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Knights Conspiracy By Dom *More Chapters coming..*: 5/19/2015 21:36:00

Level 57
Knights Conspiracy

chapter One(A Young Dom)

The year is that of our lord 1103. Many Kings fall and rise, But as so many rise our story shall take place. This is the Story of Young Dom where we see him and his Father Lord John of The Valens Court, Playing in the court yard. Young Dom was but 7 at this time, and still to this day we can see the remains of the Fallen in that courtyard. Lord John of the Valens Court was an elder of the High Council and a sitting member of the church. As Lord john Makes his way home, his men are attacked, With about half of the Men Killed Lord John safely makes his way home. As he walks to His yard he notices Horses stabled outside his house, He quickly Opens his door to find four Knights standing with his Wife. He quickly trys to run toward them but hualts as one of the Knights raises his sword to Lord John Throat. He stands there in silence as his wife has a Sword to her throat. Then one of the Knights speaks and tells him to slowly throw all his Money, papers and Orders on the ground. In the High Council Members will receive their orders on a small white wolven thick paper, only the Member and the Priest Know of when orders will be in. As Lord John puts his things on the ground Another Knight comes from the bedroom, This Knight seem to be Holding a peice of clothing, as the Knight makes his way closer Lord John quickly reconizes the Clothing, it belongs to Dom his son. As Lord John sees this his Eyes fill with fire and Rage takes hold of him.
"WHERE IS MY SON" He yells at them.
"Hes dead" Smirks one of the Knights.

As this is uttered, Lord John Draws his sword and with one swipe kills the Knight holding the Clothing. As this Knight Falls the others charge him and they begin to battle. Lord John Slays the two charging him with ease but suddenly,
"AHHHHH.....UKKK" His wife trys yelling as Her Body falls to the ground.
"NOOOOOOOOO...OO" He crys out heartbroken.
As her body Falls so does the Fourth Knights, as The last Knight sees this he barges out the door and escapes on his horse. Lord john now in tears hugs his wifes body on the floor, he begans to really feel it as an Unexpecting Visitor Appears in His doorway. Its Young Dom crying with a few scrapes and bruises. Lord John runs to Dom and picks him up as he is filled with joy,(Just Moments ago, Lord John thought his family was dead.)he hugs him as tears flow from his eyes and the feeling of happiness admist the chaos ensues. As the minutes pass Lord John begins to pack some things and tells Dom to do the same, he tells him to gather only what he can carry thats important for they will not be returning. Dom confused obeys his fathers orders, as this continues the last Rider Knight that Got away arrives at his encampment where he is met with his commander.
"Well, What News" The commander barks.
"Sire, Lord John has Slain my company and we could not retreive the orders." He slowly replies.
"DAMN IT, You was tasked with one simple task and you couldnt even do that."
"Sire, There was nothing More i could have done, surly i would have been killed too."
"Nonetheless, you have served your purpose. you are free."
"Free, Sire"
"Yes free, Now go and tell the others to prepare for battle."
"Yes, Sire."

As the slave-Knight proceeds to the encampment the commander is greeted by a High Council Member from Valens Court. Councilmen Augustis Approaches the front gate where the Knight Commander is standing.
"What News Commander" In an Regid older voice.
"Ser, we have not retreived the Orders yet, most of my men were slain, i am preparing another Company of men to go back, Ser"
"Commander, we want them orders, i mean we need them, Johanis Augustis Must not completecomplete them for our Plan to work. You do want our plans to work right..... Commander?"
"Of course Ser, but i cannot just march and get them myself.. i can only do so much with my men, they are torn beaten tired. if we had more time i.."
"NO, There is no more time. The King will arrive in Leximen in a weeks time, you have two days."
"Yes Ser, i will not allow them to continuecontinue."
"Great, Now get it done, ....... General"
The Councilmen Now gets back onto his horse and prepares to leave, just as he rides off, a runner comes to the front gate to Warn the commander an Barbarian Invasion is happening right now, as the Commander of the Knights Order he is sworn to protect the surounding Viliages. He thinks for a moment and sends word to his Knigts to gather their gear, they begin to pack on thier horses just as screams and crying can be heard. As they look North Flames and a red sky with black smoke can be seen. They rush to go aid the small viliage But just as they arrive atop the hill they look down to see hordes of Enemies below, Thousands, The knight Officer asks the Commander for an order, The Commander takes a moment looking at the viliage then back to his men..
"RETREAT" He shouts..his men puzzled by this follows his command and fall back to the old forest.

