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To join a ladder that involves teams, such as the 2 v 2 ladder, you must create a team proposal involving each player you want to team up with. Once all players accept the proposal, they become a team and are placed on the ladder. Players can only be in one team at a time.

Any member of the team can change the number of simultaneous games by clicking "Change Settings" or dissolve the team by clicking "Leave Ladder." Just like in a non-team ladder, leaving the ladder just causes the team to no longer receive a rank - their rating will continue to be updated.

If a team that had previously left the ladder re-joins with the exact same players as before, it will resume its previous rating on the ladder just as if it had never left.

If you leave a team ladder and then re-join the ladder with different players than you did the first time, it will create a new team whose rating will start over from 0. Ratings cannot be transferred from old teams to new teams - this means if you want to change the players of your team you must leave the ladder with your existing team and create a new team with the new players.

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