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Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 07:53:48

Level 27
The Sun set on the stricken town of Kalisville. Stunned silence blanketed the downtrodden, weeping villages. The body of the Mayor lay mutilated in the aisle between the pews. At the alter... unspeakable horrors had been perpetrated. The smoldering, charred remains of SirSalty oozed a sickening scent, which mingled with the sweetness of the incense to create an unholy mixture of death.

"Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa." Chanted the Townspeople
(Through my fault, through my fault)

"Mea maxima Culpa."
(My most grievous fault)

New Luna Republic stood above the body of the dead Mayor. He had suspected that there was something sinister about this entire diabolical situation. Alas, whist there was a group of those committed to the demise of the town, the Mayor was in fact the creator of this group. Intending for all to die, he had pitted the groups against each other, holding witch trials in the day and executions in the night to gradually eliminate everyone one by one.

"We have doomed ourselves." He whispered. A Talking Fan and MightySpeck watched silently.
"How did you survive the crucifixion?" MightySpeck asked.
"I was out investigating SirSalty when I bumped into them, and they fired in the dark, hitting me in the shoulder."
New Luna shrugged his jacket off, revealing hastily applied bandages and wrappings to his left shoulder and both hands.
"So you were alive when the mayor took you away on that cross then."
New Luna dropped the sword, unravelling bandages on his hands to reveal no wounds at all.
"They tried to replicate my identity perfectly, so it was necessary I was alive."

"Alas, I don't know who they are, but whatever happens, we are doomed to die, there are more of them now."
The townspeople sat heavily on the ground or pews, the last vestiges of sunlight carving crimson streaks of blood across the sky. At the front of the Cathedral, the burning body on the crucifix spread its flames upwards onto the wooden arches, catching and smouldering. The fire grew and spread, engulfing the interior of the Cathedral in less than an hour.

And to this day in the ruins of Kalisville, they say the screams of the town can be heard from the Cathedral at night.

Winners: Mafia
Zephyrum: Actress. Each night you may select another player from the graveyard. You will assume their role and identity unless their body has been visited. On death, you will appear as whatever identity you have copied. You cannot use the role you have copied.

Diplomatic Immunity: Bus Driver. Each night you may select two players. Any action performed on player A will instead be performed on Player B, and vice versa.

Eklipse: Tailor. Each night you may create a suit for another player. If that players dies the next day or night, they will appear to be wearing whatever identity you have crafted for them. The exact role pm used for townies will be revealed to you in NP1.

MysteryManBall: Necrophile. Each night you may permanently change the identity of a player in the graveyard. The exact role pm used for townies will be revealed to you in NP1.

2nd Place: Town

New Luna Republic: Cop
Each night you select a target. You will learn if they are innocent (town) or guilty (not town).
Hidden Flavour: Insane. You investigate town as guilty and guilty as innocent.

Des: Tracker
Each night you select a target. You will learn who they visited that night.
Hidden Flavour: Odd night Random. You will see your target visit a random person on odd nights.

SirSalty: Haunted Sleepwalker
Each night you must visit another player of your choice. If that player is visited that night, the visiting player will have a nightmare. If that player was visiting someone else that night, they will have a nightmare.
(a nightmare is a word used to cover up what is in actual fact, an unknown effect).
Hidden Flavour: A nightmare will cause a random item or effect to be applied to visited party.

A talking Fan: Medium
Each night you may ask the Mod a question of your choice about any player in the Graveyard.

Death: Mortician
Each night you select a player from the graveyard. That player's actual identity will be posted in the OP of the next DP.
Hidden Flavour: Naive. Will post the identity of whatever he sees, instead of actual.

The Onion: Town Crier
Each night you will learn the roles of everyone who visits you. I will encode that into an anagram and post it at the start of the next DP alongside a single sentence of your choice. You are not allowed to mention or refer to the anagram or it's method of decoding at any point in the game.

MightySpeck: Berlin Nun
If you are visited at night, you will be raped. For each person that visits you in a night, you will be raped repeatedly. During the following DP, voting against someone who raped you will cause an extra vote to be levied against them.

Diadochi: Requiem Caroler
Each night you may select a target. You will sing them a song of 2 people, at least one of whom is wearing a suit or has had their identity obscured in some way.

Blank: Pathologist
Each night you select a player from the graveyard. You will receive any and all role dependent information they received from the mod.

