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Clan Wars are clan-based competitions within Warzone. You can find its details in the mobile app by selecting Clan Wars from the upper right menu, or on the website under the Community tab.

To participate, you must first be in a clan. If you need a clan, select "Join a clan" from the upper right menu.


[edit] Timeslots

To participate in the clan war, come to this page during an active timeslot. Timeslots happen at regular intervals each day.

When a timeslot is active, you can get a real-time game on a template of your choosing against an opposing clan. Do your best to win! You can only join one clan war game per day.

The timeslot will list out one or more template options. The number of template options is dynamic based on the historic demand for that particular timeslot.

The Clan War will attempt to make as many games as possible among the players who queued for each template. It will never match clan mates against each other. If someone isn't able to get a game, such as if an odd number of players register for a 1v1 template, that player will get a free win. However, to prevent abuse, free wins are never awarded to players if at least one of their clanmates got a game on that template.

[edit] Team Templates

When playing a team templates, for example Strategic 2v2, each winning player counts as one clan war win, so one game can result in multiple wins.

Different clans are never mixed within one team. Therefore, it's important when queuing for a team template that you make sure enough people from your clan queue to make a team. If you queue alone to a team template, you won't get a game and won't get a free win. You will, however, be able to queue for the next timeslot.

[edit] Clan War Map

Instead of a leaderboard, Clan War season progress is visualized by having a giant map. Clans who win games are rewarded by getting a territory on the Clan War Map in their color. Subsequent territories a clan earns will be placed nearest to their first one, so clans will expand out in a circle over time.

The winner of the season is simply the clan with the most territories on the map.

While the exact territories and bonuses don’t have any strategic meaning, it’s advantageous to have a map instead of a simple list because it helps visualize how well clans are doing compared to others by seeing how big their circle is. It also makes it easier to visualize how much time is left in the season simply by how filled the map is.

Since clans are expanding outwards as circles, if they bump into another clan it will create visually interesting patterns, which will help visualize how the Clan War went for each clan. If a clan has a lot of success early, they might have a big uninterrupted circle, whereas if a clan had success late in the Clan War, their territories might be more scattered as they filled in gaps around the map.

Another advantage is that each season can be played on a different Warzone map. Sometimes you’re conquering the world, sometimes Europe, etc. In addition to your clan starting from a different part of the map each time, this helps make each season feel unique.

[edit] Rewards

All players who participate in a Clan War are given a free Warzone Idle cache at the end of the season. The cache size goes up based on the number of territories your clan conquered.

Note that you participated in the clan war if you played at least one clan war game, regardless of whether you win or not. All other rewards are given to contributors, who are players that won at least one clan war game during the season.

In designing Clan Wars, a lot of effort was put into making sure that it’s fun for everyone who participates. In a traditional ladder, I feel it’s a lot of fun for the top 10%, who are competing for a high rank, but pretty bland for the majority. For players in the bottom half, their rank more has to do with how many participants there are instead of their actions.

To accomplish this, Clan War rewards are divided into two categories:

Rewards for achieving a high rank Rewards for conquering a certain number of territories While only the best strategic minds will qualify for the high-rank rewards, the number-of-territory rewards should be achievable by clans of all skill levels. For example:

Rank rewards:

1st place: 10,000 coins, an Epic Artifact, 1 of every Power 2nd place: 2,000 coins, a Rare Artifact, Multi-Level Power 3rd-5th place: Rare Artfiact, Inspire Mercenaries Power 6th-10th place: 2x Uncommon Artifacts, 2x Time Warp Powers 10th-20th place: Uncommon Artifact, Free Cache Power Territory rewards: (edit: effects last for two weeks)

1+ territories: Alloys sell for 10% more 2+ territories: Mercenaries are 10% cheaper 3+ territories: Items sell for 10% more 4+ territories: Army camps give 20% more armies in levels 6+ territories: 30% faster artifact cooldown 10+ territories: Challenge level army camps give 40% more armies 15+ territories: 10% more armies from caches 20+ territories: 20% faster dig times 25+ territories: 15% more AP from levels 30+ territories: Battle attacks against you reduced by 20% In addition to these rewards, all players who participate in a Clan War season will get a free Idle cache at the end of the season. The size of the cache goes up based on the number of territories your clan conquers.

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