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Clan: Sons Of Anarchy

Number of members: 8
Link: http://sons-of-anarchy.wikia.com/
Tagline: Ride free or die!
Created: 10/1/2013

Bio: A group of highly skill player who want to improve our world dominating skill. We will fight against each other in our internal tournament to win SoA skull medal (represent the champion of the clan) so we could became elite player. Our prime goal is to defeat other clans in tournaments!!

Hierarchy goes like this,
- President (lead the clan)
- Vice-President (President right)
- Minister of SoA (Vice-Presidents right hand, handles SoA matters)
- Minister of Special OPS (lead the 1% and the nomads, and other Vp Matters)
- Minister of Communication (control communication, novelty, idea, improvement)
- Minister of Human resources (in charge of clan Member)
- Captain (elite Member*)
- Sargent Recruiter (in charge of the newbie, probation)
- Sargent of Arm (lvl 40, low boot rate and he is implicate)
- Member (right to vote)
- Prospect (in probation, no vote)

1%: The 1%in the world of biker mean that you are an outlaw so we inspire ourself of this to create [SoA*] this mean that you are in the special force of SoA

Nomads: The nomads in the biker worlds mean a lone wolf, someone who travel alone. People who don t team often and do the dirty work. Alone or in a few number, that s make them kind of a problem solver. they will be [SoA~]

1- Respect, if not you will be kick out and report to WL
2- Punctual, respect boot time
3- Clan forum, check it every 2,3 days.
4- Complaint, if you have to complaint, advise Minister of human resources
5- Breaking rules, A vote among the SoA to decide your future!
6- Probation, this will last until Vice President says so.
7- Inactivity, after 25 days of inactivity , Member will vote your future.
8- SoA chat, look at it everyday
9- Clan Members need to be below 10% boot rate.

To join SoA, you need to have those prerequisites,
1- Boot rate lower then 10%
2- Level 25
3- Set a game with the Vice President
4- Describe to Recruiter the type of player you are.

Skull medal:
1- [SoA*] T-V1ru5

Clan Member Title
[SoA*] WidowMkr Vice-President
[SoA] T-V1ru5 President
[SoA*]Gbyrd25 Minister Of SoA
Landalf Minister of HR
Lord Darcade Sargent Recruiter
[SoA] Asgildi Captain
Arcadius Member
NightStalker Member