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[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 19:17:36

Level 61

1. [GG] Ollie (11-3) 78.57%
2. [GG] Latnox (9-3) 75%
3. [Lynx] Darkpie (5-2) 71.43%
4. [GG] Mike (7-3) 70%
5. [Apex] Frankdeslimste (4-3) 57.14%

6. [Master] MoD (6-6) 50%
7. [GG] Julkorn (5-5) 50%
8. ACL Tears (2-2) 50%

9. Krzychu (6-8) 42.86%
10. [Blitz] #QB# (3-4) 42.86%

11. abr (5-7) 41.67%
12. [WG] Verzehrer (5-7) 41.67%

13. [REGL] Hennns (5-8) 38.46%
14. [Apex] Grona (4-9) 30.77%
15. timon92 (2-5) 28.57%
16. [Lynx] JSA (1-6) 14.29%

There is gonna be a total of 26 games for all players, so still a long way to go :)

Saw that Fridge sorted it by winrate last season so I did that aswell. If anyone gives me the standings in the other leagues I can put them in this post or you can post them yourself in the thread (though it would be nice to have them in this post).

JSA vs Latnox I didn't count the tourney game, but the replacement game.
ACL Tears vs Verzehrer I just didn't count as I have yet to see if there will be a replacement game or not.

Edited 6/25/2015 20:39:21
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 20:19:41

Level 59
Thanks for doing this Darkpie! I got booted in every 1v1 loss so far :(

Although in the tournament, I got booted in 4 games, won 2 by opponent being booted, and won one in a fair game. Latnox made a replacement game when he was booted (since he was on vacation) and I got booted in that one. At the moment, you should list me at 2-6. If Verzehrer makes a replacement game for the one he was booted in, and I get booted (which I probably will), then you can change it back to 1-7. Right now he has not made any replacement game or anything though.

And as for the Verzehrer/ACL Tears game, I am lax to grant a replacement game. https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8736033
I think Verzehrer has the advantage in that game before ACL Tears is booted, and was likely to win. However, ACL Tears was still in good enough position to stage a comeback and pull out the win. Maybe some others would like to weigh in on this?

Edited 6/25/2015 20:24:39
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 20:40:42

Level 59
I'll look through the games and see which ended in boot and need to be rescheduled:

QB vs grona
Verzehrer vs JSA
Ollie vs Verzehrer
Latnox vs Verzehrer
timon92 vs Frankdeslimste
grona vs master of desaster
abr vs Hennnns
JSA vs Julkorn*
JSA vs Ollie
JSA vs Latnox (was rescheduled; i got booted in replacement game; he got booted in first one)
Frankdeslimste vs JSA
Frankdeslimste vs Latnox
abr vs Darkpie
Verzhrer vs ACL Tears*

The 2 games with asteriks were games where the player booted was in an inferior position but still had a solid chance at the win. If a player is booted twice (in the real game and the replacement game, they lose automatically). If a player was booted in the first one, and the second is booted in the replacement game, a third game will be made. 14 games were decided by boot. Any 20A player who wishes to make replacement games can. I will if no one else does. I won't be making replacement games for the games where I was booted (since I don't care anyway) so we need 10 replacement games to be made.
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 21:27:07

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
When have 1v1-replacements become common? Just wondering
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 21:46:16

Level 61
[20]A- Tournament of Boots
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 21:52:14

Level 61
vacations are not honored in this particular tournament so it was said before it started that vacationboots would merit a replacement game.

That being said... JSA I think those games you listed were not all boots due to vacation and should not all be replaced. Also like you said in the tournament chat it's up to the players to make replacement games and report it to you.. or if they disagree on if it should be replaced, than the player makes a request to you for a replacement game. Latnox made one and ACL has requested one but no one else has done anything like that by my knowledge so let it be for now :)

Edited 6/25/2015 21:55:35
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 21:59:34

Level 60
In my game against Frank he wasn't on vacation. As far as i remember the same goes with Verzehrer
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 22:20:56

Level 62
Woooh first place :)
[20] League standings: 6/25/2015 23:57:12

Level 58
Wow, didn't even notice that I was booted against abr. I thought he surrendered. I was on vacation btw. That game was won for me by far, https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8715580 Do I get a win or do I've to play a replacement game? Personally I don't really care :p

Also I'll be going on vacation now, so might need more replacment games coming up :/

Thanks for doing this JSA btw :)
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 01:05:26

Level 59
I could do a writeup of [20C] if someone can remind me how the scoring works. If I recall it's a little more complicated than simple win rate...

Also why does [20A] have only 16 players?