They begin riding for their Encampment... As night falls they Arrive at their encampment, as the Knight Commander standing 6 feet 2 inches broad shouldered with long flowing Brown hair, enters the Front Gates he sees an unfamilar site. Fires have been started and there is men around it, As the commander makes his way toward the center of the Encampment he notices armor and horses stabled, he Quickly draws his sword and charges the sitting men. They quickly realize they are not alone as they all jump to their feet and draw swords, they begin to charge the Commander and a Battle commenses. As the Knights Arrive inside the gate they quickly see their Commander in a fight with several men, standing there some Knights rush to aid their Commander but is quickly stopped by the Knight Officer. He thinks for a moment debating to help or not as the Commander just left a defensless villiage to die. As more Knights arrive back the officer yells at them to stay back, thinking for a moment longer he gives the order to charge the Battle. The commander looks at the officers face bloody and cut open he pleads them for his life, The officer orders the men to aid the Commander and they slaughter the barbarians. After the fight the men take the Commander to a bed where he can rest and recover, as the Commander is carried away he wispers to the officer "I will not forget your betrayal" All the officer could do at this point is hang his head, he wishes he had not aided the commander and had let him die. By this time Lord John and dom has Finished packing their things and has escaped to Lord Johns sisters home seven miles west of their home. Lord Johns sisters Husband is also on the High Council of Valens court, and Lord John seeks to ask for aid from them to try and find who sent the Knights. As the Hour reaches at the top, Lord John stops at a small tavern to gather some food and drink for the road. As he walks in the tavern he is greeted by the tender there and he asks if John Needs anything, Lord John replies that he needs what food he has and some ale. Four Knights on patrol ride to the small tavern to fill their bellys and have sex with prostatutes, They begin to reconize Lord John as they walk in. One of the Knights quickly runs back to his horse to ride back and tell his commanders, The others begin to make thier way toward John and Dom. As Lord John turns to see three Knights walking his way he pulls his sword as he throws the ale at them left on the counter. They charge at Lord John with Swords drawn, as they go to swing their Sword to Kill John they are stopped by a patron of the Tavern. The patrons sword blocks their sword in mid air as the Knights left in shock at the moment try to catch on with whats going on. The patron throws the Knights sword away as he jabs his sword into the belly of the Knight. The others run out the door as they see their friend left dead on the floor. The Patron walks back to his table, sits and continues his drinking. As Lord John stunned by this makes his way over to the Patron who had just saved his and Doms life he hears a deep Voice say "Lord John, Please continuecontinue on your way" As Lord John makes his way to Dom he looks to the barkeep And says to give the Patron a free round on Lord John as he flicks a gold coin toward the counter. Scared the Knights might return Lord John runs to his Horse and Begins to Stride for his Sisters. As he makes it onto the Road he Looks back wondering Who the Patron in the Tavern was that had saved his life and Knew who he was....

End of Chapter one..
Knights Conspiracy By Dom *More Chapters coming..*: 5/19/2015 21:36:33

Level 57
Knights Conspiracy

Chapter two(Old Ways)

As young Dom and his father ride for Doms aunts home, Lord John begins to feel a little sick. He immediatly stops the horse to throw up on the side of the dirt road, wondering whats going on Dom Asks "Whats wrong dad??"
Lord John begins to vomit and ignores Doms questions. Finally after a few minutes Lord John gets back on the horse as they ride for Lady Valentines house. An hour later they arrive in a huge city, filled with stone and brick, much different then they are use to... on each side of the road you can see stone houses and buildings, As Lord John makes his way up the Hill he quickly sees his sister in the gardens watering flowers, Unaware of the events that occured. He Rides up to her as Young Dom starts to cry at the sight of his aunt reminding him of his mother. "VALE" a shout can be heard coming from Lord John as he rides up to her.

