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The Best Hacks Ever: 6/30/2015 18:55:03

Level 20
No Comment. Look at history and analize.
The Best Hacks Ever: 6/30/2015 18:59:56

Level 53
I hope you reported these two. I've never seen this before.
The Best Hacks Ever: 6/30/2015 19:08:30

Level 57
You don't know how to play the game until noobs accuse you of hacking and cheating.
The Best Hacks Ever: 6/30/2015 19:10:51

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
No comment is right. Absolutely nothing wrong with that map, other than your own incompetence.
The Best Hacks Ever: 6/30/2015 19:22:43

Level 60

also as a general rule it is best to avoid custom scenario games
The Best Hacks Ever: 6/30/2015 19:27:54

Level 58
Reminds me of a favorite diplo of mine- so Sun God had a habit of creating a bunch of multi-attack diplos (not announcing it and taking advantage of the fact that most people don't know how to read settings) which also didn't have Custom Scenarios. He's on my BL so I don't know if he still does this, but I had a habit of joining them because I got a kick out of breaking Sun God's bonuses (he didn't seem to know how to attack/defend with MA enabled, just cheat to win; he also didn't start in the best spots on the map for MA-expansion).

But the really fun part is the opportunistic sub-L40's that pop up in real-time diplos. Y'know, the ones who're playing with their RL friends and have a plan to simultaneously PE and win the game? Or the ones who like to take out other players in 2v1 scenarios one-by-one as they backstab ally after ally?

Well, so I was England and someone decided it'd be funny to violate my claim (stupid claim game rules) and start in the northern half of my superbonus. They declared on me on turn 1. Right at 2:00, the L15 playing as Sweden decided it'd be useful to gang up on me, and then Finland joined in as well- along with France. It took them four turns to realize that I was expanding much faster than them. The next turn was the fun one- simultaneously breaking almost all their bonuses and taking a good number as well.

I wish I'd favorited that game, because I really got a kick out of being called a "hacker" by someone who thought they'd beat me using a cheap trick.
The Best Hacks Ever: 7/1/2015 00:59:22

Level 53
Oh lol, didn't see the Multi-attack rule, now i feel dumb XD

Edited 7/1/2015 01:00:10
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