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Clan Expectations Question...: 6/16/2015 23:49:31

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
So if a player we call Joe joins a clan,
and Joe joins a team-based double-elimination tournament in part because his high-level clan mate, that we will call Big 51, is also in the tournament.

Joe joins Big 51's team, comprised of 4 players...

Big 51 and another team mate, a level 39 not in the same clan, who plays from a different country, both get booted part way through the first game, apparently on the exact same turn...
and then Big 51 and the same team mate both proceed to both get booted again before the end of the first turn of the next game...

They didn't appear to be the same people... Big 51 acted calm in the game,
and the other team mate was (rightfully) anxious that he was going to get tag-teamed by our opponents in the first game.

Joe writes both players after game 1, both in the game and in personal mail,
and gets no response from either of them... ever.

Both players had low boot rates, well below 10%, and Big 51 is still in the clan...
Big 51 might still be active... the level 39 certainly is.

"Joe" posted in his clan forums about his concerns... and got no where.

What should Joe expect from his clan in terms of expectations, support, etc?

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Clan Expectations Question...: 6/16/2015 23:57:24

Level 60
If I were Joe I would find another clan. From my clan mates I expect them to take their turns. Sometimes shit happens, but my mates usually have a good excuse if a boot does happen on a rare occasion. Communication is the key there.
Clan Expectations Question...: 6/17/2015 00:22:42

Level 60
Never join a clan with poor teammates
Clan Expectations Question...: 6/17/2015 00:25:59

Level 58
This is why you always ask before you join someone's team in a tournament. You want to make sure that they're actually going to be reliable in the team- don't just look at levels.

Second, Chris's advice is spot-on. One of the chief uses of a clan is helping you find people to play with. Most clans would fail at the "making sure everyone you can play with in a tournament doesn't get booted" part but it's still a clan's responsibility to actually deal with that and help you find better players within the clan if you're stuck with people you can't rely on. If the clan fails at that most basic function, and if that's something you were counting on the clan for, find a clan that does its job better.
Clan Expectations Question...: 6/17/2015 14:09:08

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Yes, "Joe" did communicate with his team mates in the first game, and his clan mate before he committed... and they with him... that's how he knew who was anxious about being tag-teamed...

So one would expect that a clan mate would get demoted / booted / publicly disciplined...? :P

In any event... time for a new clan for, um, "Joe"...

so having found the link for "leave clan"...

What's the best clan for a newly minted Level 14?

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Clan Expectations Question...: 6/17/2015 14:27:16

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Level 14
Points earned in last 30 days: 56,000
E-mail: RLUAP...@...
Player-supplied link:


Joined WarLight: 3/7/2015
Currently in 3 multi-day games
Played in 22 multi-player games (0% real-time)
Last seen less than 15 minutes ago
This player has been booted 2 times (9%) (Sadly... and I was avoiding real-time games in part because they might go much longer than expected)*******
Single-player stats
Tutorial: Won in 3 turns
Level 1: Won in 6 turns
Level 2: Won in 14 turns
Level 3: Won in 22 turns
Europe: Won in 23 turns
Crazy: Won in 45 turns
(No Youtube vids or other walkthroughs used... so please don't ask me to recreate the games or tell you how I did won... lol)********

Ranked Games
Completed 18 ranked games (4 / 18)

1v1: 3 / 7 (43%)
4 player FFA: 1 / 4 (25%)
7 player FFA: 0 / 1 (0%)
12 player FFA: 0 / 1 (0%)
19 player FFA: 0 / 1 (0%)
2v2: 0 / 1 (0%)
3v3: 0 / 1 (0%)
3v3v3v3v3v3: 0 / 1 (0%)
4v4: 0 / 1 (0%)

Achievements for Dublin Warrior
All game-related achievements may only be earned in ranked multi-player games unless otherwise noted.

Europe Challenge
Crazy Challenge
Tutorial Breaker
Viral Achievement
Control 100 armies
Control 200 armies
Control 1000 armies
Made a stack of 100 armies
Made a stack of 200 armies
Airlift Master
Delay Apprentice
Win your first game
Win a tournament game
Win multi-day 1v1 auto game
Rate a map
Rate 10 maps
Defeat a level 8 player
Defeat a level 14 player
Defeat a level 23 player
Defeat a level 47 player
Defeat a level 54 player

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Clan Expectations Question...: 6/17/2015 17:00:58

Level 60
So one would expect that a clan mate would get demoted / booted / publicly disciplined...? :P

Depends on what the standards are for that clan. Depends on how often it happens too. I am saying if you have clan mates that don't perform the way you want, you might be in the wrong clan.
Clan Expectations Question...: 6/17/2015 17:57:10

Level 60
You join the poon squad
Clan Expectations Question...: 6/18/2015 08:59:35

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
From the posts and topics that I have read that are made by poon squad members,

your clan and it's members deserve to be taken *much* more seriously than you are...

That having been said, your clan's page, and your clan's sense of class, dignity, and expression through the clan's page, etc, falls so far short of anything that I could ever see myself joining. :P

Anyone else? :)

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Clan Expectations Question...: 6/18/2015 09:15:33

Level 58
The answer to your question depends on what you're looking for from a clan.

If you want to get better at 1v1, join Illuminati (should they take you) since that seems to be their stated goal and Forbidden Knowledge is a really awesome person. Generally speaking, the clans I would describe at "strategic" are basically Group A and B from Clan League 7, but a lot of them have steep requirements and require you to have proven yourself.

There's also a good number of RP/diplo focused clans (that do have some strategic players)- usually, these tend to be pretty big, like The Lost Wolves and The Royal Falcons. They're also a lot more inclusive and tend to be big enough to have complex internal structure.

If you're ever interested in CORP (somewhere between the two categories, although probably closer to RP/diplo at the moment), we like to spell out what we offer to members on our Clan Page itself (you can reach it by clicking on the flag next to my name). If we're the closest to what you're looking for in a clan, PM me and we can talk about it. That said, I seriously encourage a little bit of exploration before you join a clan. Your clan does kind of define you as a player, at least in terms of how others see you.
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