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General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 19:45:58

Level 57
There are so many diplomacy games it's sometimes hard to understand the rules, would it not be simpler to have a standard set of rules on the Wiki to avoid confusion?

My understanding of diplomacies:
1. Declare 1 turn before you attack and not in the first turn.
2. Alliances must contain 3-9 member states/players.
3. A declaration based on an event is void when the event is resolved.
4. Breaking rules will result in sanctions or in becoming a Public Enemy.
5. Anyone helping a Public Enemy is a Public Enemy.
6. Superpowers (Russia in Issander's Huge World) must not attack small countries (Finland).

If I'm wrong, post a reply.
If you want a forum thread, post a reply.
If you want Fizzer to see this, post a reply.
General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 20:01:15

Level 58
The only really standard rules are:

    * Declare by the 2 minute mark (real-time) or one turn before you attack (multi-day).
    * Breaking rules makes you a Public Enemy.
    * All alliances with a Public Enemy are void. You don't have to declare war to attack a Public Enemy.
    * If there are claims, don't start in someone else's claim

There's no consensus on:

    * Superpowers- balanced diplos exist (i.e., no superpowers) and most games I've played don't place hard limits on superpower actions beyond their number of allies and how many other superpowers they can ally with (usually 0, but not a rule often enough to be standardized).

    * Claims- not all games require you to finish your starting claim before you expand. Not all games even require you to stay out of other people's claims (the ones that do often end up going to the jerk who chose Russia).

    * Alliance limits.

    * Whether alliances have to be public.

    * "Declarations based on an event"- I've never seen that rule anywhere, ever. Definitely nowhere near standard.

    * Helping Public Enemies

    * Public Enemy forgiveness

    * How many turns are going to be on peaceful mode (no wardecs/attacks).

More importantly, a standard set of rules for all diplos is a terrible idea. Templates vary heavily, and rules must be made to match them.

Edited 6/3/2015 20:01:39
General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 20:07:48

Level 55
There's only one standard diplomacy rule:

Say before you attack.
General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 20:12:07

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
Not everyone agree's with your opinion of general diplomacy rules
Diplomacy is made by players, maps are made for it and diplomacy games are possible to play in the context of warlight
Althought the settings of warlight has nothing to do with diplomacy games.

A suggestion would be to make a tab were you can put your diplomacy rules in the settings (not just typing but make a real options)
Like if you make an alliance, then you cannot attack that player
If you declare ware you have to wait # turns before attack
PE's will disappear because you cannot violate the rules
Neutral cannot be attacked.

This requires some new options in the game to declare a war, make an alliance, overview of enemies, neutrals and allies.

Think more out of the box ;)
I don't think diplomacy rules (made up by players) should be listed on wiki where the settings and tactics are described, these diplomacy rules belong in "message for players" in each game

Edited 6/3/2015 20:14:02
General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 21:26:09

Level 52
There's only one standard diplomacy rule:

Say before you attack.

Most of my diplomacies don't have that rule D:

I've seen all kinds of diplos-even ones with complete opposite rule sets, and games that different slots have different rules for them. Thats why, if there was any official-type of rules, it'd be best to be like what Willem van Oranje said above, with the actual settings that you can choose.
General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 21:35:13

Level 54
If warlight could hire some more programmers, these problems and requests would likely be done. Till then, you should buy a membership and clan.
General Diplomacy Rules?: 6/3/2015 22:02:57

Lord Blackdeath
Level 51
Hi all !

I'm coming back to warlight and I have a lot of fun playing diplos. The most accepted rules I've seen are :

- peace is the natural state of things
- you should declare wars (and eventually wait for X turns/X minutes before attacking, generaly one turn)
- there may be other rules
- if you break a rule, you can become Public Ennemy
- there may be rules for dealing with PEs (no need to declare war (it's the most common), un-PEing, attacking is obligatory, no alliances with PEs...)

I'm pretty fine with the game balance of a diplo so far. I do nevertheless have an idea that would not completely modify the game balance, seems simple to implement and yet would allow for better diplos.

Why not add an option to the airlift card as "can transfer to ennemies" ? A bit like "can spy on neutrals" for the spy card.

I think this would prove very usefull to help a diplomatic ally or make payments for territories or pay tribute to another player and it could also open new game options in non-diplo games, playing one foe against another...

What do you think of that idea ?
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