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The Nuke card is a mod created by user dabo1. It has a similar effect to the Bomb Card.

  • It reduces the number of armies by 50% (round up) in the "epicenter" territory
  • It reduces the number of armies by 25% (round up) in all the connecting territories

These settings can be modified so that the number of armies reduced can go between 0% and 100%, but the minimum armies removed is always 1.

[edit] Custom card version

This mod, called "Custom card", can only be accessed from the menu; Game -> Mod: Custom Card.

[edit] Reconnaissance card version

This version simply adds the nuke card functionality to the reconnaissance card without changing the image. You need to add the reconnaissance card to the game, or else the mod won't work.

Reconnaissance version Custom Card version
You want to have both Recon and Nuke NOPE(Recon and Nuke are the same card) Yes.
Ease of play Easy: Click on the map Hard: Scroll until you find the territory(non-alphabetical)
Large maps YES NO
You want all cards in one place YES NO (separate mod menu)

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