Edited 6/26/2015 01:06:54
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 01:52:00

Level 56
Thanks for doing this Darkpie! I got booted in every 1v1 loss so far :(

Some old habits never change ;)
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 06:10:37

Level 59
Darkpie, it's tough to tell when people were on vacation and when they weren't. However, you're right on that I should leave it up to them to create replacement games, or at least wait until they request it. I'll make the acl/verzhrer one soon.

Henns, I'm afraid that since you got booted, we can't just give you the win (although I agree you had it 100% won). I'll make that replacement game too.

Pushover, there were going to be more but some dropped out right before the tournaments started.

Pulsey, good to see you back :) the forums aren't nearly as much fun without you.
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 06:45:35

his balls. 
Level 60
Not the first time all your losses came from being booted jay. Obviously not a coincidence. Also not surprised to see you sufficiently active to jump first on this thread to make sure people are aware why you are doing so badly.

I think it's time you stopped forcefully inserting yourself into 20a and we can get back to our series.

Edited 6/26/2015 06:46:51
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 12:12:31

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Why don't the 1v1 tournaments respect vacations? It seems rather dumb, since the 2v2 and 3v3 do.
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 15:46:06

Level 60
Why no Summer or Tenshi? Did they decline invites?
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 16:30:14

Level 59
Longhouse, I don't think anyone thinks its a coincidence I get booted in [20A] 1v1. It's not exactly a secret that I lose interest in big Strategic 1v1 round robins. I wasn't even going to play this season, but since multiple people dropped out, I joined the 1v1 and 2v2. I'm technically not even in 20A now, since I am not in the 3v3 tournament. I thought I could play 1v1 without getting booted, but I lost interest, and sure enough, I get booted. I don't deliberately get booted, but I wait to take my turns until 2 days or more which often leads to boots.

Forcefully inserting myself in 20A seems an odd thing for you to say. I am more qualified than most in 20A now with ladder performances and tournament performances. I won't be playing any more seasons of the round robin style of [20]; I guarantee that.

If you want to be 20A, take #1 on a couple ladders and/or impress people that have a say in who makes it (Timinator, Gnuffone, Szeweningen, Summer, Fridge, etc.)

Beren, it was a mistake on my part.

Chris, Summer didn't respond even though I tried contacting her in multiple games and mail threads. So I considered it as her declining an invite. Tenshi did not receive an invite to 20A this season; he declined 20B.
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 16:53:07

Level 59
20B Standings:
1. [GG] JV: 5-0
2. [XS] Beren Erchamion: 7-1
3. [Lynx] GreenTea: 7-2
4. [Master] Master of the Dead: 9-5
5. [GG] Arlecchino: 7-4
6. [Blitz] Jefferspin: 7-5
7. [Lynx] Roooob: 5-5
8. [AHOL] MilitaryManiac: 4-4
9. [GG] EZPickens: 2-2
10. [GG] Braak: 4-5
11. [Lynx] Dom365: 3-4
12. [Master] Master Bjarke: 3-4
13. [Blitz] Quicksand: 3-4
14. [GG] his balls: 5-7
15. [WG] Oh Noes: 4-6
16. [GG] Flyingbender: 5-8
17. [Apex] Lolowut: 1-2
18. [Yin-Yang] 無為 : 4-10
19. [Master] Master Miyagi: 3-8
20. [AHOL] NoobSchool: 0-2

All tournaments combined:
1. [GG] JV: 12-1
2. [XS] Beren Erchamion: 9-3
3. [GG] EZPickens: 9-3
4. [Lynx] GreenTea: 9-4
5. [Master] Master of the Dead: 13-6
6. [GG] Flyingbender: 12-9
7. [Lynx] Rooob: 8-7
8. [Master] Master Bjarke: 5-5
9. [GG] Braak: 6-7
10. [Lynx] Dom365: 5-6
11. [WG] Oh Noes: 6-9
12. [AHOL] MilitaryManiac: 5-8
13. [Master] Miyagi: 5-9
14. [Blitz] Quicksand: 4-8
15. [Ying-Yang] 無為 : 5-14
16. [Apex] Lolowut: 1-7
17. [AHOL] NoobSchool: 0-7

JV has been very impressive thus far. The GG team of Flyingbender, EZPickens, and JV has only one game remaining in 3v3. If they win that game, they have secured the top spot.

Players will finish with 19 1v1 games, 8 2v2 games, and 5 3v3 games, giving them a total of 32 games.

Tournament links:
https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=14083 : 3v3 Europe
https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=14084 : 2v2 Medium Earth 0% SR
https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=14081 : 1v1 Strategic

Pushover, each win is worth one point. So it pretty much is just a winning percentage.

