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Adobe Flash pop up: 6/30/2015 08:38:13

Gengis Khan
Level 9
Asks if I want to let user "dzwow7p66n8b3.doudfront.net" store information on my computer. Asks this repeatedly when deploying troops and assigning movement to troops. Asks twice when I want to watch the turn.

My question is:
1. Is this malware/or some kind of hack?
2. Is this a legitimate part of the gameware?
3. If not, how do I best get rid of it?

Thanks for your help.

(running latest version of Chrome on an Intel PC with Windows 7 Pro)

Edited 6/30/2015 08:38:50
Adobe Flash pop up: 6/30/2015 08:45:03

Level 54
Probably malware.

Also do you play on kongregate or something? Asking because 33 multi day games yet level 1. Also you bought a membership after playing only 2 weeks when it's lose its value after all of these years? I am proud to share a username with you.
Adobe Flash pop up: 6/30/2015 10:43:35

Level 58
It's probably not malware. It's likely WarLight trying to store data locally. Check if you've enabled "Hard Disk Storage" in Settings.

Have you ever played other Flash-based games that store a lot of data? Like Age of Feudalism, for example?

I've noticed that it occurs in larger games which have a lot more to store- looks like WL reaches some sort of limit after which it needs to store data on your computer.

I'd wait on an official statement from Fizzer, of course, but I clicked "Accept" and it hasn't caused any discernable changes in my computer and neither have I been able to detect any malware despite scanning it quite thoroughly each day (I have some relatively sensitive, albeit encrypted, files on this machine).
Adobe Flash pop up: 7/1/2015 01:52:20

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
I'm very sure that the address in the opening post is wrong, as the proper address should be cloudfront.net

but I'm also pretty sure that has been addressed properly in the Forums... and that it's all safe...

I get it everytime I login to Warlight...
though it's supposed to be mostly for storing single-player games. :P
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