"OH MY, brother what happened?" She asks as she sees Young Dom crying up top the horse.
"Sister, there has been an ambush, My wife is dead and the Kings Knights now give chase to me" He starts to calm Dom down..
"What, How, Tell me everything" she asks.
"Well, i was on my home from a council meeting when i was ambushed. My Guardsmen didnt make it, i arrived home to discover five Kings Knights holding miLady Temaria, as they drew their swords i slain four of them yet the last eluded me. I quickly gathered My son and pack some things as i made my way here, but i yeilded at a tavern where a knight patrol found us, They were gonna Kill Both i and My son when a stranger a good patron of the tavern helped and drove the Knights away. I could not see this mans face as he was cloaked and hooded, he did know who i was and called me by name, The knights were after my Orders from the council which was weird. What do you make of this?"
"I dont Know brother, Perhaps my Husband will have some sort of idea whats going on, ill ask him when he arrives home. in the meantime you and dom rest up, you have been through alot i can imagine."
"Thank you"

A few hours pass as Lord tevral (Lady Valenstines Husband) arrives home from a meeting. "My dear Husband, a tragic event has happened, My brother is being chased by the Kings Knights as his wife lay dead, He said they were after his orders from the council, How is this possible?"
"Mi lady, Your brother has been deemed a traitor to the Kingdom, for conspiring to Kill the King."
"What, surly this is not true, John would never do such a thing."
"My Dear wife, i have seen the orders myself, he conspired along with two other men to Kill our beloved King and seize control of the council." As he says this Lady Valenstine begins to burst in tears.
in a heartbroken voice " He did not do this, he is a gentle man, my brother the only family i have left, surly theres something you can do to help him.. please."
"Im sorry, they have caught the other two men involved and executed them this morning, your brother has been sentenced to death as well, i tried to keep you sheltered from this as i knew a week ago, i did not want you to go through this. i am sorry Milady"
"Thats not good enough, what will happen to my Nephew, what will happen to Dom?"
"Dom must be executed to, The king wants to take no chances."
"But hes just a child"
"The King Does not want to risk a revenage attempt when the boy grows up. He must be dealt with now. i am sorry"
as she hears this news she crumbles to her knees unable to move or speak, only weeping for her family, As Dom hears all the crying he awakes from his slumber and makes his way out the bedroom, he sees his aunt on the floor crying as he runs up to her and hugs her, this only makes her cry out more. As Lord Trevral Comes back to the room he spots Young Dom sitting beside her.
" What is this" he yells. "they are here, oh no, this cannot be, GUARDS GUARDS, COME QUICK."

Lord Trevral Calls for his Guard detail as they rush to see what was the problem, by this time Lord John Awakes as he hears all the screaming, he rushes out to find Young Dom Taken by the Guardsmen, As Lord John trys to draw his sword he sees six more Guardsmen rush in at him, he begins to lay down his sword as they take him into custody. They wrap them both up with rope and tie them to the back of the Horse carriage. Lady Valenstine Now sreaming and crying at the sight of her only remaining family being dragged away. Lord Trevral tries to calm her down and hug her but as he does this she pushes him aside and charges toward Dom and John trying to free them, she runs right into the Knight watch commander as he draws his sword and swings it toward her head.
"NOOOOOO.. AHH" she calls out as she drops to her knees covered in blood.
"NOOOOO" Lord Trevral yells
As he runs up to her and grabs her, by this time it is too late her lifeless body only falls to the ground when he touches her.
"I betbet she made a fine wife" belted the Knight Commander.
As her body drops to the ground Young Dom begins to cry and scream kicking the wheels of the carriage trying to escape. Lord John to broken to even say anything accepts his fate as they are about to die.

