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The Mad Japanese
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These words have nothing to do with political parties.

The four political squares you can be in (in decreasing popularity): Conservatism (Rick Santorum, Angela Merkel, Nigel Farage), Socialism (George Galloway, Bill Bonnar, Dawn Doyle), Liberalism (Stewart Alexander, Bernd Riexinger, Natalie Bennett) and Libertarianism (Ron Paul, Christian Lindner, Nick Clegg).

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Level 60
So far, 67% of all Warlight has voted for fascism. ^__^
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Level 54
I remember when democrat and Republican meant something besides political parties.

The sad part is that their names hold no meaning to their etymology.

Republic - Representatives, from regions.

Democracy - Everybody votes.

If they followed these platforms, democrats would win popular votes, but republicans would win electoral because republic is just a better system for a largee nation.

Just one more thing that makes me cry for this country.
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