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Game of Thrones Special!: 4/11/2016 12:06:21

Level 56
Hi, ive just created a little singleplayer challange.
Its based on the GOT Map.
I wonder if anyone is able to beat it.

[The threat of the white walkers is greater than ever. Some people have recognized this danger and moved to Essos.

However, the times are extremely unfavorable. After the death of the former king, anyone is making claims for the throne. The 7 Kingdoms are on the edge of a bitter war.

Your task is: Take the Essosi, sail to Westeros and unite as many areas of the 7 Kingdoms as possible. Do what is necessary to stop the white Walkers.]


Try it and post your Win-Window in here.

Good luck

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Game of Thrones Special!: 4/13/2016 13:59:53

Red Λrmy 
Level 57
Not very difficult, but was kinda fun to play imo since it's GoT. Also got to use autopilot to clean up which was... interesting...

This makes for a decent single player level on a large map. Normal fog and some added intelligence cards (spy/recon/surv) would make it far more difficult, but it depends who you're targeting. New players might consider this a good challenge as it is. Experienced players probably need a bit more difficulty to be challenged.


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Game of Thrones Special!: 4/13/2016 17:41:52

M. Poireau
Level 55
I like this idea: the Seven Kingdoms are at war! And you get to watch them fall apart to squabbling.

One suggestion: if you rename the AIs appropriately (the White Walkers, the Baratheons, etc) and maybe change their colours to match the colours of the country they're representing, that'll add some polish to the scenario.
Game of Thrones Special!: 4/13/2016 23:43:05

Level 58
I enjoy these single player levels that keep popping up :)

I did it in 35 turns:


I agree with M. Poireau, you might as well add names and colours to the AI, since it provides flavour, and while it doesn't improve the gameplay of the level, it's the little details that make good games great.
Game of Thrones Special!: 4/14/2016 00:31:50

M. Poireau
Level 55
One thing I like about this scenario:

It's probably not difficult, really, but it FEELS challenging. There's a lot going on, and plenty of surprises (due to the Reinforcement cards). It feels tense, and you have to stay on your toes.

That's a nice balance.
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