End of Chapter two..
Knights Conspiracy By Dom *More Chapters coming..*: 5/19/2015 21:37:08

Level 57
Knights Conspiracy

chapter three(A Strangers Call)

In the Small town of Verville Templar Knights Arrive to set camp for the night, as they have been Riding for three days in search for new recruits. Upon Arriving in Verville they will quickly discover their stay wont be as enjoyable as they had hoped for. When arriving in a new town or villiage its customary to visit the towns Top Tavern if they have any, and to have a drink and stay over. They March in two by two three rows of two in order and walk right up to the barkeep and ask for a drink, a little nervious the Barkeep gives them what they want when suddenly,
"Hey you" a shout comes from the back of the room. "What are the likes of you doing in my drinking establishment"
"We do not seek trouble my friend only to lay rest and be on our way" Eplains one of the Knights.
"We do not serve Templars here, do you not know where you are."
"No, ser just continue on your path and finish your drink, we wish no fight with you or your men."
"Well what if we told you that we want a fight with you, then what, mighty 'Templar' Ha" Everyone begins to smirk and laugh.
"As i said citizen continue on your path or be subject to arrest and imprisionment, i am a Knight of the Kings Order, and i have authurity to detain you."
"Then come get some, templar."

As he said this twenty of the patrons in the Tavern begin to charge towards the Knights swords drawn. Having to think rapidly the LT Knight draws his sword and orders the men to fight the charging people only. The LT. Charges toward the citizen who had started the fight and with a single swipe has cut the shoulder of the patron. Enraged the citizen charges once more yet just as their two swords meet a very mysterious starnger agains appears and orders a cease of the fighting. The men immediatly stop to see the cloaked figure standing in the doorway. The Lt. walks to the cloaked man and introduces himself.
"Greetings ser, My name is Maximus Antonius, and i am Lt. of the Knights order westfall. Who might you be ser?"
"Names are not of importance, What is important is taking your men and leaving this town at once. it is not safe."
"Might i have your Name for my Commanders sake."
"Good day" Replies the cloaked man.

As The LT Knight realizes he will not recieve the mans name he tells his men to grab their gear and pack on their horses, They immediatly leave the town. Just five miles south of Verville we once again find Dom and Lord John being dragged by the Knight Watch Commander back to their encampment where they will execute Lord John and his son, Dom. Dom still a child only of about seven at this time cannot fully understand the dealings about to take place. As they march along the stoned Road Heading south toward the Knights Encampment Lord John Looks down to Dom eyes filled with fear and sadness. He had just lost his wife just a day before now loses his sister and in a few hours his son will be dead as well. Filled with self Doubt Lord John wispers to Dom,
"Hey son, Are you okay."
"Yes Dad" Replies Dom.
"Everything is going to be okay, son."
"Whats going to Happen to us dad"
"when we come to a stop, just keep calm. you will see Mom soon My boy."
"Okay daddy, is she not dead" He begins to get excited.
"Enough Talk, just lets Pray."

As they begin to pray the Knight watch commander yells at some men to clear the rubble in the street. They obey and clear the road for further marching, an Hour later they arrive at their Encampment, where they take Lord John and Dom to a tent where they will be held until the execution. The Knight Watch Commander orders a few men to watch the prisioners as he makes his up west to the city of Valens Court. A few hours Later the Commander arrives back with council. As councilmen Augustus arrives at the encampment he asks where are the prisioners, He immediatly goes to the tent where Lord John and Dom are at. As Councilmen Augustus enters the tent Lord John is Shocked by his appearence,
"Greetings Grandson,How is your stay in the slums." He smirks.
"Granndfather, you are behind this, you are the one who had my wife slain, you are the reason my son and i are sentenced to Death," As he drops to his Knees he asks, "Why"
"You my dear boy are weak, Never knowing the true power of the council nor your abilities. Much like your father, To much for my taste" He begins to slowly walk toward John. "Yes, your father was the same way, always trying to do the right thing by the people, since when do we owe the people anything, This world is ours for the taking, God almighty has blessed us in a bright way and ill be damned if i let you, or your father stand in our way."
"But he was your son, i your Grandson, doesnt your family mean anything."
"You are but a means to acheive greatness, By your capture and death, i who had to slay you for conspiracy against the King Himself, i be a hero amoung the people and the Crown."
"Conspiracy on the king, so this is why the Kings Knights lay chase to me. Grandfather i beg you, spare My son, He is innocent and does not deserve this. Please i beg of you."
"I am sorry, The King made clear orders to execute both you and your son. This is out of my hands."
"I ask what have my wife done to you to deserve such course, she to was innocent, and you just slay her."
"Your wife was a means to you, by her death i knew you would seek aid from Valenstine, just as i knew she would try to aid you as i had my Knights stationed just outside her home."
"You Bastard, You Shall not get away with what you have done."
"Im afraid i already have"
The councilmen then turns and leaves the tent, where he is met with the Knight Watch Commander.
"Your orders ser?"
"Kill him."
"And the boy ser?"
"Kill them both and bring me their heads in Valens Court."
"Yes ser" Replies the Commander.

