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Generally, cheating in Warzone is not possible. See Cheating for more information.

However, some players feel like they encounter players who are cheating, or think that the computer-controlled AI is cheating. This page explains how to see what really happened, and therefore prove that no cheating took place.


[edit] Look at history

A common complaint is that someone deployed more armies than they could have had at that point in the game.

If the game has fog, you need to wait for the game to end before accusing someone of cheating. If you're impatient you can always surrender.

Once the game is over, use the History button to return to that point in the game. Now that you can see everything, you can figure out exactly how they got their income by adding up the following things:

  • All bonuses they control (see Overridden Bonuses below).
  • Check the orders list to see if they played any reinforcement cards that turn.
  • Select Game -> Active Cards to see if any cards were in effect that may have adjusted their income (see Sanction Cards below).

By adding these, you can see exactly how they got each army and prove that they did not cheat. Also open the players panel in the lower right and select Income Breakdown to see a list of everything affecting their income.

[edit] Note about AI

The computer-controlled AI plays by the same rules as human players. By adding its income using the above steps, it's easy to prove that they didn't get any advantages.

Note that teammates share the same pool of cards, so on levels like the crazy challenge and insane challenge, the AIs can receive reinforcement cards as early as the second turn.

As a further note, the AI does not prefer to attack the human player. It treats the human in the same way as another opposing AI. In fact, the AI's code doesn't even look at the IsHuman flag anywhere (with the exception of bosses). There are some random elements to the way the AI behaves, so sometimes you'll get a game where the AI focuses more on you than other AIs just by random chance.

[edit] Multi-attack

Multi-attack is a feature that allows players to travel long distances in a single turn. New players sometimes join a multi-attack game without knowing it, and then feel that their opponents are cheating when they see them move long distances. Look for the lightning icon that indicates it's a multi-attack game.

[edit] Check the game settings

Sometimes sneaky players will change a game setting and hope that their opponents don't notice, then try to take advantage of that setting change.

[edit] Overridden bonuses

Game creators can change the value of bonuses, and someone could set a bonus to be much bigger than it is usually worth. Then they attempt to capture that bonus at the start of the game, giving them an advantage. In these games, be sure and check the settings yourself and deploy there yourself to prevent your opponents from capturing that bonus.

[edit] Negative Sanctions

The Sanctions Card can be configured to a negative percentage, which will cause a player's income to go up instead of down. You should note this in the settings, and be sure to play the card on yourself when you get one. Warzone displays a reminder in the cards panel when selected on a negative sanctions card.

[edit] Still confused?

If you still can't figure out how an opponent did what they did, feel free to post a link to the game in the forums. The community is very helpful in explaining how Warzone works.

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