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Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/16/2016 16:30:25

Roose Bolton
Level 55
I think there should be an AI that deploys and acts defensively but doesn't attack. This would be very useful for diplomacy games when someone gets booted and wants to come back. As it is now, you either get unexpectedly backstabbed by an ally gone AI when some idiot sets up a game poorly, or you have people rushing to fill in empty territory while you are on the other side of the map and not gaining anything. Having this at least as an option in settings would greatly improve diplomacy games for Warlight players. I think when enabled, it could somewhat justify quicker boot times so you take less time on games, since if a player is booted they can just come back. It's also more realistic since a country doesn't just fall apart randomly.

What do you think?

Vote here if you agree:
Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/16/2016 16:41:30

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/16/2016 18:14:48

Level 58

Not attacking at all also includes not expanding at all? You could write such an AI on your own or find someone with minimalistic coding knowledge to make this for you. As a base you could take the existing prod AI and just strip it from pretty much all logic. If you send this AI then to Fizzer maybe he will build it in as one of the choosable AIs, at least for autopilot.

Edited 4/16/2016 18:17:12
Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/16/2016 18:58:39

Level 56
A simple rule could be that it tries to take any bonus in which it has a majority of the territories (to retake broken bonuses), but does not try to expand into new bonuses, and otherwise just tries to defend whatever bonuses and extra territories it has.
Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/16/2016 19:40:22

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Better idea ... since the Ai is open source atm MAKE IT YOURSELF
Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/17/2016 11:15:58

Level 59
Ladder games should not have offensive AI. AI should be there only to allow players to come back if they are booted. If player surrenders, AI should not take his position.
Defensive AI for Diplomacy Games: 4/17/2016 12:01:37

Level 58
When diplo games become recognised I think that the AI can change but I don't think Fizzer would be interested in a diplo AI since warlight is more for pure strategy games.
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