As Councilmen Augustus packs on his horse he begins his gallop back to the city. Fully aware of what he has to do the commander orders the men to take the prisoners to the Dock where they will be hanged. The commanders heart filled with sadness as he has a son the same age as Young Dom and he gets reminded of his son in Doms eyes."Bring the Prisoners" He orders. A very real Thought has now been sown in the mind of Lord John as he sees the ropes being prepared for their execution. Filled with Depression and heartache Lord John begins to cry as he sees Dom walking to the rope. Not knowing what else to do and praying for a miracle Lord John turns to Dom and says,
"Son, everything is okay, we are going to see mom now."
Crying loudly at the sight of his fathers cries,"Whats happening daddy please whats going on?"
"son, its okay Just close your eyes and sing the song your mother used to sing to you at night." Dom Begins to sing the song as one of the Knights wraps the ropes around their necks. "On your Orders commander" The executioner says. With the rope wrapped around their necks Lord John now Prays to God, as it is their last hope for survival...

End of chapter three..
Knights Conspiracy By Dom *More Chapters coming..*: 5/19/2015 21:37:41

Level 57
Knights Conspiracy

Chapter four(A new start)

With the news of Lord Johns Death Spreading across the Kingdom, a new law is being conisdered by the King. Any subject that violates this law will be sentenced to death on the spot. The King upon hearing the News of Lord John and Young Doms death rejoices by inviting his House to a celebration of sorts commending their Victory over a traitor. The King now feels as if noone can harm him. He brings some women to his chambers for the night as the Queen is away in a another Kingdom talking diplomacy. King Micheal II set in his mind as the Supreme King of the World, Now lay his eyes upon the Lands to his North as Barbarians hold. Amoung them is a Very strong Barbarian name ceagus Oridus Wallius. By his men he is to be called COW, Cow has led his men into mighty battles, against many enemies and all have fallen by his sword, but not all the battles in the world will protect him for whats to come. The King now Gathers what Army he can and begins to march North to concuer the lands and claim them for his own, but what he Finds is destruction. The Kingsmen report back to the King that a blockade of ships approaches from the South and an Army of three thousand lay to their North in waits. The Kingsmen asks for an Order,

"your Majesty what say you?"
"We have a problem as There is a blockade coming from the south and an amry advance to the north, some how they have been planning such an attack for years." Says the King.
"We must have an order Ser men are in battle as we speak as the barbarians attacked in the North Raiding villiages and such, we have our entire Knight Order at your call if you but send the word."
"No. we will ride and meet them Head on. tell the Guardsmen to stay behind and protect the Castle, i only take men with me to fight them."
"Yes Your Majesty, as you wish."

King Micheal knew nothing of what Army Reserves the Barbarians had waiting to the east, a force of seven thousand strong lay wait to the forests in the east, ready to attack at the command. COW knew his men were strong he knew they could outlast the Kings Army, he also knew the King at this point was arrogant, and would ride out with his men, Cow knew this would be his chance to slay the King. He sent word to the forces in the east that in an hours time to start the ride toward battle. The King knowing nothing of the extra forces in the forests only took five thousand soldiers to aid him in battle, with one Legion of heavy cavilry. They began to march toward rose peak where the Barbarians were attacking, a twenty minute march from the Castle gates, The Kingsmen arrive at the Peak to find dozens of villiagers slaughtered like animals. The King furious orders his Cav commander to ride the path east to outflank the Barbarians. As the men ride east they run into the Barbarians forces garrisoned there. luckily for them the Enemy does not spot them and they begin to retreat back awaiting the offical orders from the King to attack. The King takes his men north to meet the Barbarian forces. A mile up the road TheKings scouts spot the enemy and quickly return to warn the King, by this time it is to late as a Legion of Barbarians set an ambush along the forests path and men were charging the Kings Army from either side of the Path. The King quickly yells "ATTACK" as his men charge for glory. The Kingsmen Outnumbering the Barbarians score a victory this battle as the Barbarians lay in shambles, but at a costly price of two thousand men. The Kingsmen begins to celebrate as the scout Runs up to them,

