Map testing - territory connections

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Mod name Map testing - territory connections
Creator DanWL
Made public on 2023-08-03 [1]
Category Experimental
Tags #Convenience
#UI Only
Runs on Warzone version 5.17+
Source code GitHub

This mod is designed to only be used by map makers/testers. The map must be in the testing phase. Attacks are issued from every territory in alphabetical order (A to Z). Attacks from same territory are done back to back. Players should go through the game history one order at a time to ensure no connections are missing or invalid.

Each player has 1 or 0 territories at any given point. For the game to take fewer turns to end, include more players. Is easier to use Autopilot (Game > Autopilot; hotkey: U) than to commit with no orders.

[edit] Compatibility

  • Several settings are adjusted to make this run.
  • Do not mix this mod with any others otherwise this mod may not behave correctly!
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