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What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 13:06:52

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
So for the most map makers so far,
what whas your first map ever created?

We cartographers all started from the bottom. I try to understand that most mappers made their first maps quickies just to find out how to do. But some did their job very well, even in the beginning. Some main examples of mappers who did this are Incaman,Major Risk,Eliod,Ranek & many others!

As the talent grew so were maps improving and now we turn back to our first one.

Your first map doesn't have to be your first published one, the first created only counts in this thread.

My first map
Well, to be honest...
My first one got rejected. Such is a sad story.

I remember I was working on a map for months just because it was so big. When I read the notification as it was rejected I felt helpless. I had so much potential in my mind for this map. Quite in shock was I.
It almost made me quit Warlight but thankfully I was keeping on track and set on to create something else (Iceland) and discontinue the whole proces.

It had 585 territories!
so good-looking design!
approved by testers!
created in 2013 january while having exams!

Here you go: https://www.warlight.net/play?PreviewMap=23865

EDIT: Yes those flags of the communties look indeed bad. I did not know yet to use Inkscape at that age.

reason it got rejected: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=4572818

there's even a hidden territory named 'Building of the European Union'

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What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 13:44:33

Level 56
Large Skyrim was my first map...


I actually made this map before I joined Warlight and originally made my account just to be able to post it. Unfortunately this is the only map I've finished so far, though I am back to work slowly with 1 new map and 1 that has been in development for years.

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What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 13:46:46

Level 57
My first work: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=26910 - started making it in late 2012-early 2013, I never got around to publishing it and just stopped map making. I re-entered map making later in 2013 with a map I actually published:
https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=29008 - rated 3.7761

Later in 2014 after various other maps, I went back to the British Isles, but seeing how ugly it looked, I scraped the whole map and started from scratch. I ended up with an 'improved' version - https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=30648
What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 14:26:24

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 14:56:45

Level 57
haha that's right - well you are responsible for tempting me into map making, though I would have started eventually.
What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 15:41:31

Level 60
I think Sanctuary was my first map:

What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 20:23:31

Level 59
I started making maps about a month after I started playing and made several terrible maps that I never published. I deleted most but I still have one from my early days of map making. For the first year I played I mostly played multiattack and although this map plays better as multi attack it is still garbage. I held onto the map because I thought about reusing some of the planets for a new map but I will probably just delete this soon.


This is the oldest map that I actually published. I didn't publish it until about 8 or 9 months after I made it and I wouldn't have published it but someone asked me to.


This is the first one I published.


First collaboration map


Other maps I've made since then

https://www.warlight.net/Map/13318-Wrestling-Regions I can totally understand why the game play on this map is not popular but it plays how it should.

https://www.warlight.net/Map/16170-Pangea-Ultima classic style play and pretty easy on the eyes

https://www.warlight.net/Map/18157-Appalachia silly fun theme but serious non gimmicky play

You can see some improvement over time.
What was your first map ever created?: 6/26/2015 20:36:46

Level 60
Woah, did not know you did the Bob Ross one. I have played that actually (just because I remember the show)
What was your first map ever created?: 6/27/2015 13:16:57

[NL] Lucas
Level 59
My first map:


I've created 23 maps now but most are ugly and small like this one and a few larger ones also dont look very nice so I didn't publish them all. Now I am trying to make good-looking and large maps instead of 10 territory maps.

This is what I am working on:


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What was your first map ever created?: 6/27/2015 14:32:54

Level 61
My first map was about the region i live in:


I think it's still okay; near and no overlapping borders; and some distribution modes.
The bonusses were chosen because of real areas; so they are... well, a bit different ;-)
What was your first map ever created?: 6/27/2015 15:22:59

Dutch Desire
Level 59
I still remember my first map very well. My first map was about some fantasy comic i readed. It included multiple maps that i found applicable for a warlight map, so i just started making one.
It was a lot of work to learn how to use Inkscape well, and i didn't have experience using a similar program. But the youtube videos and also the warligh mapwiki were very useful. Next to that i discoverd some trikes to make dozens of clean territories in just one sweep, what shortened my mapmaking time drastically.
I readed the comic two times over to make sure every place named was included in the map, that may have consumed the most of the time for making the map.
I started at 2015/04/25 and it got publiched at 2015/06/01.

What was your first map ever created?: 6/27/2015 15:40:49

Level 58
Your first map was Ares?! Damn. That's pretty solid.

Also, I wouldn't really consider Vagrant Soldier Ares to be fantasy as much as it's just military fiction.

Can you link me to the videos/tricks? I want to learn.

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What was your first map ever created?: 6/27/2015 15:42:22

[NL] Lucas
Level 59
I tested it
What was your first map ever created?: 6/27/2015 16:10:23

Dutch Desire
Level 59
@ knyte, yeah you're right, military fiction in a better description than fantasy.
link to the videos/tricks:
The most usefull youtube video was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDkXmoEOggQ

But instead of making territories one-by-one like he is doing at that video from 2:00, you should "combine" all the lines(except for the outside/frame line) so it becomes one object. Than shift + 2 objects -> path>division (like he is doing in the video to make one territory), and you will get all your territories in one sweep.

you can use this method to make territories in one sweep for an unlimited amount, and all the territories will have perfect borders. Only for the bonuses you will have to move the border one-by-one, or you could first make the bonuses and then use this trick for every bonus separate(i used the second option).

It's probably basic for most mapmakers, but it's just the only thing i could not find in a video or on the warlight map wiki, and therefore had to find out myself.
What was your first map ever created?: 6/28/2015 14:36:06

An abandoned account
Level 56
This was my first map: http://warlight.net/Map?ID=11010

It's terrible, but I didn't understand Inkscape 2 years ago.
What was your first map ever created?: 6/30/2015 20:42:00

Level 55
My first map was the Habsburg Empire and Kingdom of Austria-Hungary.

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What was your first map ever created?: 7/1/2015 10:19:15

Level 46
Technically it's this beauty, but I never made it public because I only made it to get the basics:

This is my first public map:
What was your first map ever created?: 7/1/2015 12:26:24

Level 57
HAHAHAHA my first map is siriusly embarrassing :P this map was published when there were no lottery games because there were no points and level system yet....... :)


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What was your first map ever created?: 7/4/2015 00:06:01

Level 54
Well I see you all are old players/map creators. I am quite new so I'm not sure if I'm welcome here. I wish I become one of you some years later, with some created maps.

But as the thread sais, here is my first and only map I did, just made public 1 hour ago, the newer map on WL right now. This took me some months, while learning how to use Inkscape, but finally it was approved and I was so happy I wanted to tell XD

What was your first map ever created?: 7/4/2015 01:58:44

Dutch Desire
Level 59
wow that map is amazing, you really did a great job! Great addition of maps for 1v1 games, and for 2v2 too.
What was your first map ever created?: 7/4/2015 04:17:26

Level 59
This was my first map (It had worse borders before). Probably going to release it soon, too. :P

My first map: https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=37318
What it's based off of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Plane_Coordinate_System

My actual first map ended up with me taking a world map, and then drawing randomly through the water. Granted, it's changed a lot since then.

Aselia: https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=19570

If I remember correctly, though, I started this map before Aselia, but published it after because it was much longer.

US CBSA's: https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=34571
What was your first map ever created?: 7/6/2015 20:10:16

Level 58
My first published was Silly Isle back in 2011, https://www.warlight.net/Map/2108-Silly-Isle

However this was actually the second map I had made. Both where just me testing stuff but the first one, called Great Outdoors, was never published. It consisted of squares and circles arranged to form a tree. Sadly I no longer have the file to share.
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