"MY King, MY King"
"Yes What is it." anounces the King.
"Enemy forces to the North, Heading this way" Explains the scout.
"How Many" Asks the King.
"Thousands, from what i see, ser." Says the scout.
"Honorable these fighters are, but not at smart as we, Send word back at the castle to the Templar Order, tell them to ride for the castle and meet me there, Hurry go"

The Scout Quickly runs toward to the castle, as The begins to retreat his men South back to the Gates. The Legion Cav begin to wonder if the King had made it back to the other side, The cavilry leader Commander Armaius Titis grows wearid of the Kings actions and begins to set a trap for the Barbarians. He stations his men on either side of the road, ready for battle at a moments notice. As the Barbarians begin to Move Commander Arma Signals his men to hold their postions until the Barbarians are fully unaware of their presence. The barbarians begin to march and align themselves along the road perfectly for set up for Armas men. Commander Arma gives the Order to attack just as the men passed through their lines, and the barbarians surprised by this attack are left stunned, they scramble to fight back. Feeling hopeless some begin to surrender as the Commander orders them to death. Swords amoung the bloodiest battle of the war lay at the hands of Commander Arma and his men, feeling they have won the battle he orders the men to retreat west where he thinks they will meet up with the King. But just as The King makes his way Back South the Barbarian legions catch up to the Kings men just at Rose peak. The King Being outnumbered order the men to retreat and fall back to the castle but the barbarian horses are to fast as most of the men are cut down as they run. The king realizes he sent some men east and his hopes are to reunite with them, just as the Barbarians catch up to the King Commander Arma and his men arrive at Rose peak. Arma Tells his men to aid the King but as this was said the Barbarians from the east who had just lost Arrive with their forces together. an Army of five thousand Barbarians of the east Army now merge with the three thousand west Army to combat the King and his two thousand men. The King now realizing his defeat here today offers a truce to the barbarians at a cost of twenty thousand Gold,The Leader of the barbarians, Cow, And the King Micheal II Now cease their fighting as talks will begin. The King upon looking into the eyes of his enemy cant help but feel a certain feeling that gives the King joy, "He has fought very Honorable and should be rewarded" he began to think as Cow now sets a tent where the two will hold their talks.

"You are quite an Honorable man, your men and yourself fight rather good. perhaps a spot amoung my ranks could be worked out in this agreement." The Kings says.
"I only seek protection for my people" Cow Barks.
"You will be given an honorary note, meaning your people will be under our knights protects, i will do this free of charge."
"Perhaps another agreement then, one of more personal matters." Cow says seductivly.
"What did you have in mind" Says the King.
"Well in the North a man has certain needs, needs one cannot ignore."
"Ah yes, we have plenty of women in the castle, I could give you any one you seek."
"I actually have someone in mind, Perhaps if agreed upon the Gold may be half off." Cow says shoftly.
"yes then, who is it you ask for."
"You, Your Majesty. Lay with me in this tent and we shall discuss the gold later."
"I um, *Clears throat* I do not wish this. But perhaps if this is the only way for peace, i will accept this offer." The Kings agrees.
Thirty Minutes later The King walks from the Tent, Gathers his men as they make their way toward the Castle. The King Silent the march home begins to look back with a smile as they leave Rose Peak.....

