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Clan: ♥ Fizzer Appreciation Group ♥

Number of members: 22
Link: https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=62456969
Tagline: We love Fizzer
Created: 1/5/2016

Bio: This Clan contain all real warlight fans and Fizzer lovers. Keep going Fizz!

Clan Member Title
butterfly94 the butterfly
Red Λrmy
Slumdog the cheap
Fubuki the asian dutch
Josh Nash
Rob the rob
Woody the tom
awesomo-4000 the awesome
Pinky the brain
Ghys the brit
Lapis Crapis
timon92 the expert
Embarassing the embarassed
wojtaszek2601 the polish guy
Master Oogway
No no, no no no no the grumpy
MathAddict the mathematician
Derfel the noob
Mr. Flausch the terminator
Sovereign Rule the ruler