Edited 6/26/2015 16:55:04
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 18:27:06

Level 62
In case of a tie head to head result in 1vs1 will be deciding?
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 18:35:11

Level 59
The deciding result will be who won more tournaments against the other one. What I mean is if a player wins 1v1 vs a player but lost both team tournaments vs that player, he finishes behind the other player in a tiebreaker. If there is a 3-way tie with all players split, it will come down to their total 1v1 record.
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 22:17:24

Ctrl Alt Delete ♦ ɌeLite ♦ 
Level 60
i was wondering how do you calculate those standings JSA?

18. [Yin-Yang] 無為 : 4-10
20. [AHOL] NoobSchool: 0-2


7. [Lynx] Roooob: 5-5
8. [AHOL] MilitaryManiac: 4-4

i would say MM has more chances to get a higher score then Roooob?
[20] League standings: 6/26/2015 22:30:02

Level 60
Well, he is going by current points and not max points.
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 00:32:11

Level 59
Win percentage is how I sorted it. The ties at .500 are hard to decide. I just went with the ones with more games played. It doesn't really make a difference though.
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 02:26:44

Level 61
I was invited to 1v1 but not the others. Whats the deal?
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 03:46:29

Level 60
I heard nobody wanted to be on your team.


also, I am getting wrecked on 1v1
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 07:55:47

Level 60

#	Player				W	L	%

1	Pushover			5	1	83.33
2	Sephiroth			6	2	75.00
3	125ch209			6	3	66.67
3	schmidt				6	3	66.67
5	andy903				9	6	60.00
6	ps				5	4	55.56
6	rocky1				5	4	55.56
8	Arkanton			6	5	54.54
8	Polakillo			6	5	54.54
10	Master Atom ◆Elite◆		7	6	53.85
11	Andersault			5	5	50.00
11	Don [ Ω ]			6	6	50.00
13	Master Turtle			5	6	45.45
14	Grosshandlaren			3	5	37.50
15	<SNinja> almosttricky		3	8	27.27
16	AWESOMEGUY			1	5	16.67
17	ChrisCMU			1	6	14.28
17	Taishō				1	6	14.28

All tournaments combined
#	Player				W	L	%

1	Pushover			9	1	90.00
2	Sephiroth			7	4	63.63
3	Master Atom ◆Elite◆		10	6	62.50
4	Polakillo			8	7	53.33
4	Don [ Ω ]			8	7	53.33
6	Grosshandlaren			5	6	45.45
7	Master Turtle			5	9	35.71
8	<SNinja> almosttricky		5	10	33.33
9	ChrisCMU			3	7	30.00
10	Taishō				2	9	18.18
11	AWESOMEGUY			1	8	11.11 

Edited 6/27/2015 10:11:44
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 09:19:26

Level 62
I have a question: during the last 20 A season 5, I got downgraded duo my both teammates got booted in 2v2 and 3v3, does 2v2 and 3v3 games counts a lot in 20 tourneys? how is the vote/ratio for this season==??

Edited 6/27/2015 09:26:10
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 11:01:19

Level 61
Chris that actually might be true. I bet MOTD had some sort of conspiracy going to keep me out. I'm gonna believe that.
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 15:39:48

Level 59
Ooohhhhhh shots fired from his balls!

...I just wanted to say that
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 16:00:58

Level 59
Honestly, I'm not real sure Jeff. That is my mistake; I must have forgot I invited you to 20B and so forgot to click your name on the team tournaments. My apologies.

Flyingbender, you didn't get downgraded because of your teammates being booted. The 1v1's are where the majority of 20 points come from. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dgrUIKbGmrp44X-HwphmmMDzQqbbFbq5xqlAVr5tm2k/edit?pli=1#gid=0 is the spreadhseet with the statistics. The top 50% of 20A (top 8) were guaranteed a spot in 20A again. You needed at least two more wins to be in the top 50%. You did very well in the 2v2 tournament, so I don't think boots are a problem there. In 3v3, boots may have made a difference. But even assuming your teammates were active, you would have needed to be at least 3-2, possibly better to guarantee a spot in 20A this season. Your 1v1's were your weak point. The top 4 in Group B (top 25%) were promoted. After that, the rest of the players in 20A were voted on (your name was in the voting, you just didn't quite get enough votes this season). If you finish in the top 25% of Group B this season, you will be promoted back to 20A, and if you have a poor season, you may get in by vote.
[20] League standings: 6/27/2015 16:54:44

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
got like 5 vacation boots in 1v1 LOL thanks to fizzers new tournaments thing
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