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Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/22/2015 12:45:20

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
Dear friends (or enemies),

With the deepest regret from my heart I have decided to leave Warlight for once and for all. There's no turnback now. I have spent for more than 3 active years on Warlight. Thankfully, I have met a lot of likable friends in this community. I will never forget this site, those people and the fun I had. (thank you Fizzer)

The map-developement concept has inspired my ever since. Since my publication of my first (bad quality hand-drawed) map Iceland I quickly felt accepted in the community. I made different kinds of maps (mostly real-time). I liked doing stuff like that. I have learned always some new stuff from the maps I made; did you even know that Bhutan is the most happiest country in the world?

My admiration for diplomacy games & map making was big, eventually I had some projects.
From Fiji to Gabon and from the European Union to Africa. An idea that encouraged other map-makers to make maps about every country in the world, sadly we didn't succeed.
(help is Always welcome: https://www.warlight.net/Forum/47146-wl-map-making-rechallenge)

The other challenge I had was to make a world diplomacy map that vigorous failed. https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=33360. I guess my dream will never come out. It's quite depressing for me. All the energy I have put into that project are spoiled, this led to the abandonnation of the map.

The last time , it's going down and down for me so I finally decided to put an end to the story. This also means I have no more time to finish other in-development or abandonned maps. Seeing farewell as an excuse, the most of you will not understand me.

I left a big remark on the Warlight community, still remarkable today. I guess this is it. I say thank you to the whole community and wish you succes in further life.

As final good-bye I'll stay active until the last post is submitted on this thread and I'll respond to any questions that are asked to me.
Bonus panel: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=33206



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Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/22/2015 16:57:48

Level 55
Another good player leaving!
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/22/2015 17:08:53

King C******* V 
Level 58
Thank God.
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/22/2015 21:46:02

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
Sorry to hear you're leaving. I didn't know you well, but I know your maps and they have always impressed me greatly. I wish you luck in your future ventures.
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/22/2015 21:49:05

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58

Really though, you should hand off this svg to another mapmaker. I would hate to see all your work go to waste on that. It's a beautiful start. I'm not anywhere near your level of mapmaking, but I'd even be willing to put it in the queue of my own mapmaking projects.
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/22/2015 21:58:42

Level 58
I agree with Dr. Stupid, If you don't find it a problem then you should hand over the map to an other great mapmaker, lots of effort would be wasted if you will not do that.
(it is a great map since it has the Åland Islands written correctly on it!)

Why did you decide to stop if I may ask?
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/23/2015 16:07:42

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
My decidation to stop with Warlight?

My computer crashed 2 weeks ago. I lost all my inkscape svgs, as result the recent versions of some maps were gone. I tried to resume some of the maps but I quickly became bored with mapping and I wasn't obsessed with Warlight anymore. I know that I can import some svgs back to my computer and send it to you if you want. At least give me 2 weeks and I'll release them public for everyone.

Russia: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=38945
Bruges: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=32130
World D: https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=33360

Abandonned versions:

Australia: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=28195 abandonned in may 2014
Indonesia: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=27608 abandonned in january 2014

Map that never came public:
and it's earlier version https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=17446

Belgium big

My first Warlight map, created in 2012 ! :)
Back then I just didn't know anyhting about inkscape. The result was... a big trash. Yeah it's horrible.

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Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/24/2015 13:16:38

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Farewell and Goodluck with the rest of life!
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/24/2015 16:21:49

Level 57
Good bye, shame that you are leaving and its shame you have all these unfinished maps go to waste. You are a great map maker :)
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/24/2015 17:13:07

Cata Cauda
Level 58
What a shame that you will leave. Anyway, Best wishes for your life... maybe you will come back to warlight one day.
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/24/2015 17:45:13

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/24/2015 21:44:04

Level 57
You abandoned the Aussie map D:
Thank you for all these wonderful times!: 3/24/2015 23:25:39

Thomas 633
Level 56
give the world map and australia map to someone
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