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coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 12:17:34

Welsh Knight
Level 59
just an idea, what if fizzer made a coin lotto template? suggest winner should have reduced points awarded for winning but I think it would be popular.

Edited 4/3/2016 12:17:49
coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 12:22:21

Level 51
Are the current coin games covered under online gambling laws?

If not, then there'd probably be some issues with legal status if Fizzer decided to implement coin lottos- since then WL would actually be hosting online gambling, which is illegal or highly regulated in some areas.

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coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 12:24:03

Level 59
^ besides, I don't quite think it's the point of coin games. We might as well randomly give 10 players on WL 10,000 coins, but what for?
coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 12:33:31

Welsh Knight
Level 59
theres a difference between gambling and lotto games, right? gambling requires skill, and people are already making money at it if they can win over 55% of their coin games. Coins lottos would be a lesser form of gambling; it's not gambling from a legal standpoint because you're playing with "COINS."

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coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 12:35:23

Level 58
gambling requires skill

Not at all. But based on the legal definition of gambling, looks like coin games are already online gambling so my point is moot.
coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 12:52:06

Welsh Knight
Level 59
I'm partly a leprechaun ima get rich after he implements it. it's coming! I'm sure.

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coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 13:33:56

Level 59
No way.
Fizzer cares a lot on excluding chance from coin games for legal reasons. E.g. this is the why no-luck cycle move order is required, althought it cause degradation of coin games from strategy point of view. Calling this "pure skill" is a joke.

Edited 4/8/2016 11:20:58
coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 14:04:01

Level 59
I think the issue is removing luck from the games, so it's not a luck-based gambling. But more like betting on chess, or something like that.

So it's gambling but a different type.

And your coin tournament thing, I'm not sure I undestand the point...
coin lottery games?: 4/3/2016 14:27:33

Level 61
The point,Fleece,is you can win games.
coin lottery games?: 4/8/2016 09:16:53

Level 60
No lotto in coin games its against the law.

There can not be any lyuck involved there for territorys must be manual pick and no-luck straight round
coin lottery games?: 4/8/2016 13:44:49

Level 66
Randomness is against the law, not 'luck' itself.
In paper-rock-scissor there is no randomness involved and it would be legal to play coin on it* but all you can do is to guess opponent move, so it's pretty much luck based**

* note i'm no law expert, especially US law
** i'm aware there is even PRS league and people could argue there are skill involved, but who cares ;)

Edited 4/8/2016 14:12:12
coin lottery games?: 4/8/2016 14:06:28

Level 66
Proof of concept - imagine map with four territories, looking like this:

   X 1
 /  |  \
A   |   B
 \  |  /
   X 2

distribution mode:
A and B allowed, X1, X2 not allowed

- commander
- 1 territories each player
- 1 army (+ commander) at start
- 70% deff kill ratio, 93% off kill ratio
- cards: OP and Bomb - both: in 1 piece, 0 at start, 1 piece/per turn)
- 0 income per turn

in that case picking (1st pick/1st move) doesn't matter cause possible variants are:
(P1 means "player with 1st move in 1st turn")
A) Both players attack the same territory: P1 wins in turn 2 (uses Bomb, OP and attack)
B) Both players attack different territories: P2 wins in turn 2 (uses Bomb, OP and attack)
C) No move = you die :-(

So - basically all you can do is move and pray to move to wrong territory. Ofc. you need to know it(less skilled palyer could just stay in 1st turn, not use cards in 2nd etc) but ultimately, if both players play correctly (which is very easy) it's alwyas 50/50. And would be considered "no-luck game" (with proper map - i asked skunk940 to modify one of his, but failed to descript it properly and ceased to bother him:P)
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