; being able to customize the names of AI slots. Very useful and nifty for creating environments and giving context to settings! I would love to see this feature extrapolated to Multi-Player, allowing Players to assume a role. You could then click on the Scenario's name for a slot to see the player pulling their strings, etc.

anyway, here's some achievements for the game, a short list.

100 Points
Western Rome Unified - Survive until all Usurper Generals have been eliminated (all the slots named after people except Attila the Hun)
Ends of the Earth - Control Persepolis and Caledonia Superior
Solid Foundation - Control Magna Italia bonus by Turn 12
200 Points
Scourge of God - Play as Attila and win by Turn 30
Champion of God - Defeat Attila by Turn 40
400 Points
Hispania Rush - Control Hispania by Turn 17
1000 Points
The Path of the Usurper - Play as any Usurper General and win.
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/16/2016 01:24:34

Level 60
I like the concept... but I don't think it's possible to change to a different slot. So only the "achievements" doable as West Rome can be done.

If I'm wrong, tell me how to do it x_X
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/16/2016 02:07:11

Level 44
this sounds amazing
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/16/2016 02:49:14

Level 54
Hmm you might have to monkey around with saving/editing/etc. to find a way to play different slots. Don't worry about those achievements then.

I'll probably make more of these, so stay tuned.

If you are really craving more of my stuff, I made a whole of bunch of these with their own achievement lists a while ago.


just scroll around in that thread.
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/16/2016 03:02:11

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Could you make a multiplayer of this? I think it's a pretty darn awesome concept.

Edited 5/16/2016 03:02:48
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/16/2016 03:21:42

Level 54
What are you guys talking about as in concepts? It's just a scenario that uses Commanders.

MGSB, if this was used for Multiplayer, Attila would probably wreck everything. Usurpers would either shekel each other hardcore or barbarians would pwn them and charge right into Rome.

And did I mention Attila being handled by a human? If you do want a multiplayer version, I think I do have this, if it might suit your fancy. I actually made several scenarios based on the Fall of Rome, but this is one I particularly enjoy for it being a small 10 - player no-rules FFA (except for West/East Rome).


It's not exactly the same as rebuilding Western Rome and fighting back the Hunnic horde, but it is pretty good still I'd say.

I also have a very old template that I made that is about Fall of Rome as well.


Here's an older copy, and less refined ( I think ) version of the template above.


Just for lols, here's a funny template about the "Fall of Muhaddia", a fictional empire that predates Egypt and spanned across a territory similar to the Ottomans.


This is a cool one that had a lot of special rules about the fall of Mayan Civilization and such.


and this is the first template I ever made


Ah, and this is probably my favorite scenario i ever made. "Into The Renaissance", based on Civ V. I made this in my Hayday, back when I was still Nebuchadnezzar II, back when I worked closely with Le Count H. I was a lot more visionary then.

Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/17/2016 03:10:56

Level 54
Any requests?
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/17/2016 14:17:57

Level 58
I'm pretty sure I obtained all the achievements you made in my first playthrough. I got Magna Italia by turn 4, Hispania by turn 12 (at which point all the usurpers were dead as well), and from there it was just a slow push where the AI somehow managed to get first move every time I tried killing their commanders. I beat the challenge by turn 34.


The challenge becomes really easy if Parthia stays strong, I killed Attila before I could kill Parthia, and Parthia made Attila stay on less than 10 income for the entire game.
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/17/2016 17:03:00

Level 54
Cool sweet .

I'm not sure what to make next. I was thinking doing Game of Thrones based around the same concept. Attila is WWs, you play as Stark, King, whoever etc.
Messing Around in Single-Player Custom Levels: 5/17/2016 17:42:46

Level 53
2 EZ
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