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Warlight Merchandise: 2/4/2015 23:38:51

Level 55
I have not heard of any outlets for Warlight Merchandise and presume there is none.

But with the expansion of Warli..I mean Warzone surely this idea is more feasible? I would definitely be one of the weirdos willing to dish out for a War____ tshirt or whatever so I could parade my love to the world.

These sorts of things are much, much easier to do than in the past. Using sites such as:


They allow independent artists to sell prints, tshirts, mugs, hoodies, phone cases....hell you can even get duvet covers. What a world that would be eh? I'm sure my hen would love that. The profit margins for Lord Fizz would obviously be lower than if he ran his own op, but that would be a compromise for the ease of which it could be done.

I'm sure Fizzer is pretty busy with other things on his plate right now (and this should probably happen after the rebranding), but in the future I think it's something that could greatly benefit War____. It would definitely help spread the word! (Anything in the pipeline Fizz?)

Edited 2/4/2015 23:40:40
Warlight Merchandise: 2/4/2015 23:58:10

Level 57
I would buy one! I think a mug would be nice as well.
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 00:01:00

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
Sell outs!

P.S. Give me a duelling potatoes shirt, please!
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 01:16:52

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
Yeah, I support this idea. I'd totally get a coffee mug, but yeah, I also do want a dueling potatoes mug...

The single most famous warlight map never published... :(
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 01:37:54

Master Turtle 
Level 61
T-Shirts and Phone cases would be legit too XD

Maybe a quilt for Granny or a Sweatshirt for Dad?
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 02:12:53

Thomas 633
Level 56
our school has no uniform, so i could wear one a lot, which is good. I don't really see the point in a lot of kids buying $200 t-shirts that they can only wear about 4 hours a day.
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 02:31:24

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
wants a duvet cover with dueling potatoes on it.
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 03:52:42

Level 55
Haha, World Nations 2012 on my sleeves all the time, every day.
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 04:11:50

Red Menace
Level 55
I'll buy one if my logo wins and is on the T-shirt or iphone case ;)

Edited 2/5/2015 04:12:29
Warlight Merchandise: 2/5/2015 04:32:54

Level 54
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