End of chapter four.....
Knights Conspiracy By Dom *More Chapters coming..*: 5/19/2015 21:38:31

Level 57
Knights Conspiracy

Chapter five(A Call To Arms)

As the King Arrives back to his Castle he is met with his scout who informs him of the activies that he did while he was away. he Bgeins to tell the King that he has sent word out to the Seven Knight Orders and will receive word within the next day or so. The King pleased with his scout sentences the Scout to Death. The King orders the executioner to chop the scouts head off and mount it to a pike while it stands in the Castle walls, as a reminder of what The King can do. The executioner follows the order and mounts the head on the pike for display. A few Knights across the Lake can see this as they ride for the Castle. A Guardsmen spot the Knights as they arrive at the gates, the guardsmen opens the gates as he sends word to the King. The Knights arrive in the Great halls of the Castle and meet the King in his War room. The Knights say,

"Your Majesty, our fleet has been destroyed by Barbarian invaders, my commander ask we come seek aid at your helm."
"Barbarian invaders you say, we have just met a strong force of them to the North, My fleet is well un-prepared for such an undertaking, Ride back and tell your commander to retreat here."
"But ser, men are dying, these Barbarians are not human beings, they have slaughter innocents by the thousands, and now they attack on our east front and all you can do is say you are un-prepared."
"Watch your tone Knight, I am still The King."
"Ser, we need aid, i beg of you, Help us in our time of need, The Knights Order has pledged itself to you and has protected you all this time, now when we seek the same aid, you abandon us, How is this justice."
"Knight, Leave my Castle, you tell your commander to retreat here or face destruction, no aid shall come from me."
"Yes, ser. Good Day"

As the Knights leave the gates, the King orders a barricade against the main gates and archers stationed along the walls, he tells the men noone will get passed them, not even a Templar. The Knights Arrive back to their Encampment shortly after departing the Castle and inform the Knight commander of the actions of the King. Furious at the King the Knight Commander orders a retreat of the Knights and tells them to fall back to the city of Valens Court.
"Hurry Men," Yells the Knight Commander.
"We must retreat, we have been abandoned by the King, if we stay we will die, This Harbor Belongs to the King, We will no longer provide Protection for his people nor his Kingdom, Fall back to Valens Court I still have Good Friends there."

As they continue to fall back the Barbarians continues its assualt on the harbor, they quickly take it as the Knights retreat. Back at the Knights Encampment where Young Dom and Lord John are we find them Standing on the docks as the ropes wrapped around their necks gets tighter, Dom starts to Cry out for his dad as the Executioner releases the Lever and the floor beneith both Lord John and dom fall. Just as they begin to fall an Arrow Rushes through the ropes around their Necks, cutting the Ropes as Dom and Lord John fall into the Water, a band of barbarians rush in to assualt the Barracks of the Knights order, The Barbarians outnumbering the Knights Slaughter the Knight with ease. As they Rescue the two out of the water, Dom and Lord John begin to cry out, Thanking the men who had saved their lives, the Barbarians surround them with swords drawn. One of the Barbarians asks,
"Who are you?"
"My name is Lord John, i am a simple merchant traveling along the road when a group of Templars took me and my son"
"Why was they going to execute you?" The barbarian yells.
"Because i did not think as they did"
"We dont buy that, perhaps Killing you now then sorting it out later will be best" a Barbarian yells from the back.
"Here, here." A bunch of Barbarians yell.

As the group of Barbarians begin to move closer to Dom and Lord John, a rider comes riding in the Fort,
"Enough men, these ones will live" A mysterious stranger calls out.
"You Again, who are you?" Calls out Lord John.
"My Name is, *He begins to remove his hood* Servertine Augustus, and i am your Uncle."
"How is it i have not known you, where have you been?" Asks Lord John.
"My Father, Your Grandfather just before the Great war kicked me from the family, as i did not see his views of world domination. My mother left him many years before that and it is beleive he was the one who killed your Mother and Father. I have been living amoung the Northerns, hoping one day i will have my chance at true freedom."
"But why go through all this trouble to save me when you have your own men and supplies, you can attack his castle yourself"
"This is true, i have the means to end his life, however, i am getting old, and in my days i will not live to see this new world we are fighting for so vividly. i can only do so much but am limited by body, but your son is not, he is still young yes but he can grow up to be a mighty ruler one day, and it will be us who had placed him there."
"I am still trying to understand, so your my uncle who has been protecting us this whole time. it all makes sense."
"Yes, now lets get you guys out of here before anymore Templars return from Patrols."
"Wait,we must face Augustus The corrupt Councilmen, He cannot be allowed to get away with his actions."
"Agreed a few of my Men will excort Dom to safty while we head to Valens Court."
"Lets Go" shouts Lord John.

