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When playing a game on, members can use the Autopilot feature to make an AI enter orders for them on that turn. This is useful if you've already won the game and want to automate the clean-up, or if you are just curious about what an AI would do in your situation.

Warzone has four AIs, and Autopilot users may choose which one they'd like to use:

  • Prod 1.0: Version 1.0 of Warzone's production AI. This is the same AI that plays against you in the six single-player levels.
  • Prod 2.0: Version 2.0 of Warzone's production AI.
  • Prod 2.0 with randomness: Same as Prod 2.0, except this bot allows randomness to influence its actions to keep it from being predictable. This is the same AI that plays in multi-player, as well as custom single player levels.
  • Wunderwaffe: Bot written for an AI competition by Norman.
  • Cowzow: Bot written for an AI competition by Dan Zou.

It's important to note that you must be on-line and in a game to use the Autopilot for that turn. This feature won't keep you from being booted from a game if your internet connection drops, for example.

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