3rd Place: 3rd Party

Smithereens: Town Mayor
Each day you may attempt to dive despair into town and mafia alike in order to kill everyone. You may not in any way tamper with the game or be biased with your mod duties. You win if all players eliminate each other. You lose if you are discovered or town/mafia achieve their win condition.

list of all night actions

From the Mod
Mwahaha, betcha didn't know I was playing too. My aim was to use depressing stories alone to drive everyone to ruin. Of course, since I can't impact the outcome of the game, I was doomed to fail, but it was a blast never-the-less. I joined in this game because its the last thing I'm ever going to do on Warlight. I'm leaving the site to engross myself in my studies, and I wanted to at the very least compete with/against everyone else in my final game. Alas Mafia won by jumping on people who deserved to be lynched. Such as Diadochi, who isn't my Alt btw. You guys did incredibly well for this level of game mechanic. In future, I would probably reduce the mafia by a member and make an actual 3rd party to fine-tune balance.

The incident with New Luna was really convoluted. He went to investigate SirSalty, and the random event I came up with was that any action performed on visitors of SirSalty that night would be obscured. However, the mafia kill was aimed at new Luna that night, so the most obvious solution was to tell New Luna he was dead, and then bring him back after a day. This was made so much easier when the chance presented itself for Luna to write out my death scene. So I told him to do that, which he did wonderfully. At this point, the mislynch of Sirstorm meant that mafia had won, so since I couldn't win, I decided I had to die. Who better to do that than a townie whose death had been fabricated.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed playing in Witch-Hunters:Mafia. This is a legit perfect community for mafia based on size, personalities and intellect. Other sites have arrogant, inactive and retarded members. So this was great. I heard Eklipse has been trying his hand at modding for his clan, and if anyone else wants to mod games from here on out, go for it.

Mvp award goes to New Luna for his efforts in killing the mod,
Special mentions to Mightyspeck for probably the highest level play.
Least valued player award to my Irl friend James Winstone (Diadochi) who bugged me to let him join and then ended up not even playing. I hope you fail your further maths exam tomorrow buddy.

And now... The trauma has ended! Thanks so much for playing Witch-Hunters:Mafia :)

Best wishes for your collective futures,
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 08:03:36

Level 35
I was the one who corrupted the roles and turned Blank into the Medium
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 08:38:56

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
What a Life eh. Zephyrum was the only mafia I truly suspected much and them I has my doubts.

Still crazy game I had to write that little piece at one in the mornin though.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 10:26:51

Level 59
The mafia simply stayed quiet and the townspeople didn't defend theirselves ^^
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 11:02:56

Level 49
Notice every time death suspected someone.....diplomatic immunity was quick to agree.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 11:04:17

Level 49
sorry death for suspecting you. And is this the least successful Mafia for town?
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 11:53:16

Luna {TJC}
Level 56

It only the second mafia game (recently?) but yeah last game the town won just by a smdge thought I was on the mafia last game then they lost then the town this game and we lost. Anyway it was a hell of a way for smithereens to say goodbye.

One thing I don't get if I am the insane cop why did I find Des to be inocent (he actually is innocent) when I am supposed go find the opposite being the insane cop.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 12:25:14

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
Death aalways suggested innocents but sigh evidence, basically killing his own team.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 13:02:53

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Death might have been the first to vote but I was the first to suggest pressuring the inocents most times.

Also would anyone be Intrested in another game Im happy to mod it.If so I could make the technical stuff in a few days then have sign ups for two day and a day to confirm participation giving us about a week before it would really start. That's if your interested.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 13:05:17

Level 60
lol the Mafia was responsible for only like 50% of the kills, the town was destroying itself much faster than we could do it.

Good game guys, surprised we won without a single loss.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 14:01:51

Level 57
Great game, everybody. I think the town's paranoia was key to the mafia victory on that one. I never had to actually accuse anyone because there was always a bandwagon to jump on.

New Luna, if you make another game on the forum I'll be happy to join. I've really started to like this kind of game now that I've discovered it.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 14:09:17

Level 59
Yeah, well, we had to lynch somebody after all...

And they weren't defending theirselves -_-

Plus, Diadochi was almost entirely inactive.

New Luna, count me in.

Edited 10/29/2015 14:09:34
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 14:15:42

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Count me in too
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 14:24:45

Level 49
It was fun.....count me in.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 14:36:42

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Ok I'm starting work on it now expect "official" sign up's in a few day's how many open slots should I make?
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 14:57:18

Level 59
Oh, organize it on your own and we'll se how it goes.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 15:02:05

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Don't o Mod pm. It severely cripples available slots.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 15:13:28

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
@A talking fan

Don't o Mod pm. It severely cripples available slots.

Can you paraphrase this not sure what you mean by it.
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 15:20:03

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Don't do a mod pm in ur games. It severe ly limits the available no. Of slota
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 15:34:28

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
But by the time you make a Mod PM all the slots have been filled right. Or am I still missing something?

Example of what I mean:

Make open thread asking who wants to participate
Then you make closed PM with everyone wanted to participate
Witch-Hunters:Mafia [End Game]: 10/29/2015 16:10:04

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
You saw Des as innocent because Des was switched with Eklipse.
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