As they pack onto their horses they began their ride to the city, where Councilmen Augustus will be waiting for them. Lord John Now fighting for his son begins to burn with Fire in his eyes as they draw near Valens Court, he thinks deep down his revenge will end the Madness, As Lord John and his uncle Ride for the City The Knights retreating have Arrived at the city, The Knight Commander goes up to Councilmen Augustus and says,
"Greetings Councilmen, Is Lord John here we seek assistance from him, and do not know where to turn."
"Im Afraid the King has sentenced Lord John and his Son to death, for high treason Against the Crown"
"That is a lie, Lord John would never commit such an act, he is your blood did you not aid him?"
"Yes i called in a few favors and prolonged the execution a few days but i could not stop it completly, they have been put to death this morning, i am sorry my friend. Perhaps though i could be of aid to you, what do you seek aid from commander?"
"The King has just Abandon us, our encampment has been invaded by barbarians and the eastern Harbor fell. we have retreated here hoping for aid."
"Perhaps you have come to the right place for this aid, It just so happens i am not happy with this King either, if you and your men join with me, i am sure we can work this out, what do you say commander, do wish to Kill the King.?"
"The words you speak are treason, perhaps truly if what you have told me is true, then Lord John was innocent and it was you who conspired against the King."
"Commander, he was caught with this papers,* The Councilmen hands the commander the Order Lord John had recived by the church* and this has the offical Vatican stamp. So perhaps it isnt just I who wishes this."

As the Knight commander takes a look at the seal he misses the statement where it says who issued the order, as the Commander Looks back up Lord John and Servertine and his men arrive at the gates, They begin to shout and fight the Guardsmen, As Lord John makes his way to the Chambers, Councilmen Augustus runs to the window to find his castle Under attack, he runs back to the Knight commander just As Lord John comes up the stairs,
"Greetings Grandfather"
Seeing Lord John the Knight commander says, "Lord John, how, your grandfather told me they had your executed."
"The King did not order such a thing, it was My grandfather who tried to have me Killed, he wants Power and he means to kill the King."
"Relax my dear boy, all is safe now, you are back home, i never meant for you to get hurt, i only wanted to help you grow. Come, let us sit and eat dinner like old times."
"No,*Shouts the Knight commander* Arrest him." He shouts.

Councilmen augustus pepared for this throws a book full of dust and dirt at the faces of the Men, while he jumps from the Window landing in the lake he quickly swims to shore as he strides his horse and rides to the Kings Castle. Lord John still stunned begins to thank the Commander,
"You have my thanks commander, i wish i could offer you something for your troubles."
"Perhaps there is something you can do for me, i came here seeking aid against the King anyway, My encampment has been invaded by Barbarians while the King abandoned us to die. The east Harbor has fallen to the enemy and my men barly escaped death, we need help."
"Perhaps there is something we can do for you, My son will sit on the High Council seat in place for my Grandfather, In exchange we will aid you against the King, do you reconize my son High Councilmen and this agreement?"
"I do, we shall serve your son just as we would any Councilmen, he will be protected now, send him to Nazerien, That is the safest Templar Knight Order there is, from there he can begin his training, Now lets prepare for battle." Explains the Commander.
As Lord John Anounces,"We are Agreed then, and yes, for now the easy part is over, for the real fight soon begins."

End of chapter five

..................................TO BE CONTINUED.......................

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"AHHHHH.....UKKK" His wife trys yelling as Her Body falls to the ground.
"NOOOOOOOOO...OO" He crys out heartbroken." instead try something like: "As Lord John easily slays the two knights charging at him, his wife cries out in a blood-curdling scream. Her broken body collapses to the ground. John lets out a bellowing roar of heartbroken anger."
3. In dialogue (Speech between characters), you want to start a new line for each new person speaking.
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