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Number of members: 10
Tagline: Glory. Pride. Victory.
Created: 5/21/2016

Bio: World League is simply about winning, no matter what. Do not be so short sited to lose face because of a single game, but don’t be so passive as to allow yourself to lose either. Winning, strength, power, this is all that matters in the end. Winning is not simply victory against an opponent, it is the destruction of your enemy and the strengthening of alliances. Join us, or be destroyed by us, the choice is yours. Just don’t get in our way.


-Minimum level none, simply prove yourself
-Boot rate -30%
-Joined over 3 months ago
-7 days activity
-Win rate over 60% or with a proper explanation (along with trial by combat)


◆Clan Creator
◆Head of Strategy
◆Head of Recruiting
◆Head of General affairs
◆Best 1v1
◆Best 2v2
◆Best team battle
◆Best FFA
◆Rank 3rd class
◆Rank 2nd class
◆Rank 1st class

Win or leave, nothing else.

Clan Member Title
[WL] ASW Private 1st class
[RE] Lord Kira Clan Creator
Peter123 Private 1st class
[RE] Dirk the Beserk Private 1st class
[WL] American Strong Private 1st class
cyclone65 Private 1st class
Paulus_MaxamusVI Private 1st class
Lieutenant Kiri Private 1st class
Hondekos Private 1st class
Lindsey Private 1st class